Television Tuesday – Vet Shows

This is one kind of television show which is guaranteed to bring forth tears in Snoskred. They tend to be happy tears, though sometimes there are sad tears.

The Supervet

Untitled - 167

On every Wednesday night for the past few weeks, I’ve been tuning in to watch The Supervet on the Lifestyle Channel on Foxtel. . The operations and innovations that Noel has invented to help animals are mind boggling and quite incredible.

On a recent show there was a cat having hydrotherapy – they put a little life jacket on the animal and two people get in and support the animal in the water. This cat was meowing very loudly the whole time, as if telling the world that swimming was Not Especially Awesome, or perhaps to say that swimming is awesome fun!


The recoveries animals can make as a result of hydrotherapy can be quite incredible. And that is when the happy tears arrive – when healed animals are reunited with their owners.. In the case of the cat I mentioned, the cat meowed very loudly and quite a lot on meeting the owners, as if telling the story of what had happened in their absence.

And sometimes things do not turn out as hoped, and owners have to make difficult decisions. The show does not shy away from showing that, because that is something that happens in life. That is when the sad tears appear.

On the very odd occasion, owners arrive expecting to have to make that difficult decision to say goodbye only to discover that there has been a development which means they do not have to euthanize their much loved pet. That is when sad tears turn into happy tears.

Here is one clip from the show –

And here is Noel explaining the concept and ethos of his vet practice. He has a fantastic Irish accent. :)

Village Vets Australia

These vets live in Berry which is only a short drive from me. Because they are in the country, the range of animals they see is quite huge – they see everything from horses, cows and alpacas, plus your standard cats and dogs, plus birds and reptiles, plus many animals in between.

I enjoyed the first season of this show last year, and I’m looking forward to season two which starts this Thursday on the Lifestyle channel on Foxtel. The website for the show can be found here.

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Planning A Caper

Untitled - 50
Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman celebrating the awesomeness of magnets.

One of the reasons I am such a fan of Breaking Bad is the fact that so much of the show is what I like to call “Planning a caper”. As in, making crime plans.

While 99% of the capers shown on the show are things I would never, ever, not in a million years attempt, there are two local capers I would consider planning, if I were at all inclined towards being a criminal.

Of course, the fact that I am sharing them here tells you everything you need to know about whether I would actually do any of these things. I’d need a personality transplant, plus, installation of a more criminal bent of mind, plus, for one of the capers, I would need to be more physically fit.

If I could commit a caper, these are the ones I would attempt.

Caper One

Within 2km of where I live, there is a field where they do athletics. They have a speaker system there. It is very, very loud. Starting around 8am on weekend mornings, an announcer starts making announcements. This goes on all day. One of the two regular announcers has taken to calling the races, like you’d hear if you were watching a horse race. It is disturbing to everyone who lives within earshot. That is a lot of people!

To fix this, I would need to plan a caper. It would likely involve “casing the joint” first – then some climbing of fences in the middle of the night – never going to happen! – and then, if possible, the cutting and removal of speaker wires. Sadly, my feeling is this would not disrupt the noise for very long.

Caper Two

They installed a new roundabout here recently. It is the only roundabout in town where you can turn right from two lanes. The amount of times I have seen someone nearly get themselves killed turning right from the left lane..

One day someone will get killed there, and then I’m gonna kick myself for not actually going ahead with this caper – which would involve going out in the dead of night and painting the turn right arrow out with black paint. Like this –


I’m thinking summer would be the better time to do this particular caper so that the paint would dry faster, however, there are some major problems with this – most problematic would be the fact that the roundabout is on a high traffic road, even in the middle of the night. I’d need some witches hats, and maybe a yellow flashing light, a high vis vest, and a ute type vehicle.

The Breaking Bad Caper

So what is the 1% of caper from Breaking Bad that I would attempt? Magnets. In the first episode of the 5th season, a laptop has been impounded by the police as evidence. That laptop happens to contain some incriminating evidence, so Walt, Jesse and Mike plan a caper. And thanks to Sony posting two videos on youtube, you don’t have to watch the whole show to see it. Here is a discussion of the possible caper –

Here is a test of the caper, which features one of the most epic Mike Ehrmantraut lines of all time, including Miller time.

And here is the actual caper itself. The music makes this all the better.

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Sunday Selections Week 30


Last week I posted some photos of Yananyi Dreaming, a special Qantas livery on a 737. This week I have the two special 747s together for you, taken together in 2004 at Sydney Airport.


