How To – Add Tickbox For Blogger Comment Emails


In setting your blogger blog to be full feed, you might accidentally cancel out the opportunity for your comments area to contain the all important “Notify Me” tick box – this tick box allows your commentators to choose to receive follow up emails when other commentators leave a comment.


Go to Settings –> Other –> Site Feed –> From the drop down box, select custom.


Then, leave site feed as full, but turn off blog comment feed and per post comment feeds by selecting none as the option.


Click on Save Settings in the top right hand corner.


When you go back to your comments form, you should now see the tick box in the bottom right hand corner which says “Notify Me”.


When your commentators are logged into Gmail and they click on notify me, it will advise them which email address replies will be sent to, as you see above.

It might be worth letting your commentators know that you have enabled this feature via a quick post.. :)

And there you have it!

Over to you!

Do you like to receive follow up emails for blog comments?

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6 thoughts on “How To – Add Tickbox For Blogger Comment Emails

  1. Typepad must have this feature because comments and replies already come to my e-mail, so something may already be checked in there. Gah, I’m hopeless at this! I love responses to my comments because it sets up a connection/conversation. That’s what I enjoy about blogging!

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