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Taken from Hawaiian Airlines flight just before landing back @ Sydney


Ball vs Bawl



Oh dear. I sincerely hope you did not. So many images come to mind.. netballs, baseballs, debutante balls, bowling balls, stress balls, those little plastic balls in ball pits, man balls otherwise known as testicles. NEEDLE SCRATCH wait what?

I don’t know about you, but when I find something terribly upsetting, causing salt water to leak from my eyes, the last place I am intending to put my crying eyes is in a man’s crotch area. Maybe it is just me. :)

Please tell me it is not just me. Pretty please?


Bawl vs Ball


Two very different things which should never be confused for each other. Dear Baller, here is your Fail Whale. It is much prettier than your fail. I do not think I will ever get tired of the beauty of this art. In fact it almost makes fail whales worthwhile.

~ Image credit to Neoyume on Deviant Art ~

Now if only this gorgeous art could wipe out that mental picture of testicles and eye balls..

My work is done here, kthx!

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Feedburner Is Dying. Update my feed link please!


Like many Google products – sadly Google seem to be letting Feedburner die.

Stop Using FeedBurner – Move to FeedBurner Alternatives

Feedburner to Feedblitz – Why We Migrated Our RSS Feed

Google Reader Is Dead, Feedburner Is Next

The Feedburner Deathwatch Continues

Which considering they bought it for $100 million back in 2007 seems incredibly idiotic, especially if they are not going to offer a service to replace it. But then a lot of their decisions are idiotic, like killing off Google Reader which so many people used in conjunction with other Google things.

You have to wonder about whether Blogger is going to exist, long term. They’ve killed off the feedreader program Google Reader that they provided, they are not supporting feedburner anymore, how long until they say to the many people with blogs on Blogger – kthxbai and don’t let the door hit you on the butt on your way out!

So, I’m switching the blog back to the WordPress feed and when feedburner does eventually die, if you want to keep receiving my posts you will have to resubscribe. Probably best to do that now by replacing the feedburner link in your feedreader to this address – http://snoskred.org/feed – Sorry all!

I have also added a new mail subscription service. I sent an email to everyone who has signed up for email updates from my blog with a link to resubscribe to the new service. If you want to sign up for email you can click here or use the new form in the sidebar.

This was a hellish process that took me about 5 hours to try and sort out yesterday, first of all trying to log into feedburner which is not very easy anymore, then trying to work out whether people would still get my feed via feedburner if I switched it back to in house, then sorting out the mail subscriptions and emailing all the people who have subscribed by email to give them the new subscription link, then looking at wordpress plugins I can use for the feed here..

Does it ever seem to you like you get lost in the internet? I’m having a lot of days like that lately..

So people reading me via feeds, why not delurk and leave a comment to say hi, and give me a link to your blog so I can read you back? :)


Quick Test

Because Feedburner is dying, this is a test to see what happens with the feed. More on this shortly with an actual post!

My feed is available here – http://www.snoskred.org/feed – if this is not the address you are using, probably best to switch to this address.

Also I have a new email subscription service with Mailchimp! Subscribe here -


And so it rained.

And the chickens said, bloody good thing this rain, because the ground in here was getting so hard to scratch lately. See all those marks in the ground?


Those are chicken scratch marks. Bugs live under things on the ground and the girls know they can sometimes dig them out – when I tipped out the water and flipped over this container the chickens went WILD. And there was a lovely colony of slugs on the bottom of the container which was cause for much trumpeting and bagerking!


The kitties were unwilling to leave the dry ground to gain wet paws. Sorry for the blurry pic!

This was the second ever time Happy has experienced rain. She does not understand the concept of it. The first time was so hilarious, I wish I had filmed it so I could share it with you.


The girls got busy laying up a storm.


When actually raining the girls will either be inside the coop and run, or directly underneath it. This was a huge unexpected bonus of our coop and run design.

Initially the girls were going to be inside the coop and run most of the time due to our drainage problem here, which is why we designed things to be so high up off the ground.

In summer, under the coop and run is the coolest place to dirt-bathe. In winter, it is mostly dry even when it rains, so they can still dirt bathe. Chickens *love* to dirt bathe.

In the mood to read more about chickens? Frogdancer recently got a new coop for her girls. And more here – Yesterday was a full on chicken day.

You want to actually watch chickens live on the web? Then you should visit Hencam. Not only are there chickens, but there is a bunny *and* sometimes bonus goats in the background. If it is night time when you visit the cams, bookmark the link for later and have a read of the Hencam blog. :)


My Shit List


Sunrise at Sandy Beach in Hawaii – I’ll be using some of my Hawaii images over the next few months, FYI.

