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When I was little, my family owned a chain of electronic stores. At the main office, which was in a little cluster of shops, two shops down there was a little “deli” in the old style of delis, run by a Greek family who we were friends with.

They would take a Vili’s pasty, slice it open, put cheese in there, and then put it back in the oven for the cheese to melt.

We can get Vili’s here now and when we buy it, we do not mess about. We buy 2 boxes of pasties at a time, 24 pasties in total. They are frozen when we get them and these go into the freezer for later consumption.

I can’t eat them without cheese. I’ve put all kinds of cheese inside there – mozzarella, parmesan, American jack cheddar from Costco, vintage cheese slices, feta, it doesn’t matter what kind of cheese – though the feta was super tangy and took the taste experience up several notches – the Vili’s pasty is king of all pasties.

I hate to break it to you, Adelaidians reading this, but in Sydney they put *peas* and *corn* into pasties. What kind of wickety wack idea is that shiznit? It is wrong on so many levels!

Now, if I could just find a way to get Barnacle Bill’s here.. :)

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Wordless Wednesday – Box


Little Kitty checking out the new photography box.


Costco Part Two – Paleo

One of the not-great things about eating Paleo is that it can be very costly. So you want to save every cent you can on buying the essentials that you need. There’s a lot of meat, fresh fruit and veg, loads of nuts, coconut oil and flour.. Plus if you want to sweeten anything, you want to use things like coconut sugar or agave.

When I first tried eating Paleo, you had two choices to source some of the items – online, or via health food stores. I’ve paid truly obscene prices for coconut oil and sugar.

Even though I am not eating paleo anymore I much prefer cooking with coconut oil, and sweetening things with lower GI forms of sugar such as coconut sugar or agave so the prices at Costco are amazingly awesome.


Costco coconut sugar 1kg for $7.59.


Costco Agave – 2x 700ml bottles for $11.59


Coconut Flour – 1kg $5.99


Coconut Oil – 900g for $13.59


UHT coconut milk – 6x 400ml for $7.99


Coconut Water – 12x 330ml for $13.99

Pecans – 908g for $16.99


Pine Nuts – 680g for $30.79


Pistachios – 1.36kg for $24.99


Walnuts – 1.36kg for $23.99

If you are eating Paleo you can save yourself money, even with the yearly membership fees of $60 or $55 for a business and you can source a lot of sometimes difficult to find things in one location by shopping at Costco.

More nuts next Monday!

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Where Do Your Shoes Live?

Sometimes the best ideas come to you as a surprise via the blog posts of other people. Suger from Suger Coat It wrote a post called – The triumphant return of the sneaker – and I commented – This inspires me to start a weekly feature about sneakers. I have so many pairs!

But then I thought, why limit it to one kind of shoe? Why not have a weekly shoe post? Each pair of shoes will receive a good cleaning in preparation for being posted – and the other half is Building Me A Photography Box especially for this project.

But before I begin this new blog feature – which will start on Sunday next week, I want to show you where my shoes live – and invite you to join me and show the world where your shoes live.


I will like to take you inside my Accessory Room.

Before you even open the door, there is a Scarf Bar –


This is a simple thing to create – some over the door hooks and you too can have a scarf bar. I got mine from Aldi but a lot of places stock over the door hooks. Some of the hooks are holding more than one scarf which is super handy.


If you don’t have a lot of room but you do have a lot of scarves, this is a simple yet great way to store them, all you need is a door and some over the door hooks.


The door to this room is usually left open because this is also Paper Goods From Costco Nirvana. I am not running out of toilet paper, paper towel, or tissues anytime soon. And to this I say, Jesse Pinkman Style, YEAH BITCH, COSTCO! because if there is one thing I hate, it is running out of essentials like that. ;)


On the back of the door there is a Jewellery Organiser which also holds spare phone cases. Spot the Swarovski one for my old iPhone there? It is sparkly. :) I also have a Swarovski one for the present phone.


Inside the room there is a Jewellery Cupboard – which also doubles as a Handbag Storage Unit, and holder of the Super Holographic Duct Tape. Yes, I like it when things have more than one use. It is extra useful! And here is a sneak peek inside.


