The Kitties Are Settled In Now.

Warning, cute kitty photos ahead! After a few days of panic, hiding under the bed anytime they heard a noise, and treading cautiously around the house, the kitties are now happily queens of their domain. No longer scared and hiding, but exploring, napping and relaxing. As you see.


The Big Kitty checking out the view.

Interestingly there have been some changes with the Big Kitty’s behaviour. She is now growling like a dog. The Little Kitty has done this since she first arrived at our house, and it seems the Big Kitty thought it was a good idea. Also the big kitty is thrilled to have her stairs back!


The Not So Little Kitty.

This is the first time the little kitty has ever had stairs, and she’s not too sure about it. She cautiously walks down one at a time with a scared look on her face. I’m sure she’ll get used to them soon – and they might be good exercise for her seeing as she is getting a little.. rotund. Yes, that is her belly hanging through the hole in the kitty tower!

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9 thoughts on “The Kitties Are Settled In Now.

  1. I wish I knew how to growl like a dog. My sister Pixie can growl, but it sounds like a siren and is not very scary. I cannot growl at all. But I know how to give the bitey!

    You sure got some nice cat trees at your place!

  2. Glad the kitties are settled…they do appear content in their newly acquired territory. :)

    And why is it spoiling to have that many cat trees (which are awesome by the way!). We had four…not that cool but still…

    We’ve narrowed down to one smaller one, but we only have one elderly female left now. :(

    P.S. Glad your big cat found the power of a growl!

    Using My Words

  3. Good to hear that your kitties are getting comfortable, it is interesting how unsettling a new place can be for them.

    Our cats were pretty unhappy when we moved to our current house, but when we let them out and they saw all the stuff they were used to, they sniffed around and kind of got this look on their face like – oh I see all our stuff, we apparently live here now. It took a couple of days but they are completely at home now.

    I just need to keep them away from pictures of your cat trees lest they get jealous.

  4. Sober Briquette – My kitties agree with you. Except they feel like they should get more Tuna. ;)

    Pieces Of Mind – They really are beautiful. ;) One is currently sleeping in my office all cute like. ;)

    Daisy – My kitties would teach you. And you’re the right color so you’ll fit right in here. But apparently they have quarantine for six months or something, if you’re a pet moving to Australia. I would think that might not be too much fun. :(

    Lavender – she is a relaxed kind of kitty. ;) I am so glad the search is over!

    Julie – I don’t know why people think that. Like they seem to think it is not spoiling to buy expensive toys for their kids, but I can’t buy something for my cats, who = my kids? It’s very odd.

    Jo! – Glad you commented! If you’ve got a new place can you email me the linky? I’ll keep it on the down low, as I know what happened with the last one.

    Thomas – Moving is difficult for kitties. Last time they had a plane trip, which scared them a LOT. This time was not so bad. I hope to never make them fly again.

    Cugat – Thanks! ;)

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)

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