Allowed VS Aloud Part 2

~ Image credit to DoodleWithGlueGun on Deviant Art ~

Perhaps you have noticed our Fail Whale art has taken an angry turn. That is because the following post makes me see red. Allow me to rage momentarily.


So, you got a kitten and loved it all through the cute kitten stage, and now you are going to turn the life of this poor kitty completely upside down, take it away from the home it knows and send it.. who knows where as long as they pay you $200.

Perhaps you were not *allowed* a cat to begin with and now you have been found out, the poor cat is the one who has to suffer.

I wish the best to the poor kitty. I truly hope you found a home in which you will be loved the way you deserve.

To the owner, I wish you never, ever have another pet. Plus, I wish some other bad things for you which cannot be printed out loud on the inter webs or even spoken *aloud* in the world. :( Typing Aloud instead of Allowed is the least of the bads you have done here.


New Reads July


Here is a new feature on the blog which will be seen monthly if I can manage it. Fingers crossed. :)

Blogs added to the feedreader since 20th July -

Adventures in HEL
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Welcome to my feedreader, bloggers! There are 23 of you which represents 9 days worth of travelling the web and getting lost along the way but eventually finding my way to your blog, which I liked a lot. While there, I probably read back about 40+ posts or so.

At the end of 6 months or so, if I am still loving your blog as much as I did when I added you, I will add you to my blogroll. YAY!

Most of you will know what a feedreader is, but in case you do not, click here for info. The quick run down – it is an awesome program which collects new articles that bloggers post. So when you post something new, I get a copy, and if I have the time and something to say, I will click through and comment.

This month as I only just updated the blogroll on the 20th of July, these are new reads added to the feedreader in the past 9 days. If you are not listed here but I commented on your blog in the past 24-48 hours or so, check back late August and you will see your blog listed. :)

If you are looking for a feedreader for yourself, I’m not especially familiar with the latest ones out there as I use a home made version on our personal server, but maybe some of the commentors here can chime in with what they are using. :)


Carter Gets Dressed


The last time I went to Hawaii – back in 2011 – our house got broken into. One of the reasons was because they could look in the back door and see my laptop.

After that we bought a screening device so people could not see where I usually sit – well, most of where I usually sit. If you are standing at the back door you can see my legs and feet.

So we thought why not let them see legs and feet, even though we are not here? We dressed Carter up in the other half’s ugly began jeans and an awesome Carter themed tee.

We sat him in my chair. There was only one minor problem – my parents were going to be dropping in to feed the cats. So I had to put notes up on the door to remind them of Carter, because he can seriously freak you out – even when you do know he is there but accidentally forget.

I have been known to do the little jump and scream.

Carter had a great time, hanging out, watching teevee – of course we left the teevee on for the cats, plus to have sound in case anyone was checking out if people were in the house.




Do you know anyone who is just lucky?

My Dad is seriously lucky. There have been days where he has won multiple meat trays, the $200 bonus voucher, his card has been drawn in the members draw for $1500, and he wins several hundred on the pokies as well.

But recently he broke all his previous records of luckiness and won over 7 and a half thousand in one spin on the pokies. He was playing his favourite machine which was hooked up to a state Major and Minor jackpot, and he won the major jackpot.


Even more unbelievable, I did not get passed this lucky gene. :(


Allowed VS Aloud Part 1

~ Image credit to KA-92 on Deviant Art ~

In our continuing series of despair for the world, over the coming weeks I will present to you multiple Fail Whales – To begin with, we will devour a few occasions on Facebook where aloud has been used in the place of allowed.


So, let us analyse this little piece of awesomeness.

1. I do not know the rules of this group, nor can I be bothered trying to find them out, I’m just going to post this kthx.

2. I’m graciously giving you permission to delete my post if it happens to break the group rules.

3. I do not know when I should use too instead of to. If you my dear readers are confused on this, click here to be enlightened.

4. I also do not know when I should use allowed instead of aloud. Dear readers, when you read the above image text, did you hear it spoken out loud? Of course not. Allowed is the one that should be used here. If you wish for more info on this, click here.

5. Finally, to add insult to injury, I am going to spam you with this link where you can vote for someone you do not know and have never met to win $10,000.

That my friends is 5 levels of Fail Whale.

Of course it is clear this poor little man is going to NEED $10,000 of education given he has a parent who has no clue on oh so many things. :)


Housekeeping part 99 zillion trillion

Chickens, just chilling.

I’ve updated the blogroll page – the previous blogroll was a code from Google Reader but once they went kaboom the blogroll also vanished.