And now we arrive at the Shoe Cupboard. It is usually closed, to keep Dust away from The Shoes.


The big green bag on the outside is a Kipling backpack – I have a matching suitcase which also resides in the Accessory room.


And now, back to the shoes. Let us open the Shoe Cupboard.


Before we get an overview of the shoes, I will take out the Handbags, which have found a home in between two shoe racks.


That is a lot of shoes. Many of which do not get worn as often as I would like.


Rack one – there is no order in which they are stored, it is just wherever they fit they ended up.


And there are still some shoes in Other Places because they did not fit in this cupboard –


And, a bag’o’shoes which I am contemplating giving away.


There are enough shoes for a full year of shoe posts, so this will become a weekly feature and I invite other bloggers to join in as well. Everyone is welcome to join in. Just add your link by clicking on the blue add link button – I’ve also put a quick how to guide together below if you have never joined a link up before.

Add your link here!

get the InLinkz code

A quick how to guide –

In case you have never done a blog link up before, I have created a how to guide and I have also made a page for the Shoes Link Up..

Join in & show us where your shoes live!


Costco Part One


Those of you in Adelaide might want to pay special attention to this post – you are getting a Costco soon! Register to know more about the Adelaide store here.


So we took a little trip to a new Costco location at Crossroads out near Liverpool, in Casula. I think this location is larger than Auburn which is our usual Costco.


Plus it has a fuel station where I saved over 20 cents PER LITRE on fuel. But fuel is super expensive where I live, 98 is normally 1.72 to 1.75. Given that the Polo only needs filling once every couple of months, that was a nice $8 or so saving right there. This may be one of the few gasoline stations in Australia – everywhere else is a petrol station. ;)


Oh, it is that time of year again, peoples..


Given that Halloween is a couple of months away, there are more Carters to buy for the quite reasonable price of $49.98. I said to the other half, why is he backwards? The other half said he thinks maybe Carter got into the Costco alcohol section when the store was closed. I said, but how does he absorb the alcohol? He has no stomach! The other half said he soaks it up into his bones. It is good to know you’ll still be able to get drunk when you are just a skeleton, I guess. :)


There was also a great kids costume rack. There were a lot of mermaid costumes in trolleys. I find what other people are buying endlessly fascinating. :)


But then again, the Halloween stuff might have been there for some time, given we arrived on the last day of August to spot Christmas displays, already. The Reindeers come with a sleigh, for just under $300. There’s a nutcracker statue as well, for just under $55.


The Reindeer and sleigh are very sparkly. :)


There is a huge range of ribbon to buy at ridiculously cheap prices. You are getting 45 metres of wire edged ribbon for $9.79.


And even more ribbons!


And that is a closer look at the ribbon display.


And yet more ribbons, this time a Christmas pack.


You can get obscene amounts of Christmas wrap on one roll – 36 metres, apparently. And it is extremely high quality foil wrap, I have bought it before and used it.

Costco have all kinds of things, including designer bags –


The prices range from $149 for the pink Kate Spade bag up the top, most expensive was $499 for the gold Coach bag on the middle shelf.


So one thing that is useful to know is about the .97 cent special. You can read all about it here at The Loaded Trolley – The Costco ’97 Cent’ Special – one of my favourite Costco websites. Basically it means this is a markdown to clear the item, so if you want to buy it grab it now, it may not be there next time.


Look at all these gorgeous little girl dresses! Here is a closer look –


I have no idea how much these were but they are beautiful.

Also too I will like to shout out to Kimberley from Addicted to Costco, my other most favourite Costco website. Sadly, no Burrata was anywhere to be found.


You will really save some money on chocolates here – they have all kinds from Lindt to Cadbury to Nestle to their own brand Kirkland. These Celebrations packages are selling for $30 in Coles and Woolworths – Woolworths just did a “half price special” this week on the Celebrations for $15. I buy these when I am making up my Christmas chocolate bags for friends and family.

Did all that stuff we bought fit into the Polo? You bet it did. :) Just.


Coming up Monday next week – Costco Part 2, in particular, paleo items and health food items.


Wordless Wednesday – Hand



I’m helpful, aren’t I, Human?


Costco Food Court Australia.


