I’m sure you have seen this by now.

Some months ago the other half and I drove to Sydney. Halfway there they had an ad for a Harry Potter film, and I said to the other half – that poor kid, he’s going to be Harry Potter for life, he’ll never be able to get past that. And someone should wax that kid’s eyebrows.

Well, perhaps I was wrong. Here’s the Harry Potter we all know –


And here is Daniel Radcliffe, formerly known as Harry Potter, in a new play where he gets *naked*.


There’s something so not right about this but I can’t put my finger on exactly why.. ;)

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Devoted to Robbie..

I was watching a documentary the other day, it was about Robbie Williams, called “You are not alone” – now I have been a Robbie fan for many years, it’s been a long and winding journey, and I have seen other docos of him on tour before, some of you reading this may have as well – Nobody Someday was the really depressing one where I don’t think Robbie truly had any idea who he was but he was famous and singing and selling millions of albums. And surprisingly there will be people in the US reading this wondering who the fsck is this Robbie Williams guy? Many people there have *never* heard of him, can you believe that?

So I was watching this and they kept having screens pop up before each concert saying where it was and how many people, and most of them were 50,000 – 60,000 and even one with 90,000, and I remember he played Knebworth with something like 375,000+ people there. I was thinking, there’s really not that many performers who can expect such a crowd at their concerts. I can’t even think of many. Perhaps U2 and Madonna but after that I’m drawing a blank trying to think of performers who could expect that type of crowd.

Robbie is an amazing talent and we’re very lucky he didn’t crash and burn at a younger age as so many amazing talents do. He’s been through all the usual silly things people do, like drugs etc, but he’s managed to get clean and sober. Odd as it might sound, he’s struggled with low self esteem and depression and is only just now really beginning to value himself as highly as his fans do. Performing was not easy for him, it’s been a love hate thing, where he didn’t love it much, but now it seems he is starting to enjoy it as much as the crowd enjoys it. The one thing that eludes him is love. Sure, he can get sex anytime, but it’s not the same thing at all.

I feel sad for Robbie that so many people adore him but he can’t seem to find “the one”. I’ve been blessed in my life to find that person, and the experience of loving and being loved is about so much more than just the physical so I totally get what Robbie is missing. It’s about companionship and shared experience and working together towards goals and all kinds of stuff. The Other Half makes me laugh all the time, and I value that so much.



Rabbitch posted about this yesterday, and now I’m laughing myself hysterical as well.. :)

As we were walking up the street to my parents for dinner tonight, we saw the little stray cat that likes to visit the windows of my house and upset the kitties and hide in the storm water drains when anyone approaches her, in the drain, with three little kittens. Four cute kitty faces looking up at us. I don’t think the kitty belongs to anyone, we think she might be feral but nobody knows for sure, and I’m torn between just letting them be, and reporting them to the RSPCA so the kittens can find good homes and hopefully the cat can too. Thoughts? One bad rain storm and they could all get drowned. :( But it is summer. But weather is unpredictable. I should leave some tuna outside on a plate for them. ;)

I really don’t like Rosie O’Donnell on the View, at all. I find her self-centred. If you watch it you’ll see, she often drags the conversation around to herself. Star Jones used to do the same thing, I can’t stand that. However, I did see Rosie on the Actor’s Studio and actually quite liked her. I don’t know whether it was because the show was supposed to be about her, for a change, or whether she was just less annoying.

I don’t watch much free to air television these days. In fact I do not even know how to make my tv show me the free to air channels, and it’s been that way since we moved in here. So I often miss out on stuff which people are seeing and raving about. Tonight Desperate Housewives began on W, one of the pay tv channels. It was the first episode, and surprisingly I really enjoyed it. I think I might buy the box set.. we’ll see how cheap it is.

We’ve been going to the beach a bit lately. There’s lots of good photos there. And when you have the below not very far from your doorstep, you really have no excuse..


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Oh my god..

It’s much worse than I suspected.. Britney flashes the entire world for a second time, and this time you get at least as good a view as K-fed ever did. Ouch, did I just type that out loud?

I just can’t believe she would do this. WHY Britney, WHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY? You wore Mickey Mouse ears. You were a pop sensation. You had it all. Now you have two kids, no lowlife scumbag husband hanging off you spending all your money and shagging every girl in sight, you had every chance of getting back to the good life, but you choose to hang out with Ms I’m Famous For No Good Reason Paris, and Miss The Next Elizabeth Taylor Minus The Class Factor.

These people are not your friends, and you should not be flashing your crotch at the world.

In other news, a slight scare in the enormous evil creature area. Anyone who said cockroaches would survive nuclear war clearly have not met my cats. While I was jumping around screaming and generally freaking out, they saved me, again.. ;)


Yay Kitties! See, pussys can be used for something OTHER than evil! ;)

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Buy these girls some taste?


She’s been seen >*in* her underw3ar

And she’s been seen without it so many times that it’s impossible to find on the internet now, searching for the pictures gets you – 1 – 10 of about 972,000 results, all of which mention the photos but nobody puts them anywhere, probably because people want to keep their lunch on the inside. Trust me, there’s plenty of Paris nak3d cr0tch shots. Thank me for not giving you links to them ;)


The first time could have been a mistake. The second time looks like carelessness. The third time was sheer stupidity, in more ways than one, because her stylist figures – if she’s wearing leggings, maybe nobody can tell if she’s not wearing underw3ar.

However, the stylist forgot to check if the leggings were not see through. Fortunately for us we did not see any cr0tch shots but the pics were still pretty ugly

I am still trying to work out who the heck this chick is, and what she has to do with anything, and why she’s famous at all. Apparently she’s been in some movies. I have not seen any of them, thank god for that. But clearly she’s good papparazzi fodder. Girl, put some f*cking underw3ar on, we don’t want or need to see your ugly cr0tch!


Then Britney was hanging around with Paris a bit too much, and oops! She made every teenage boy who’s fantasised about her wonder why the heck they ever cared. Britney, you have two children, and I guarantee you this will haunt them all their life. This is pure nastiness.

And now, the really bad news.. ;( All three of these chicks are hanging together now.


Deities, please save us from a future generation of underw3ar-less women (or even worse, underw3ar less teenage girls) and make these women have a major fall out, at which time they regain their brains and put on underwear again?

I’ve edited this post to make it harder for search engines to pick up, but it may be too late. :(

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