Secrets and Lies US


A new show is starting in the US this weekend and for once in our lives, we Aussies have seen this show before! It is a new version of a show that aired in Australia on Channel 10 in early 2014. The US version has Ryan Phillippe and Juliette Lewis.

I’m a bit of a secret Ryan Phillippe fan, he is one of the Men I Love To Watch. He was brilliant in Cruel Intentions and he was also fabulous in The Lincoln Lawyer.

You can see the US show on IMDB here, and the home page at ABC is here. The show airs in the US this coming Sunday March 1 at 9|8c – I am not sure if we will see the US version here in Australia on a tv channel at all, but those who have the means know where to look.

Here is the US trailer –

Here is the Australian trailer –

For the record, I quite liked the Australian version of the show until the final episode when they revealed who the killer was. I was not a fan of who the killer ended up being. I do hope the US version of the show changes who the murderer is, firstly to keep it fresh, and secondly because I feel like it should have been someone else.

I’m not going to say who the murderer was just in case the US show follows the Australian version exactly, but if you want to know – bearing in mind that info may or may not end up being a spoiler for the US show – you can read more here. You can also see the Australian cast on IMDB here.

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I do not truck with these real housewives shows. Not into this kind of teevee at all..

That was, until Gina Liano arrived on the scene.


I find her eye makeup mesmerizing.


I have no idea what is going on half the time, or who the other people are, but if I flick past and catch Gina on screen, I am stuck like mud. I have to watch to see more of that eye make up.


The photos do it no justice. Even the youtube videos are nowhere near as good as on my tv screen. I think what it is, the thing that sucks me in, is that shade of green she uses. Seriously, watch the clip below, you can see her applying the eye makeup, plus, at the end the final shot gives you a bit of an idea of the intensity of this green eyeliner she is using.

The beyotching I have sat through, just to see more of this eye makeup. I truly cannot understand how she gets so much of that shade of green there. I’ve never even seen anything to compare to it, not even on a drag queen. And her outfits are pretty extraordinary as well.

Arena have been advertising the upcoming season pretty intensely with an ad set to one of my favourite songs, here is a short version of it –

which you can view in full here. Yes, the waving randoms on the escalator are deeply annoying, and so are the flight attendants, but all of this is richly rewarded with the synchronised walking in heels section – especially the new blonde clown on the end whose name, it appears, is GAMBLE. SRSLY! Plus, the other new chick is named Pettifleur.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne season 2 starts airing this coming Sunday at 8:30 on Arena.

Rather than be a snob about it, I’m just going to be honest with myself and admit that I like watching the eye makeup of Gina and the outfits and tune in.

Could Gina soon be Judge Gina? A pilot has been shot. And I have to tell you I would enjoy that kind of show a lot more that Real Housewives.

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Jervis Bay and KKW


By this time I am sure you’ve all heard that Kim Kardashian West visited Jervis Bay in November 2014 for a photo shoot.

What you do not know is the beach she visited is the one I chose for the new header image. It is Green Patch at Booderee National Park and you can camp there if you like.

The photos for Vogue Australia were pretty disappointing in my opinion. They were at a beach that is absolutely stunning. The beach is super white, and the water is a gorgeous shade of green, and if you look at the photos they could have been any old where.

One of the local video guys filmed some footage while they were shooting and you can see the white sand and the gorgeous shade of blue water..

What a pity they failed to capture any of that, at least in the photos I have seen. Why bother going to a location at all? This could have been done in a hotel swimming pool or a studio.

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The Rover – Weirdest 2014 Movie


It might be a little known fact about Snoskred, but there are certain actors and actresses whose careers I follow. Wherever they might lead, I am along for the ride. Put two of them together, and I will be at the movies faster than you can blink.

This year, my follow-ment of people – plus the fact it was filmed in South Australia, a place I grew up in – brought me to this movie you may never have heard of. I will not be surprised if you did not hear of it, as it opened in about 2 theatres in Australia. Before I saw the film, the limited release was surprising to me. These are two big name stars that I really love to watch – Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson.