Thanks to Boob In A Box – incidentally one of my favourite recent blog finds – for this one. :)

10 – The fact that Breaking Bad is over for good. It was finished with such perfection, it better win some Emmy love next week.

9 – There is a front end loader constantly running just one street away from me during the day at the moment, and I am losing my marbles. What few marbles I had left, anyway.

8 – My recliner needs welding. If one of the cats sits on top of it, I can’t get balanced right! But to get welded, it has to be carried out into the shed.

7 – Taylor Swift leaving gyms in New York in totally not gym appropriate outfits, with obviously empty handbags on her arm. Tom and Lorenzo (my favourite celebrity fashion bloggers btw) have nicknamed it Taylor Swift’s Empty Bags Tour.

6 – Male movie stars who refuse to groom their eyebrows. Hey, dude, I paid good money to watch you on the big screen, the least you can do is make sure your eyebrows are not taking over your face and/or temples. All of you somehow manage to not have a monobrow, what is so wrong with tidying the rest up? I’m not at the point of naming names but you’re driving me in that direction!


Thanks to Darylisms Tumblr for the gif – I searched high and low for one photo that would do proper justice to the well groomed eyebrows of Christian Slater and none of them did, but this gif image does. :)

5 – People on Facebook when someone they do not know passes away in an accident. I want to bang my head so hard. Here is an example of some recent comments when two people died in a head on collision near where I live. This little example will supply us with numbers 4 and 3 as well.


Why do the beautiful peoples lives have to be taken away from them, indeed? What about the not beautiful people, or is that more ok?

4 – My heart goes out to – I sincerely hope your heart remains in your chest pumping blood around your body which is where it belongs. Since when did this become the new meaningless thing everyone says when they cannot come up with something real to say? Peoples, when you hear a politician say this, remove it from your personal list of things to say to those who are grieving. Your thoughts can go out, your prayers can go out, your internal organs should go nowhere, ever. Unless you are donating them to someone else.

3 – Rip? Rip what? It is R.I.P. – there are dots in between the letters for a REASON, people. You can’t take a moment to put in full stops for this person you are writing a tribute to? You couldn’t maybe use the whole words, like Rest In Peace?

2 – The media and their apparent lack of care for anyone who might not want graphic images on the front page of their newspaper. Yes, some of the papers here in Australia and around the world published unedited images of bodies and body parts after the MH17 tragedy. Disgusting.

Media Watch did a good piece on this and I will put a link to the *transcript* here. If you click through you will NOT see any images but there are links on the page to the graphic images and they are all clearly labelled, and the video itself does contain the images. If you are lame like I am, you can cover your eyes but still listen. :) Link to Media Watch MH17 episode.

1- {rant mode on} Paul Mercurio in those manipulative Insuranceline ads. Sorry people but the ads are so terrible they are not to be found anywhere online. I am very lucky this is the case because if I put the ads here and you watched them, you’d want to dead me.

Seriously Paul, what were you thinking? You were in Strictly Ballroom, dude. You are not wearing a gold sparkly jacket in these commercials – they have you in the most ugly and ill fitting shirts I have seen in a long, long time on a man in the world. Was there a mirror where you filmed this? If so, how did you allow this fashion crime to be committed?

If you had the sparkly gold jacket on, maybe I wouldn’t resent it quite as much.

Okay, that is entirely not true. You could be dressed in sequins from head to toe and I would still be mad as a cut snake.

The levels to which you have sunk – to now be the face of ads trying to convince elderly people not to “be a burden” to their families by purchasing “final expenses insurance” so that their families do not have to find money for their funeral..

Even worse, I know this advertising works amazingly well. :( Those people who buy it would more than likely be better off putting aside the money they’d pay for the premiums each week and leaving that to their kids. But they don’t want to be a burden so they’ll pony up the cash and by the time they do eventually go on to greener pastures they’ll have paid 3x what they would have paid up front for a funeral or via a pre-payment plan with their local funeral company.

I hope they are paying you big money for this, Paul. Any respect the majority of Australians might have once had for you has long since evaporated with us having to sit through these terrible ads over and over and over again.

{end rant} – Sorry that was long but those ads have been irritating me for a very, very long time now. Even worse they are on Foxtel which I am PAYING for. Like Pay TV! Why are there ads – very long and obtrusive ads – on my Pay TV?

Well, that feels better.. anyone else want to play?

If yes leave me a link in the comments. ;)

And pop over to Boob In A Box – and leave a comment with a link to your shit list post as well. :)


Allowed VS Aloud part 4


~ Image credit to David Pache on Flickr~

Now let us clear out a few of these and wrap up our Allowed VS Aloud series, at least until some more of these appear to me as a surprise in my facebook feed.


