Kitties Also Say Awesome

We have a small “Queensland room” – basically a room screened in with mosquito screen – at our new place.. The kitties have been allowed out there for the last couple of weeks and they have found it very exciting – so much so that they have to sleep for many hours afterwards to recover from the thrill of it all. We thought we would build them a special platform where they could survey their vast kingdom. :)
If you look carefully you can see a rainbow lorikeet is hanging out in the native tree just outside the screen.
The big kitty is a good jumper and she had no trouble getting up there.
It took the little kitty a while to work it out, but as soon as I went to take a photo she rushed to get down..

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5 thoughts on “Kitties Also Say Awesome

  1. Great pictures!

    It’s funny that rooms such as your Queensland room are named according to the geographic location. My sister in Florida has a screened in patio and she calls it the lanai or Florida room. My aunt in South Carolina has a room that she calls the Carolina room. But I don’t have a Nevada room here – too darn hot to have a room without air con!

  2. That is adorable. When I lived in Absarokee, my brother built my indoor kitty a screened in window box that he positioned outside the bedroom window. She could access it through a cat door in the window.

    Do you think our kitties are a bit spoiled? LOL!!

  3. What an adorable cat and what a beautiful place to live. Just looking at that gorgeous blue Aussie sky makes me feel homesick again. I am green with envy tbh!

  4. Wonderful cats – not bad people, either. I especially like big kitty’s face – interesting markings. Of course, can’t see little kitty!

  5. My 3 cats would be so jealous! My Fiance, Paul, built them a big at tree house last year for Christmas, they just love it! I couldn’t imagine there fun if they had such a wonderful play area.

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