Let it rain..

It’s been raining since about 2pm yesterday. It’s good for many reasons, one of which being it is keeping the screaming kids inside. The peace is a welcome change.

Yesterday the other half had a work thing on and he had to go to Wollongong, he didn’t get back until after 10. So I got stuck into some baiting work I had to do and really got a lot done.

I have this check scammer at the moment who sent me a check, and I now am trying to make him snap. I told him his 30 grand was stolen out of my kitchen cupboards by a burglar. I was trying to talk to him on the phone and he kept hanging up, so I started calling him nasty words. He kept saying it was the network (and it probably was) but I don’t care.

So then I told him that the police got the money back and now I’m not sending any of it, I bought me a nice big boat. He’s still being polite to me trying to get me to send the money. I’ll keep pushing and hopefully he’ll break and curse me and give me death threats.. :)

It’s getting cold, and I feel blah. I think I’m getting yet another cold.

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And now for something completely different..

As I type this now, it is pouring with rain. Since 9am we’ve had over 40 mm of rain, and the average for this month is just .3mm less than what we have had in just one day here today.

It’s a beautiful sound but very unusual for this time of year. I have not seen blue skies for some days now, but this is ok, we need the rain. I just hope some of it falls inland where they need it even more than we do.

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