This blogroll has been hell to create involving the other half, magic coding and secret tricks to alphabetise the list, plus then I had to go through the list and make sure the URLs were correct which involved manually clicking through to each blog.

Please do not think that if you are listed last that means anything other than your blog begins with Z. The list is alphabetical.

In fact, in my feedreader everything is contained within folders, and Zazzy would probably be shocked to know she is in my very first folder which is rather oddly named aaaafaves. Frogdancer and her fellow Aussies are just below in AAussies


The aLadies folder is where people like Jocelyn from Mama’s StyleTia Cherie and Suger would find themselves.

But wait, a couple of these are Aussies? Yes, this is true. I have to go through a massive list of new blogs I subscribed to over the past 6 months to work out if they should stay in Ladies or head to Aussies. I was on a fashion blog subscribing spree and not considering the long term organisation of my feeds.

Don’t worry Ladies, you still get read on the day you publish a post – and organising my feeds is presently high on my todo list, after fixing my blogroll and choosing and customising a new blog design.

As I have been clicking through to the blogs on the list, I’ve noticed a lot of them have not updated in a while, some dating back to 2006.

After going through the entire list, there are 321 blogs listed – and that is after I deleted those which went to a wrong place, no longer existed or had not updated since 2007.

I don’t delete a blog from my feed reader unless the blog no longer exists, which means if and when people return to it, I get the next post they write. If it is on my blogroll, it is in my feed reader. :)

My current cut off for the blogroll is – 2008 – if you posted after 2008 and you are in my feed reader, you should have been listed on the blogroll.

If you are reading this and you have a blog and you are missing from the new Blogroll list please let me know in the comments for this post.

Each day I would have somewhere around 150-180 new posts to read. Some of the blogs have 5-10 posts a day, though, so numbers are not really a fair representation of, well, anything.

I’m going to put together a little featurette on some of my most favourite blogs in the world, as well as my most favourite bloggers. I might even try to get some of them to answer a few questions if possible.


A small update on the work front – this is going to be a longer process than I’d hoped. I’d love to be able to talk about it here but it would not be especially safe to do so. I might put up a protected post later if this drags on too long because I might want to rage type it all out. If I do, all you need to do to get the password for it is email me – best to use the contact form here on the blog. :)


25 Years Of Dead Poets.

And yet how many of us have actually seized the day? I know I have not but this has got to change.

On this truly historic day – Dead Poets Society first screened in Australia on July 20 – 1989 – here are some must reads and one must watch.

Josh Charles shares his Dead Poets Society memories 25 years on <-- there is a video at the bottom of the cast reflecting on making the movie which is must watch.

My movie review of Dead Poets Society.

25 Dead Poets Society in Delaware facts

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Spelling Bee

I despair for the future of our world, with all the mis-spellings I see on a daily basis now.

Earlier today on Facebook someone was giving away some items. They said, and I quote –

“Must go or off to the tip such a waist”

Seriously? I think it will come as an enormous surprise to those at the tip when you drop off your “waist”. In fact, they might consider that a crime scene.

Who knew those trucks driving around emptying your bins were full of waist?

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Meet Carter

So I bought me a little friend at Costco.


Back when I was getting along with everyone at work, and when I was doing the overnight shift, Carter spent a few over-nights sitting out in my car. It was hilarious because people would suddenly notice him as they were walking past my car, and let out bloodcurdling screams, or perhaps do a little freak out jump.


Headless Fashion


So, I read a lot of fashion blogs across the inter webs. I’m a bit of a fashionista myself – I rarely wear makeup but I like clothes and I like finding bargains and awesome outfits. Until now I have not felt comfortable sharing any of that on my blog for various reasons – most of all I like to stay a bit anonymous on the web.

But if you can be cool with my headlessness, I can be cool with sharing some pics. And today I want to talk a little bit about brooches.

I wear brooches a lot, in various different places. This one I am wearing at a spot on the dress where there is a meeting point for some gathers. Sorry this pic is a little blurry but it gives you an idea of why I’ve put it where I have.


I loooooove brooches. It is a great and simple way to bling up an outfit. Today I am showing you the Charter Club Gold Tone Peacock Crystal Flower Pin – which is still available on the Macys website.


I bought it when in Hawaii last year for a ridiculously cheap price – it was under $20.


Macys have a great range of gorgeous brooches at cheap prices *and* they ship to Australia now. Happy moments for all!


You can see there are a large amount of different coloured crystals in the brooch – and many of them are similar to the colours of my blog design, so it is fairly obvious why I chose it, I love these colours.


I also am wearing the Fossil Jesse watch. It is Blingtastic. :)


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