Sock Friday 1

Hello Kitty socks are a big thing in Hawaii. I do not recall ever seeing any available to buy in Australia. But never fear, I bought up big on Oahu and have quite a few pairs to keep me going, at least for a short while. They tend to have a lot of metallic thread in them and usually Hello Kitty will be wearing a Hibiscus flower. Most of the Hello Kitty socks originate from the ABC stores – if you have ever been to Hawaii you have likely been to an ABC store.

I’m not sure where all the neon coloured socks originated from. I do have a feeling that was Hawaii as well. I have quite a few pairs and no two are the same. The little musical socks were from a local dollar store and I have had them for over 10 years, since before we moved to the South Coast.

Other than Aldi socks, I have not bought any socks since my last Hawaii trip in November 2013, almost 5 years ago now. Some of the socks you saw on here are from trips in 2011 and 2010. Everything was so cheap over there compared to here – I believe the Adidas brand liner socks I bought were $1 each which is insanity.

Snoskred Socks

The Sock Project


As mentioned in Monday’s post, socks are my kryptonite. I also said “But not buying these socks was one of the harder moments of this challenge for me.” My brain said – You might need socks later, and Aldi do not always have them available. It is just $6, what does it matter. You better get these now!

The way things work right now, I tend to have 7-10 pairs of socks that I wear over and over until they get a hole in them, then I either buy more because they are on Special Buys at Aldi, or dig some out of the Long Forgotten Socks drawer.

Rather than buying more socks, I figured it would be a good time to catalogue the socks I have and try wearing one pair each day.So the first task was to pull out all the socks from the Long Forgotten Sock Drawer, wash them, then pair them up again. I discovered I actually had two Long Forgotten Socks Drawers.

When I pulled the socks out of the dryer, The Other Half laughed at me and said how are you going to pair all these up? I did not initially comprehend the magnitude of the problem. After 40 minutes of sock pairing, I had to take a break, and I still had half the basket to go.

51 pairs of thin socks I can wear around the house.

13 pairs of long socks for wearing with boots.

8 pairs of bed socks.

5 pairs of fluffy long socks for house wear in winter.

17 pairs of black sports socks.

45 pairs of socks I can wear for workouts.

Plus 5 extra ones I had washed and forgot about, not pictured
The pair I was wearing at the time I did this – not pictured =

Total = 145 pairs of socks.

Dear Brain, I do not need to buy any more socks right now. So please shut up. ;)

If I wore only one pair per day I would be set for 145 days. The truth is, I do not wear only one pair per day. I wear one workout pair, then I have my shower, then I wear another pair of thin socks for the rest of the day. So in reality I am set for about 50 days.

You can expect the occasional Sock Friday where I montage together some of the cuter pairs, during this project.

No socks were purchased in the making of this post, but many, many, MANY socks were paired.

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