Tiki Town at the International Marketplace – sadly this place no longer exists.
I took this photo sitting on the ground with my little Panasonic Lumix on a baby tripod at the International Marketplace on Oahu in Hawaii

A big shout out to Pomai – who lives on Oahu – from The Tasty Island. I love your blog, and you inspired this post with two of your posts, specifically –

Costco Food Court: Eat This, Not That

Costco Food Court Honolulu Summer ’14 Update

Here is what we have at the Australian Costco Food Court, roughly 10 hours flying time from Oahu.


Important note – Costco Australia has recently switched over to Pepsi branded drinks – on our last visit a couple of months ago everything was Coca Cola. This greatly pleases The Other Half as he prefers Solo as the drink. I also prefer Solo, Sunkist or Pepsi when it comes to post-mix drinks, I find those a lot less sugary than Coca-Cola. Our visit to Costco is one rare occasion where I will drink flavoured soda drinks rather than plain mineral or soda water.


Let us go a little closer –


I always get the Combo pizza these days. This is because if I do not get it, I find myself deeply wishing I had got it on the way home. The ground beef on this pizza is seriously awesome.

I have tried the chicken bake and it was pretty amazing but not *as* amazing as the Combo pizza.


Unlike the USA, we have a pork hot dog. The Other Half loves these. I do not think we have tried the meat pie, and why would we when we can get those pretty much everywhere but you can’t get the awesome Combo pizza anywhere else in Australia, or the cheap hot dogs. ;)


The chicken and avocado wrap is seriously delicious and fresh. I’ve had that before a few times and loved it. I have not tried the mango smoothie or the iced coffee but a lot of people were getting the smoothie and they seemed to be enjoying it.


I have tried the frozen yoghurt before. It does not have that typical tang you get with frozen yoghurt and is more like soft serve. The serving size is way too big for me – I’d need four of me to finish it. ;)

A lot of people were getting the chocolate cherry thing, and that looked awesome as well.


Churro, ew. If this is what churros are supposed to be like, you can count me out. Not a fan, at all. But people constantly buy them, so they must like them. Maybe it is just me!

The coffees are made by a machine and beware, they are very, very hot. If you are getting a “soda” as well, you might want to put ice in your cup and then take one or two pieces out to put in your coffee. No joke.


I deeply wish we had brought home a pizza now because I have a huge craving for a combo slice writing this post.

If you are heading to Hawaii anytime soon, you probably want to add The Tasty Island to your feed reader. Then again, if you just like looking at pictures of food this is also a blog you should be reading! :)

Also, you might want to check out this great post – Costco Made in Hawaii Eats – we used this as a guide to what we wanted to buy at our visit to Costco on our last Hawaii trip and it was great.

What do you eat @ the Costco Food Court?


Chicken Treats Part 995643


What do you have for us today, Human?

The girls get spoiled regularly. If you are reading this on the Saturday Morning when this post is set to publish, it is likely that what you see in this post photo wise is what is going on out in the chicken pen right now, although the treats might not be exactly the same.


Strawberries, 2 eggs cooked up, tuna

The Snoskred Chicken Treat Rules –

1. Must be something I would eat myself

– with two exceptions – bugs – Chickens LOVE bugs! and hot mash made from the chicken pellets.

While there is absolutely NO way I would eat eggs, tuna and strawberries at the same time let alone together in the same dish, I would eat every one of these things by themselves. These are the exact same foods I would eat.


The strawberries seen here were from a batch I had been putting in my mineral water that week.

The eggs were two I took out from the laying box that had just been laid, they were still warm. I took them inside, mixed them together, put them in my one decent non-stick frypan and cooked them without oils or fats.

The tuna is expensive tuna that I regularly buy for myself, it is given to the cats and chickens for an occasional treat. The chickens love tuna and will scoff that down before any of the other treats provided, no matter what else is given to them at the same time.

2. Must not involve empty calories.

Terry at Henblog wrote about empty calories here – Thin-shelled Eggs, Old Hens, and The Miracle Diet Cure

If there are leftovers which might be suitable for the girls, fantastic. That would mostly be things like greens in our house. They might get the bits of cauliflower I don’t use. There is a long list of things that chickens should not eat, for reasons. I always check the Chicken Treat Chart before giving them something new, though sometimes other sites give conflicting info on what foods chickens can and cannot eat..

