I did photography in high school, right up to year 12. It was by far my favourite subject. I loved the darkroom and became adept at doing things without light or in low light. But I also loved playing around and trying to get certain images to work.

Once during a photography weekend in Port Adelaide while playing with depth of field, I managed to get some flowers in focus with the Port Adelaide lighthouse out of focus in the background. I’ll have to try and dig that photo out of my archives and get it scanned in. But when visiting Floriade I remembered that photo, and tried to get a few images like it by focusing on one flower and letting the others go out of focus.

Surprisingly many of my best photos were taken on my phone. All of the images you see here are from my phone. My poor Lumix shockproof and waterproof camera may be on its last legs. So how do you get shallow depth of field on a phone? On mine, I tap on the flower I want to be in focus until it that flower is super sharp, and then take the photo. There are a lot of flower photos coming your way. :)

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FriYAY FriBay


Family has been visiting this week, here is a shot I took mid Thursday as we went for a short Vincentia walk.

I’ll be taking a break from blogging next week because I have been so busy gallivanting about this week. :) After that I will be back with election tales, and some things I bought this week.


Sunday Selections @Snoskred 9


A couple more tiger shots today!


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International Marketplace, Oahu, HI


There were a lot of jewellery stands and in general whatever gemstone you might be looking for, you could find it set in sterling silver, and sometimes in different levels of gold as well.


There were lots of nic-nacs. geegaws and souvenirs, many of which were made in China. But sometimes you could find the genuine Made in HI articles.


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International Marketplace, Oahu, HI


There were quite a lot of art stands to be found within the International Marketplace.


There were also some little bridges though in general there was no water underneath them, at least, not that I ever saw. Mostly there was foliage underneath them. Some like the one above had concrete, others were wooden, like the one below.


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