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Sometimes there are words.

Untitled - 300
Mark Margolis as Uncle Tio

And sometimes, there are not words.

This week, I’ve completed the posts for episodes 507 and 508 over at Rewatch Breaking Bad, though the posts will not publish until mid-July.

These episodes were the last ones my very excellent work friend got to see. Cancer stole her from us in early 2013, just a few months before season 5b, as they called it, began to air.

Untitled - 442

Oh, how she loved this show. I think she loved it even more than I did, which is saying a LOT. Sometimes, in the wee hours of the night when we were working together, we would speculate, posit theories, imagine the most insane and crazy storylines, and consider the vastness of the Breaking Bad universe.

Untitled - 320

We would talk about the show that existed, moments that happened, what our favourite scenes and lines were. The two of us could speak many of the lines out loud from memory. I knew exactly which lines to say to her which would leave her giggling, and she knew which lines to say for me.


I remember one time when the phones were quiet, we spoke for an uninterrupted by phone calls hour, just about the clouds in some scenes, and the weather in Albuquerque, and how it always seemed to put on a show, for the show. We talked about how Albuquerque had become a character of the show and how it gave the show such a unique look.

Untitled - 34

I also remember we talked about Mark Margolis and how amazing his acting was, because his character Uncle Tio was unable to speak but you saw everything you needed to know in his eyes, and he had this bell that he would ring.

Untitled - 86

We both loved the character of Mike, especially the scene that began with him shorting out electricity with helium balloons. We talked about a spin off show that could involve him. There had already been some talk about a spin off on the podcasts – which we had both listened to.

Untitled - 418

We both loved Jesse as a character. We loved where season four had taken his character. We loved his involvement in the major capers of season 5a. We also loved his outfits.

The final eight episodes were so perfect, she would have loved every single minute of them. She would have loved to discuss each episode with me. How much I would have loved to discuss them with her!

Untitled - 280

How deeply thrilled she would have been to see Better Call Saul, the spin off show that appeared after Breaking Bad ended. She would have particularly loved the Mike Centric episode – Five-O – which will hopefully land Jonathan Banks a nomination for best supporting actor when the Emmy nominations are announced on July 16th, and hopefully he will win his first Emmy award at the 67th Emmy Awards due to be held in September this year.

My friend is greatly missed, by me, and by many others who adored her.

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Sunday Selections Week 26


This week we will revisit a little area in my house, which I have made a small change to recently. You’ve seen this area before in these posts – my paper weight where I showed you this cabinet was damaged on the top – Before and After where I added a table runner I had recently rediscovered to the top.


River commented on that post that she preferred the area without the table runner and I have to say I did agree with her. I had just wanted to hide that damaged section and the table runner was available, but I did want to buy a piece of material in a lighter colour – perhaps white, I thought – to cover the damage.


We had gone to visit Candleberries in Berry and we each got a large new candle, and on the way home I suggested we stop in at Spotlight to pick up some material. I spoke with the other half about a piece of white velvet or velour, and he said white would not be a good choice, I’d be forever washing it. So we ended up deciding on silver. I think it turned out pretty well. :) It almost looks like molten silver.


Would you like to join in? The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to River at Drifting Through Life, somewhere in your post
3. leave River a comment so that she knows you’ve joined in and can come over and see what you’ve posted.

Weekly Wrap Up –

What an amazing week it has been for those who believe in love, with the US Supreme Court ruling that it is legal for all Americans, no matter their gender or sexual orientation, to marry the people they love. I will hope that Australia will follow suit sooner than later. If you did not read the ruling, you should make sure to read this one part of it – The Beautiful Closing Paragraph of Justice Kennedy’s Gay Marriage Ruling.

Here at home, I’ve still been recovering from this cold and with the ditch digger arriving I lost all track of time and forgot to schedule todays post as a surprise to myself. I had most of it written, because I write it during the week as I find links I like.

Posts Snoskred Enjoyed –

How Death and Dying Changed My Perspective on LGBT Rights – This was always my biggest reason why marriage should be legal for same-sex couples – this, and the situations where life partners were essentially locked out of making health decisions for their loved ones, on occasion being replaced by family members who had disowned their gay family member years before and who would have zero idea of the health wishes of that gay family member.