There is a new holiday in town! Hollerween! Where kids holler at each other aloud for hours on end while going around knocking on doors and hoping they will open. No candy involved, by the end of it you’ll need headache tablets. Sorry bout that!


Yeah my cat gets real aloud making those miow sounds. So help me, I can’t even with the rest of this. I get irrationally angry when cats are involved.


I don’t know the difference between no or know, nor do I know the difference between there or their, nor do I know or care if I am allowed to post these complicated instructions for the rest of you to follow in order for you to like a photo of some kid you never met and never will meet, nor am I going to bother telling you *why* you should do this. Like Nike said, Just Do It. Kthx.

Plus, above that, let me spam your group with a link to my new group without bothering to check the rules to see if you’ll be fine with it.

I weep for the future. Aloud. And I know I’m allowed to.


Zombie Kitteh – Wordless Wednesday


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Lightbulb Moment – Wardrobe Take 2


Layering tops many of which are mesh from Ezibuy.

This is part 2 of a series – part 1 is here.

So, basically we’ve learned during this process of sorting out my wardrobe that I have become less over the past few years and I have been trying to work out what has caused that.

I think a huge part of this burrowing into my comfort zone began when my favourite manager left.

My favourite manager is an incredible person. Have you ever known someone who takes every opportunity to praise you and lift you up? Who makes everyone better just by existing – who makes everyone want to do their best for them – who makes people *more* somehow?

Someone who has your back with upper management even if you’ve made a stuff up – which she will address with you in a way that will teach you never to make that mistake again, and in fact you’ll make sure nobody within your earshot ever makes that mistake either?

Someone who is there for you when you need them, and will even go to great lengths for you to get you the help you need, even if it is not a part of her official job description?

Someone who – even years after they are no longer your boss – is more than willing to listen when things go wrong, and give you the guidance you need to make the best decisions for yourself in the situation you find yourself in?

Someone who tells you the unvarnished truth, not what you want to hear?

Someone who tucks in your tag if you managed to get out of the house with it sticking out without making you feel embarrassed, and she’ll have noticed it and fixed it moments after you walked in the door, even if she has to interrupt a meeting to do it?

Someone who inspires great loyalty from everyone she works with, even if they are people she does not personally like?

That is what my favourite manager was like. When she was working there, shifts during the day never dragged on. In fact I looked forward to them, to being in her presence, to feeling her light, hoping it would land on me from time to time. Listening to her train other people was a validation of all the things she taught me to do, of all the things she wanted – needed – from us.

She is utterly hilarious. Training with her was never boring because she made everything interesting with the way she chose to present it. Having her listen to your calls was a sheer delight. Having her sitting next to you and listening in was a thing of great joy.

She also had a fabulous sense of style. No two outfits were ever the same, and myself and pretty much everyone around her took a leaf from her book and found our own personal style. She would always comment on everyones outfit. There were no flip flops, not ever in her presence. The only way you showed your toes was in a peep toe.


Colourful tank dresses, none of which I would have bought without the influence of my favourite manager.

Sneakers were fine but they could not be plain and boring – they had to be colourful and delightful, or quirky. Layering was the order of the day and I enjoyed it, loved putting things together which I never would have considered before. Jewellery was to be oohed and aahed over, and discussed, and ranked in order of which pieces she most wanted to know where you got them because she wanted them too.

She allowed me to be who I truly am, she accepted who I was and validated the fact that it was ok to be unusual, to be quirky, to be different, to stand out in my own ways.

For the first time ever in my life, I was truly myself.

So how did the wardrobe sorting turn out? Everything in its place, baby!

Sorry some of these photos are quite long.. :)


My tiny collection of pencil skirts. There are 3. I do not own a lot of skirts, I am more of a dress person. Plus, my Forever 21 animal print jumper.

My colourful collection of dresses.


So many different dresses.


Dresses without patterns, just one colour.


Going out tops all together in one place.


Little shrug cardigans.


Animal print tops all together in one place.


Exercise tops all together.


Around the house clothes – you see all the identical pink ones at one end – those are all tops from rivers which are my in between seasons wear – 3/4 length sleeves. If I am not wearing a jumper and I am at home, there is a 99% chance I will be wearing one of those pink tops.


Jumpers Together – some of them are in the wash.

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Fowl Behaviour



Oh dear. Please explain how one gets big words like complaints, management and tolerated right, and yet epically fails on especially, foul, language and customers!


Community groups on Facebook are an endless supply of hilarity, combined with far too many moments of DOH forehead slap.




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