And Already..


people have arrived here searching for – is connected sky business assistant job a scam?


Many people will not be scammed thanks to that post.. :)

Thank you to the brave person who emailed me about this – it takes great bravery to speak up about these things, because so many people make assumptions about scam victims. They are being scammed by criminals. That is the only assumption we need to make about them.

That person emailed me yesterday asking

Why do you do all this?

That is a really good question. Here is my answer.

Because I deeply believe that nobody should be scammed.

I can’t always stop people from being scammed, but the least I can do is put the word out there and hope that people find my site before they bank the check.

I also believe the banks should take their share of responsibility with these fake check scams.

Banks have everything they need to figure out the check is fraudulent, yet they choose not to figure it out, and they often tell customers “the check has cleared” – and take zero responsibility when it “unclears”.

Customers trust their bank and rely on the advice they are given – that the check is real, and that is has cleared.

People assume if the check “clears” it must be fine, because they believe that banks have done some homework as a part of this clearing process and the bank has checked to see if the account exists and if the funds are there.

What people do not know is –

banks can bounce a check up to a YEAR after they have “cleared” it.

If the banks were the ones to lose the money, you betcha they’d stop allowing checks at all – or they would do their homework and make sure the check was real. Banks have hidden clauses in the terms and conditions that you as a customer agreed to which mean if a check is found to be stolen or fraudulent, then the funds go back to the bank and YOU the customer loses out on those funds.

However those terms and conditions and the fact that banks will not take any financial responsibility for clearing a check and then unclearing it means that banks are essentially partners in this crime and they are enabling the scammers to get away with this.

I have seen people get a letter in writing from the bank to state that the check has cleared and the funds are available, and even that does nothing for them once the check unclears.

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