Jaws at 40: Steven Spielberg on the blockbuster that made him — and nearly ruined him – This was an interesting read.

The Likely Political Consequences of Proposed Changes to the Senate’s Electoral System – If you have read here for a while you know I am an enormous Antony Green fan. This post was fascinatory to me, especially after having worked elections.

Table Setting – You know I am a big fan of cobalt blue, so I deeply love this table setting. :)

Brodsworth Hall gardens – Some beauty to brighten your day. :)

Cute Coot – I love the first picture with the Coot on the nest. ;) Plus also, baby swans! Swanning About

Here On The Blog –

We kicked off the week with Sunday Selections Week 25

We went back in time a little with Art Time Travel.

We checked in on Carter – Carter & Happy – WW, plus I told you about my Improbable Kitty.

Anxiety Level: High – A ditch digger arrived. And thus we now have a leaking (sewer?) pipe. But it totally wasn’t The Other Half’s fault – we could tell it has been leaking for some time. This might explain a weird noise we get in the pipes when it rains..

Blog Spotlight –

Each week, I will link to a blog I am reading to shine a spotlight on it and tell you what I like about it. This week –

Engrish – A site that never fails to put a smile on my dial, especially now that I have a Chinese Aunt.

Past Snoskred –

Picture Blog Today – A couple of kitty photos on my 15th post on the blog.

Coming Up –

I’ll let this week come to you as a surprise! ;) But you will see the June New Feeds post this week as it is almost the end of June.

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Anxiety Level: High


I have just taken my first Valium in nearly a year.

I think the last time was around the 16th of July 2014, for work related reasons. Since I left work I really have not had much to stress me, until today.

When it comes to medication for anxiety, I feel much the same as Abbey Bartlet from The West Wing –

Do you know what this lifestyle does to the body? The minute your system senses stress it releases a hormone that constricts the blood vessels, contracts the heart muscles, stimulates the adrenal gland.

You stay in this state for not a hundredth of the time that you and I have existed like this and the vessels begin to shred. The heart permanently constricts. The intestines, the immune system, shut down. Relieving those conditions is the one responsible course of action I can take.

One of my biggest fears in life is The Other Half using power tools. Some of them I’m good with, like cordless drills. But anything that involves the potential for terrible injury, I am very fearful of those things.

There are good reasons to be fearful of these powerful items. The immediate story that comes to my mind is that of Gayle Shann which was on Australian Story – they just did an update on it in the last few weeks.. She survived but was terribly injured, losing one arm and the arm that was left has not regained any movement at all.

We’re going to have some concrete laid in weeks ahead, between the house and the “man cave” and to cover the gravel driveway. But before that can be done, The Other Half needs to dig a few trenches, one for the power to the shed, and a couple of drainage trenches.

So, until the ditch digger is returned, I will be under some stress. Fortunately for me, the Valium is starting to kick in, and rather than sit here curled in a stressed ball all day, I think I can get up and do the vacuuming and some other indoor jobs I have planned.

And that is a good thing – both for my mind, and my body. :)

A small technical note – the blog might go down for an hour or so later today, hopefully not, but the servers are in the man cave and the power will need to be turned off and reconnected.

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Improbable Kitty


Whenever I am working in the kitchen these days, I have a kitty supervisor. Happy the little kitty jumps up and sits on the bar stool on the opposite side of the kitchen counter. She closely watches what I am doing, in case I might be making her a snack. 99% of the time, I am *not* making her a snack!

In recent times, she has begun to display the most hilarious expression while sitting there. There is a combination of doubt and disbelief in her eyes.

It is almost as if she is mentally asking me..

What on earth do you think are you doing now?

I like to call this particular expression “Improbable Kitty”. As in, what you are doing presently is “unexpected and apparently inauthentic” plus, “not likely to be true or to happen”.

Alternatively, she is transmitting the thought – it is totally unbelievable to me that you are not making me a snack right now.


So the other night I was making dinner while The Other Half sat on the barstool watching me. I had just placed my chicken into a bowl with lime and lemon juice, added some white wine, and went back to add in some more lime and lemon.

I looked up, and he had this bizarre expression on his face. It made me say “What? I’m just marinading my chicken?”…

and he replied.. “I’m Improbable Kitty”. And I lost it and laughed for many, many minutes..

