International Marketplace, Oahu, HI


There were a lot of jewellery stands and in general whatever gemstone you might be looking for, you could find it set in sterling silver, and sometimes in different levels of gold as well.


There were lots of nic-nacs. geegaws and souvenirs, many of which were made in China. But sometimes you could find the genuine Made in HI articles.


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Oahu, photography

International Marketplace, Oahu, HI


There were quite a lot of art stands to be found within the International Marketplace.


There were also some little bridges though in general there was no water underneath them, at least, not that I ever saw. Mostly there was foliage underneath them. Some like the one above had concrete, others were wooden, like the one below.


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Oahu, photography

Sunday Selections Week 32


This week in holiday photos, I’ll be taking you to visit the International Marketplace in Waikiki. This place is sadly now gone. Here is a nice article to read if you would like to know more about it. The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Waikiki’s International Market Place.


In among the little stalls of jewellery goodness and much not made in Hawaii souvenirs as well as some true Made in Hawaii items, there was a lot of greenery thanks to the huge Banyan tree.

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Weekly Wrap Up –

I did a little bit of blog reading this week. Dawn at it just Dawned on me posted about the Tiny Kittens website, where you can watch kittens being born and mothered. Currently I have seen two live cams there – Tip and Sisko who is a feral cat and therefore won’t be bothered by humans eg cleaning the bedding etc..

Snoskred On Holidays

Just a reminder – Snoskred is taking a holiday from the blog. My Aunt and Uncle are here visiting, The Other Half has holidays booked, and my intention is to put the laptop away for most of, if not the entire, time.

You probably won’t see comments from me on your blogs while I’m on holidays. It is not you, it is me. ;) I just need a break.

I probably will not be keeping up with my reading, meaning I will return to a lot of posts to read. So you might get comments on older posts from me when I return.

I’ve got photo posts scheduled for the next two weeks, but I am giving you a holiday as well – I’ll be turning off the comments on my posts..

I’ll be back on Monday the 17th of August. :)

Remember, Snoskred is on holiday at the moment. Comments are turned off.

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