The Awesomeness Continues

We had heard that there were roos around these parts and a month ago we first met our new Kangaroo friend. I mentioned him previously here on the blog in this post – Coffee In A Plastic Cup.

Unfortunately the cameras were all at the old house, plus the batteries were all flat anyway, and I couldn’t get a pic on the Iphone. This roo was so enormous that I thought nobody would ever believe me – he is one of the largest roos I have ever seen, and extremely muscly. He would be about 2 metres tall

Tonight we sneaked out to steal borrow some bin space for our recycling as I have become quite the recycler recently after finding out a lot more about what can and cannot be recycled here.

Our recycling bin was full – the other garbage bin half empty, and I did not want to undo all the good work of recycling by just putting it in the other bin. I am sure nobody will mind me stealing borrowing a little space for my extra recycling, there was plenty of room.

As I walked up to the bins, I noticed my roo friend was back! So with batteries charged, we took these – only one with the flash, we don’t like using it with animals, all the others were long exposure times and we just had to hope he stayed still. I have several where he did not – he was very busy eating the grass. In this one you can see his head stayed still but his ears were moving –
And in this one with the flash you can see some.. roo poop!


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