You can tell from my reply, he got that improbable kitty impression 100% correct.

Happy has been such a wonderful addition to our household. She makes us laugh every single day.


Happy doing Improbable Kitty while Grumpy lurks in the background

Improbable Kitty is not her only talent. At night, she impersonates a sandbag on the bed most effectively. This is slightly less funny to The Other Half, who gets woken up when he can’t turn over because there is a sandbag in his way.


Art Time Travel

Back in 2008 I had an art project which did not work out – I had tried sticking sequins to a canvas with glue which dulled the sparkly sequins. Rather than lose the canvas, and because I had already drawn the stencil onto it, I used modelling paste to build up a texture of my Denkyem stencil.

I was not sure what I was going to do with this or whether it would work out in the end. I thought maybe I would paint it one colour and then dry brush in some gold or silver over the top.

The last thing I posted about it, that is how the canvas looked. And then I got distracted by other things and/or forgot to post any further updates. I wasn’t sure myself what had happened with it, until I was cleaning up my art room and found the completed work in a box.

Now, it looks like this –


I think it turned out pretty well in the end. :) You certainly cannot tell there are sequins under there, and the texture is really nice. The silver metallic paint helps it to jump out of the canvas. If I were to do it again, I might do a matt black underneath the silver and allow some of the black to show through in the lower areas, just to make the texture pop a little more.

You can read the original posts here – Work In Progress – and here – Short Update plus you can see another work I did with the Denkyem stencil here – Opinions Needed

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Sunday Selections Week 25


This week, a couple of photos from 2003 photo folders. The photo above is from the Botanic Gardens in Adelaide. I love the contrast between the dark area and the extra sunny area. When you visit most botanic gardens you will find a spot like this.


This shot was taken from our townhouse which was on Tapleys Hill Road – a major road back in Adelaide. The Other Half was playing around with shutter speeds and time lapse from the upstairs bedroom window, which resulted in this photo of a road train.

Would you like to join in? The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to River at Drifting Through Life, somewhere in your post
3. leave River a comment so that she knows you’ve joined in and can come over and see what you’ve posted.

Weekly Wrap Up –

Here at Snoskredland, we’ve had a nasty cold this week. We’ve been trying to keep warm, I’ve made a couple of batches of Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup which is my go-to chicken soup, and there was some more cleaning and tidying. Whenever I get a cold, I have this overwhelming urge to clean things.

Posts Snoskred Enjoyed –

Royally Played: Trooping The Colour 2015 – Did you see Prince George at Trooping the Colour? If not, you MUST, he was gorgeous! But wait, there’s more! Royally Played: Polo in the Park With GeorgeAnd even more! And Still More!

I’m not into the concept of having kids of my own but Prince George could convince me otherwise. He is just so goshdarn cute!

Who Lives Where? Migrants Settling in Australian Cities – This post is completely fascinating. This is a must read for Aussies, and people thinking of becoming Aussies.

Queen Victoria’s Crown Ruby Brooch – My favourite colour on the Queen is pink, followed by aqua/teal. The photo of the Queen in this post is gorgeous! And some more pics here – Royal Ascot, Day 1 and Audience at Windsor Castle

The Best And Worst Airlines, Airports And Flights, Summer 2015 Update – An interesting look at US airports and airlines

Relentlessly Christian person objects to relentlessly gay front yard – I suspect this anonymous letter writer has begun a new trend as a surprise to themselves. Relentlessly gay yards will be popping up as a surprise all over the place. If you would like to donate to Julie Baker to assist her in creating a Relentlessly Gay abode and help to give a large, rainbow covered, middle finger to this anon letter writer, you can do so via this Go Fund Me – Relentlessly Gay.

Arnold Schwarzenegger freaks out Hollywood tourists – this was by far one of the funniest videos I watched this week on the interwebs. Celebrities should do this more often. Classic!

Cakes to make on Rainy Days – The Peanut Butter cupcakes sound great to me.

Finally this week, your two doses of super cute – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies – Ella and Lily – how gorgeous are these little doggies?