The premise of the film goes like this – from IMDB – 10 years after a global economic collapse, a hardened loner (Guy Pearce) pursues the men who stole his only possession, his car. Along the way, he captures one of the thieves’ brother (Robert Pattinson), and the duo form an uneasy bond during the dangerous journey.

After I saw the movie, the limited release surprised me only in that it got released at all. The second surprising fact is that the car Guy Pearce is desperately chasing is a Holden Commodore. Me, I’ve always been a Ford girl, so this entire premise is alien to me. I could understand if the car were a Ford Falcon.. :)

The premise above is sort of what happens. I’ll tell you below some of really happens, with some screenshots. Now I might venture into spoiler territory in a little bit here, so I’ll put in a read more tag, and if you want to know more, you’ll have to click through. Plus, this will be a long post with a lot of screenshots.

Of course my saying that assumes you might want to see the movie, and there are two excellent performances here in amongst a lot of nothingness and oddness, but having seen the movie I’ve got to say I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you are a serious fan of one of these two actors. Here’s why.

Continue reading

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All Right, I’m Naming Names.



You forced me to name names, even though I said I would not when I posted my Shit List post.

These otherwise lovely Dior ads – youtube clip here – with the incredible music, and now Chris Pine is on every single ad break on my pay tv.

Chris Pine, these eyebrows of yours are like a train wreck, I just cannot look away.

And then there is more than one Chris Pine on the screen at once – which set of eyebrows should I look at? How to choose?


Whatever I am doing, I have to stop and watch the entire thing, and ponder the following question.


Why are there caterpillars, perching where your eyebrows normally reside?


Especially when the lovely female in the ad has perfectly groomed eyebrows.


I still haven’t forgiven you, Chris Pine, for Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit yet.


I mean I have no freaking clue what the heck happened in that movie, all I could see were the Chris Pine EYEBROWS OF DOOM, and occasionally Keira Knightley. And on the big screen those things are absolutely enormous. It is impossible to escape them.

Clearly you are not completely adverse to eyebrow grooming, or else that would be one heck of a mono caterpillar eyebrow instead of two separate caterpillar eyebrows. So why can’t you continue with the eyebrow grooming and tame those things!


Tidy them up, please, Chris Pine.

These eyebrows might be ok on the small screen.

On the movie screen they are GI-freaking-GANTIC.

You can’t take over from Harrison Ford with these eyebrows, Chris Pine.

Not on my watch!

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Wow, what a dress!

I don’t normally watch the red carpet shows but I happened to flick past and saw this amazing dress on Helen Mirren.

Helen Mirren Oscar Dress

Oddly I just watched her movie The Queen last night as it aired on Showtime for the first time. I think she looked ten times better than anyone else on the Red Carpet, and incidentally who the heck were most of those people? I had never heard of most of them before, ever!

Keri Russell Oscars

Nice to see Keri Russell there, one of my favourites since Felicity all those years ago. I think the hair up might not have been the right way to go – her hair is stunning.

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Oh dear.. Kanye West, what are you thinking?

If the following image makes you laugh hysterically until you are unable to remain on your chair, I apologise. It had the same effect on me. I laughed until it hurt. Kanye, Kanye, Kanye! What the? Seriously, what were you thinking? Did you look in a mirror before leaving the house?


Kanye, you’re a fine looking guy. Some would even say hot, perhaps. The sight of you dancing around on stage makes the ladies temperature rise. That’s a good thing.

However, making the ladies laugh because you are wearing something so amazingly.. odd. That’s not a good thing. Making your entourage wear it too, so you don’t look quite so silly, that’s completely uncool!

These “sunglasses” completely miss the real purpose of sunglasses. They won’t protect your eyes from the harsh sun. How can you even see through them? Worse still, how can the ladies see your fine eyes?

