Weekly Wrap Up 05/08/07

First of all I must mention that three weeks after getting the new car it is still putting a major smile on my face. We went to get milk about 8pm, and it’s now almost 11pm, and I’m still smiling about running that little errand. I briefly considered tipping the milk down the sink and going back to get more but that would be wasteful and disrespectful to the cows I so love. Plus I needed to wrap up the week, so we’ll go driving tomorrow as The Other Half has the day off.

Traffic was down this week. Of course, last week we had almost 20,000 visitors so it’s not a surprise to me. If I compare it to the week before, traffic is up. Over 2,200 people dropped in.

I must take a moment to highlight one of my favourite new blogs. If you are a cat lover, I suspect you will love this blog – Daisy the Curly Cat. I’m crazy about it!

Funny Search Terms This Week –

dead poets society is a bad movie – It is not! Why would anyone say that?

country romeo – There’s plenty of them out in the country. ;)

sexe verge big coock photo – Ohhkay then. ;) Again spelling things correctly can help you find what you’re looking for! Perhaps searching for big rooster might help you find what you’re after? :)

karma school bullies meeting later – Most of the school bullies I knew met with Karma, for sure.

baby whiskey – Looks like I am the new official source on whether you should give your baby whiskey – THE ANSWER IS NO WAY! Do NOT give whiskey to your baby. You could kill them. Be a bit responsible. You’re a parent now. This kid is relying on you to do the right thing. Feeding them alcohol is NOT on the list of good parenting habits!

snoskred – This search term is back at the top this week, since I have stopped putting my URL under my name on some blogs around the place. Yeah cheers thanks a lot internet spammers for making life so difficult for people who are NOT spammers.

Must Reads –

Post of the week
Life Changing Words – AMEN. “everyday, I wake up and make a choice to hate myself for being fat.” Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I don’t do it anymore. I don’t know how I got there, but I did. I hope you can make it to that happy place of acceptance too.

Bright he was, and golden-eyed – Julie Pippert (the organiser of the Hump Day Hmmm’s) lost a much loved family pet last Friday. This post is painful but one of the most touching posts I have ever read. Bring your own tissues.

How To Lose Everything You’ve Got – An excellent 419 scam article which mentions my good most helpful friend Joe Wein.

If I’d realised he was a psychotic gun-toting pyromaniac, I would never have called him a nerd – Yeah, I wouldn’t have called him Nerd either.. maybe we are doing something wrong?

How Do We Define Art? – Thought provoking post. ;)

Two Doors Down – Do you know where your dog is?

Haneef: Dodgy SIM Cards… – The thought police have arrived – and they like to tell the media a lot of things. Does anyone think Dr Haneef can just go back to a normal life now? Yeah I’m thinking not.

Funnies –

“Too much homework!” – with some lovely photographs – I really enjoyed the last one!

Burnt Lunch – I have found myself giggling at this one at various odd times this week. This is one of my newly found blogs and I’m crazy about it. ;)

Romeo Racoon Must Die – Hilarious read, but perhaps not so funny when Romeo is after you!

Moose loose aboot this hoose! – Looks like pesky creatures is everywhere! And an update – Mouse update: Miff shame continues I guess some cats just weren’t meant to chase mice.. ;)

Foodies –

Abundance – Now I’m hungry!

Weekend Herb Blogging #93 – With a recipe for Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup – Yum!

Bluestem’s Torchie with Oyster Mushrooms, Braised Chicken and Tomatoes – I read this at 2am and had an urge to cook it. ;)

Turning Eric into Hansel – After getting a subscription to a food magazine Vicki has been doing some cooking.. Yum! I would never have thought of eating Aloe.

Cortecce with Prawns, Capsicum and Chilli – I am SO cooking this!

Blog Stuff –

Blogger messing about with search engines – Blogger is making changes to your blog without telling you – and without giving you an option! Must read for all Blogger users.

Top 7 blog mistakes to avoid – An excellent article – how many of the mistakes are you making?

31 Days to Building a Better Blog – 2007 – Are you up for the challenge? Get on board now and do your homework to have a better blog at the end of the month. You’ve only missed 5 days and you can catch that up easily. ;)

Great Stumbles this week –

spoiler – A book spoiler of a different kind. Don’t worry, you probably already knew this one.. ;) and it has nothing to do with Harry Potter. ;)
A free online library – Covers most of the biggies, too. I like a book in my hand, but this is a good idea.
Top Idiots – I like number 4. ;)
Important Infrequently Used Words To Know – Print this out, and learn one a day. ;)
Lost Words – Also excellent for the word lovers. :)

You might want to get stumbling yourself, with StumbleUpon. Check out Meg’s great guide – Beginners Guide To StumbleUpon if you’re new to stumbling. ;)

Here On The Blog –

There are some handy tips for bloggers which you should catch, if you missed it.

We found out everything you need to know about cows – took a look at why Australia can be a dangerous place and discussed the McCann’s and Lindy Chamberlain in – innocent until proven guilty – went back into my past with the Hump Day Hmmm about a man that is no good for you and one of my kitties discovered how to blog after reading Daisy the Curly Cat.

Past Snoskred –

Travel back in time and read my thoughts about – The Pirate Movie – a movie review I thought I had not done yet! This was still on my blogging to do list, and it isn’t listed in the sidebar either. Good thing I didn’t do it a second time – but I better double check my archives to make sure. Mmmm Christopher Atkins and that cute curly blonde hair..

Also, a couple of Aussie lessons – Aussie Music 101 – all the music you need to know if you plan to visit here – Aussie Culture 101 – the meat raffle.

Blogs Added To The Sidebar –

Mom O MaticJoy Unexpected Persistent Vegetative StateNo Milk PleaseGood Experience BlogLife in the CountryUnder the Mad HatGwendolyn Q. MommybloggerThe Blog Columnist

Also new to the sidebar –
from the The No-No Follow Community on Bumpzee

Brian Heys WritesDaisy the Curly CatSmart Wealthy RichTable for FiveMeAndMyDrumInner 88 by Jason A ClarkeAlister Cameron // Blogologist

New Australian Blogs Community Blogs –

My Opinions are ImportantSEO Blog – and a URL change – Semantically Driven

Coming Up –

I have a few blog posts already written ready to be posted for this week. One of them is about how to make positive changes, which is coming to you as a surprise tomorrow and I’m really happy with how the article turned out. I also am in the process of writing the post about writing, which I will then send to Cugat and he can add to it, then we’ll post it. This might take a little time – Cugat has been at a conference – Skype me mate, we need to chat, I have some thoughts for you and a great new idea we must chat about.

I haven’t had a chance to do some of my tasks from last week so they are still on the to do list, including visiting all my blogs that I have in google reader and labeling my old posts.. actually looking back now I’m not sure what I’ve been doing for the last week! ;) I do have an awful lot of tasks on my to do list right now, I may have to put some to the backburner.

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  1. i am so glad you noted those two posts from julie. she is wonderful and those were so well written.

    and what is with the baby whiskey still!!!!

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