The girls never get bread, or pasta, or pizza crusts. I no longer feed them mealworms because I found red mites in with the mealworms I was buying from local pet stores and those things are not fun for chickens. I do throw them bugs that I find when gardening, and some of the girls find more than their fair share of bugs daily just by scratching around.


The girls eating lactose free yogurt when they first arrived home

They do sometimes get lactose free yoghurt – it MUST be lactose free, this is important, chickens cannot digest lactose – and they LOVE that shit. Seriously. They love it more than mealworms. When I give them LF Yoghurt, the trumpeting and bagerking and happy chicken sounds that go on can be heard for miles.

There is one other important Snoskred chicken treat rule.

Food must be served in two dishes – preferably recycled plastic containers that have been rinsed out and saved for this purpose.


Why two dishes?

This should mean that the hens lower down in the flock will get a chance to grab some treats from one of the dishes when the other girls are busy feasting. It is a nice idea in theory and it occasionally does work out this way.


What usually happens is all the girls flock around one dish, then move to the other dish once they get bored with the first dish.

Rosie Rosecomb is the lowest girl in the pecking order – mainly because she still does not realise she is a chicken most of the time – and while she does get in and grab a few choice treats she usually waits for the others to move to the other dish so she can peck at the first dish without getting attitude from the other girls.

Here are some more pics from this Chicken Treat Moment.

My apologies – the sun was extremely bright that morning even though it was still winter!




HEY There’s tuna in here!



More on what to feed – and what not to feed – chickens here –

What To Feed Your Chickens

Toxic Treats! What NOT to Feed your Chickens

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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


This movie changed my life in enormous and incredible ways and somewhat ironically I spent 6 months of year 11 taking constant Snoskred Days Off from school. I can’t believe I have not written about this movie here already.

If you have not seen this movie you really need to see it, especially right now in this crazy world of mobile phones, the internet, etc. The movie is a comedy but the overall message of the film is summed up in this one line from Ferris –

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

What do I love about this movie?



Ferris Bueller is played by Matthew Broderick. Ferris talks directly to the audience, from the very start of the movie. He knows we are there, and he knows we are watching, and his talking to us involves us in what is happening..

Ferris is all seeing and all knowing, omnipresent, talented, not a fan of Isms, has a computer, does NOT have a car and Ferris is pretty upset about that. At the start of the movie Ferris tries on a lot of different outfits while waiting for Cameron to come over and pick him up.

Here are a few of them –


Hard to imagine anyone wearing those sandals could be as cool as Ferris is!

ferris2 ferris3 ferris4 ferris5 ferris6



Brilliantly played by Alan Ruck, Cameron is a person lost within himself.

He is angry yet scared, needy yet there for Ferris, sick yet completely fine, desperate to please yet wanting to not give a f**k.. pretty much a typical teenager, at least as teenagers were when I was growing up. Cameron has a car, too!

cam1 cam3 cam4



Do you know where she is. Do you know when she’ll be back.
Do you know.. anything.

Jeannie is unfortunate enough to be the sister of Ferris Bueller. She cannot understand why he gets to skip school when she has to go.

Played by Jennifer Grey who just one year later would play the iconic Baby Houseman in Dirty Dancing, Jeannie is full of rage and fun to watch , especially when she ends up in the police station and meets.. well.. a guy. That guy.


Other Characters



– played by Mia Sara – is the girlfriend of Ferris Bueller and of course she is pretty fantastic because someone as fantastic as Ferris would not be with someone less fantastic than himself. Ferris has to invent a way to get Sloane out of school so she could be a part of the day off, which leads us to Grace and Ed.



– is played wonderfully by Edie McClurg who just a year later would be in another John Hughes movie I love called Planes Trains and Automobiles.


Edward Rooney

– did not achieve this position in life by having some snot-nosed punk leave his cheese out in the wind. Ed decides to try and find Ferris and ends up hanging out at the home of Ferris, meeting his dog, and various flower delivery people. Because every man and his dog wants to send Ferris flowers.



There is also a campaign to Save Ferris going on..