Please Kanye, I’m begging you. Take these sunglasses and throw them in the nearest dumpster. Or better yet, sign them and sell them on Ebay, where a fan can pay insane amounts of money for them, and you can donate the proceeds to charity.

Readers, have you any thoughts on this photo? Leave them in the comments, I’d like to know if this made ya’all laugh as much as I did. ;)

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Thank [insert your own Deity here]

So Prince Harry is not going to Iraq. You may recall a post some time ago where you got to see a rather interesting photograph of the family jewels which belong to Harry. I think now is as good a time as any to have another look at that post. Prince Harry’s Family Jewels Click Here.

I do agree with the decision not to send him, it was never a good idea and if something had happened there would have been a major outcry. It would be the equivalent of sending Britney Spears off to Iraq, all the nasty people there would be on the look out for bad wigs and soldiers wearing odd accessories.

I mean seriously, this girl don’t know how to dress, have you seen what she’s been wearing lately? If not, this was what I consider the worst of some really bad outfits.



And this was *after* rehab. I don’t know if she’s staying clean because I am firmly of the opinion that only serious hardcore drugs could entice one to wear this.

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Post 300

Yeah I wrote a lot. :)

In other news, over the last few days some kind of theme has popped up and I’m not really sure why. I caught a very fascinating doco/biography on one of the movie channels this morning. George Michael – A Different Story – which was really interesting and there was a lot of stuff I didn’t know. And the day before, I saw an episode of Morgan Spurlock’s 30 days. The show is a little difficult to explain, but the episode I saw they took a guy who was quite prejudiced against gay people, and he lived with a gay man as a room-mate for 30 days as well as moved to a place in San Francisco which has a large population of gay and lesbian people.

Now let me state right now, I have no issue with gay people at all. Lesbians, well I had a scary experience in which two very butch ladies pushed in front of me in the queue at the chicken shop recently. It was terrifying. They both had shaved heads, and they could have crushed my skull with their pinky fingers, more than likely. They clearly wanted chicken desperately, and who was I to stand in their way? Other than that, whatever people want to do in the privacy of their own bedroom is fine by me.

And I think marriage between two people who love each other should be fine regardless of who those people are or what sex they might be. And if two people who love each other want to walk down the street holding hands or showing affection, no problem. As long as they don’t strip off and get jiggy with it, and I’d object to that whether it was a guy and a girl or two guys or two girls, because I really don’t think sex in the streets is a wise idea. There’s broken glass, and stuff. You have to be careful. I wouldn’t even go barefoot, but that’s just me. Each to their own.

What I do have an issue with is prejudiced people. And I think shows like Morgan Spurlock’s show really can have an impact on people and their prejudices. If you get a chance to see it, in particular that episode, it was worth watching.

Because George Michael kept so much of his life private (which is entirely his right, by the way, and I fully support him doing that) I did not know many things about him. I grew up in the days of Wham, and like most girls totally adored him and I have to say have a new respect for him after watching that doco. Anyway, I found it interesting. :) Just thought I’d share.

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Dear Robbie Williams

Not like he’ll ever be reading my blog, but on the off chance he happens to search google one day and be led here..

I was in some ways quite sad to see you go to rehab – depending on what you read, it’s either for prescription drugs or depression – but on the other hand hope that someone in the rehab you are going to might have the magic words to say that will help you be the Robbie you really want to be but more importantly the Robbie we the fans want you to be. So probably you’re asking yourself, who is the Robbie the fans want you to be?

What I (and most fans I know) want for you more than anything else in the world is for you to be happy. You’ve made a lot of us happy over the years, and it’s been a lot of years however from what I have seen, it hasn’t made *you* happy. You have spent half your life singing and performing but you don’t enjoy doing it! So I think you need to go do something that does make you happy. I’m sure you’ve got money enough that you never have to work again, if you don’t want to.

I wish I had the magic words but even if I did I wouldn’t have a chance to say them to you. So I guess what I’d like to say is thank you for music, and regardless of what you think of yourself or what you think other people think of yourself, I think you’re a good bloke.

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