MINI HIPPO! Baby Pygmy Hippo Makes A Splash

Here On The Blog –

We kicked off the week with Sunday Selections Week 24 – then I showed you – How to – Schedule Posts In Blogger & WordPress. We took a closer look at my second collectibles cabinet in Cabinetry Take Two, and I told you about an often used phrase in our household – There Was An Incident.. – Then, we put some mandarin in soda water for Sodastream Saturday #2.

Past Snoskred –

My Favourite Space – A look back at my office room from August 2006 – this was my seventh ever post on the blog.

Coming Up –

This week, you’ll see posts about art, and kitties. Sodastream Saturday will be taking a week off, it will be back in July.

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SodaStream Saturday #2


What fruit do you think that is, in my soda water?


It is definitely citrus, but what kind of citrus? Drumroll please..





It is an Imperial Mandarin. Imperials tend to have less seeds – in fact this particular one had no seeds at all. I’ve cut them up two different ways to put them into my soda water.


With a mandarin there is a little more pith than with an orange and most people are cool with eating the pith, so I did not bother to trim it all off like I would with an orange, though you certainly could do that if you wanted it to look more pretty.


One mandarin will provide you with 190% of your daily vitamin C, according to the Aussie Mandarins website. Mandarins are in season from April to October.


So the next time you are making a soda water or mineral water drink, and you happen to have a couple of mandarins lying around, why not combine the two to make a new kind of awesomeness? :)


There Was An Incident..


There was an incident is a phrase heard regularly in our household. In fact it is somewhat of a normal occurance for The Other Half to arrive home from work and say “How was your day” to be met with.. “well, there was an incident..”

An incident in our household could be anything, from spilling sugar or dripping tea onto the counter from a non-cooperative tea bag.. right up to me walking into something and leaving a massive bruise, or somehow damaging myself in some way. Whatever the incident, when this phrase is spoken, the listener knows that the full story of the incident will be coming to them as a surprise.

The term originates from my being an aviation nerd and the FAA and NTSB have this thing about definitions of accidents VS incidents.

I mention this because our past weekend contained a number of incidents, some of which were quite scary. There was the Wine Bottle Incident, when I got out of my awesome Volkswagen Polo holding two birthday presents in those cute little bags you can buy in stores, only the wine bottle bag broke and somehow the wine bottle dropped onto brick pavers and still it managed to survive! Had it broken, that would have been considered an accident. :)

There was the mildly terrifying incident of The Spider In The Shower which I kept to myself because thankfully it was only a Daddy Long Legs which decided the ceiling was getting too hot and steamy and now would be a good time to drop on a web through my shower space. The Other Half was in the Man Cave at the time, thus he did not hear my spider scream. I know this to be a fact because anytime he hears that spider scream he arrives ready to dead the creature.

There was also the incident of burned fruit toast, which cost me two slices of gorgeous cafe raisin toast which I got on special at Coles last week. I tried my best, really and truly I did, but I was not born with the Toastmaster gene.

I usually consider myself banned from making toast due to That Terrifying Incident With A Fruit Muffin Where I Took Out All Phones And Computers In The Call Centre, For Two Hours In The Middle Of A Work Day, Thus Rendering The Call Centre Completely Inoperable.

That incident did scare me away from toasting for a long time, because the toaster made sparks and jumped into the air when I tried to use the high lift. It might have involved me using the toaster but I was NOT the one who bought a cheap $15 toaster from Kmart, nor was I the person who wired the kitchen safety switch into all the other safety switches thus any kitchen incident would have deaded the entire switchboard.

But that fruit toast was plump, gorgeous, and it smelled exactly like hot cross buns. It tempted me into toasting, and as usual, I failed quite spectacularly. I suppose we were lucky that nothing caught fire.


Then there was the incident of my lolly bag breaking in an unexpected place, spilling these cute little white dusted toffee apple almonds out of their safe little home – they kept landing on my lap rug.


To begin with, I could not work out how they were escaping the packet! When more of the chocolate coated nuts were eaten, I finally figured out that there was a hole in the side of the packet..

Those little nut friends originated from Coles where there is a range of items from Naked Truth and every one I have tried has been very tasty indeed. These little nuts are my favourite because of the crunchy coating on the nuts. I am very well behaved and only eat two of these every few days, so one packet lasts quite a long time with me.

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