The Car


So Cameron has a father, who loves this Ferrari he restored. And to pick Sloane up from school he needs a beautiful car. So, Ferris talks Cameron into taking the car out.


They leave it at a garage with a car care professional. This guy.


Would you leave your Ferrari with this guy? I’m going to go with no, myself. And I would be right, because before Ferris and Co have even walked down the street from the garage, Car Guy and his friend are taking off for destinations unknown in the car.



So during their day out, among other things, Ferris and Co eat pancreas at a snobby restaurant –


Ferris talks to us via the mirror of a pretty amazing looking bathroom –


They visit an Art Gallery –


Ferris gets on a parade float –


They return Cameron to his home which is absolutely gorgeous


Then Ferris drops Sloane home and realises he only has five minutes to get to his place before his parents get home, and he no longer has a car, so he has to run. Which is an awesome sequence.


There is more to this movie but I am not going to spoil it for you. You’ll just have to watch it to get the full story.

The movie was released in Australia on the 21st of August 1986. I was 11 years old. I am not sure when I saw the movie – it was not at the cinema I know that much. It was more likely once it was released on video. Our family was one of the first people to sign up at the newly opened local video store, and we were one of the first families in the street to own a VCR. My Dad was the general manager of the family business which was an electronics store.

Speaking of one of the first, Ferris *was* going to tell a little lie to a radio station while being interviewed in the movie, and this was actually cut into the original trailer and had to be quickly removed from both the trailer and the movie after the Challenger disaster. What was the lie?

I’m the first Chicago area youth to be selected to participate in a space shuttle mission.

The full original script can be seen on IMDB via this link – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Original Script.

When I did see this movie, little nuggets of it stayed with me and inspired me. Most kids taking days off school would want to hang out at video arcades or places where they could have “fun” – for me, fun was learning. The days I took off I would end up at the Museum, the Botanic Gardens if the weather was good, the Art Gallery, the State Library. These places became sanctuaries for me and I still hold a special place for them in my heart.

From the Wikipedia entry for Ferris Buellers Day Off -

According to John Hughes, the scene at the Art Institute of Chicago was “a self-indulgent scene of mine—which was a place of refuge for me, I went there quite a bit, I loved it. I knew all the paintings, the building. This was a chance for me to go back into this building and show the paintings that were my favorite.” The museum had not been shot in, until the producers of the film approached them.

It is pretty amazing that a movie – and a comedy movie at that – managed to communicate this concept of places of refuge to me as a teenager.

If you have not seen this movie, it is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking a copy up. :) Also there is a brilliant commentary track by John Hughes – who is sadly no longer with us – the track is well worth a listen, he tells you a lot about locations, shooting the movie and other fascinating stories. So make sure the movie you buy/rent has the commentary track on it.

Here is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on IMDB.

If you enjoyed this review, you might also enjoy these other reviews.

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All Right, I’m Naming Names.



You forced me to name names, even though I said I would not when I posted my Shit List post.

These otherwise lovely Dior ads – youtube clip here – with the incredible music, and now Chris Pine is on every single ad break on my pay tv.

Chris Pine, these eyebrows of yours are like a train wreck, I just cannot look away.

And then there is more than one Chris Pine on the screen at once – which set of eyebrows should I look at? How to choose?


Whatever I am doing, I have to stop and watch the entire thing, and ponder the following question.


Why are there caterpillars, perching where your eyebrows normally reside?


Especially when the lovely female in the ad has perfectly groomed eyebrows.


I still haven’t forgiven you, Chris Pine, for Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit yet.


I mean I have no freaking clue what the heck happened in that movie, all I could see were the Chris Pine EYEBROWS OF DOOM, and occasionally Keira Knightley. And on the big screen those things are absolutely enormous. It is impossible to escape them.

Clearly you are not completely adverse to eyebrow grooming, or else that would be one heck of a mono caterpillar eyebrow instead of two separate caterpillar eyebrows. So why can’t you continue with the eyebrow grooming and tame those things!


Tidy them up, please, Chris Pine.

These eyebrows might be ok on the small screen.

On the movie screen they are GI-freaking-GANTIC.

You can’t take over from Harrison Ford with these eyebrows, Chris Pine.

Not on my watch!


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