The blue art-plane was known as Nalanji Dreaming.


The red art-plane was known as Wunala Dreaming.

You can read more about these special flying artworks here.

Would you like to join in? The rules are very simple:-
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Weekly Wrap Up –

On the home front, there is good news and not so good news. GOOD: We now have two areas of concrete laid. BAD: The trouble is, there is one area missing, and it is the most important one, the part that connects the driveway to the new concrete. Our cars will be sitting out the front for at least another week. :(

On Wednesday I went with a friend to watch Take That Live. These guys always put on a fantastic show but I usually have to wait for the DVDs to come out. It was amazing seeing the concert on the big screen. There were, admittedly, only 6 of us there, so chances are it will never happen again.

You can find unusual upcoming screenings via the Advanced Tickets page, and also, the Alternate Cinema page.

If you like Pink Floyd, this one might be for you.

Posts Snoskred Enjoyed –

Before posting the links, I will like to say this. Bloggers, there is a way to make your post titles in capitals without actually having to use capitals via CSS. It is called uppercase. I’ve been re-writing post titles to remove the caps, and I’m done doing that. I’m just going to post them in caps from now on.. no offence meant!

Perhaps I can convince Sephy to create a how to guide for that one day. I talked him into writing a how to guide for Tunnelbear, which people might be interested to read. You know when you go to a US or UK website and it says “this content is not available in your region”? Tunnelbear is your solution. Licensing agreements, piffle to you!

How To: Use TunnelBear – I use Tunnelbear regularly to watch everything from tv trailers to video clips.

Last Words: Six Things to Say When Someone is Dying – While I am hopeful I won’t have to be saying these things anytime soon, I do want to point out that saying them now to the person(s) you love is worth doing. I wrote about being that person and saying those important things to people.

The Best Whole Grain Breakfast Recipes on the Interweb (Round Up) – Need more grains in your diet? You should be able to find something here.

Donald Trump Is The World’s Greatest Troll – and it isn’t just the hairstyle that gives it away.. :) Seriously Donald, quit hanging onto those hair scraps, man up, shave whatever that is, OFF!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE! NEW PHOTO RELEASED AND TWO YEARS OF GEORGE’S BEST EXPRESSIONS – This is a beautiful post well worth clicking through to read.. :)

MORE MUSHROOM LOVE – MY SPEEDY, SIMPLE MUSHROOM PATE – I have been cooking mushrooms for lunch every single day this week and I think maybe this mushroom pate might be worth a try. It would spice up my cheese and crackers nicely, I think.

Roasted Asparagus and Mushroom Carbonara – this sounds incredible!

Here On The Blog –

Last week I showed you Yananyi Dreaming in Sunday Selections Week 29 – I spoke about how Your Religious Beliefs Are Yours. – and told you about some shows I have been revisiting in Television Tuesday – Old Shows.

You saw my sparkly kitty WW – Sparkly Kitty – and on Friday I said Blogger, Don’t You Lose My Comment!

Blog Spotlight –

Each week, I will link to a blog I am reading to shine a spotlight on it and tell you what I like about it. This week –

Passive Aggressive Notes – The most recent post is somewhat hilarious. :)

Coming Up –

I’m going to tell you about the capers I might plan, if I were more criminally minded. Lucky for the world, I’m not so inclined.. :) Plus, we’re almost at the end of July, so New Feeds July will be posting on Friday.

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Blogger, Don’t You Lose My Comment!


I think I have finally learned my lesson in regards to commenting on Blogger / Blogspot / Google blogs – always, *always* copy the comment I have written before clicking on Publish! That way, if Blogger loses my comment, I can at least paste it back in again.

In the course of learning this lesson, I think I have unearthed a couple of clues that might tell you when you will lose your comment for certain. And here they are.

1. Missing Notify Me Box


If you are leaving a comment on a blog you are familiar with and you have used the notify me tickbox before.. when you find the notify me box is missing, that is a sign that Blogger does not know who you are, and therefore does not know where it should email any future comments.


If the notify me box is missing, this is a sign that when you hit publish, your comment will disappear into the ether never to be seen again.


Another way to double check if the notify me box is present is to make sure when you tick the box, the correct email address appears, as you see above.

2. Missing Account Name


If your Google account name is missing from the Comment as: area, this is another sign that blogger does not know who you are, and therefore cannot leave a comment for you, unless you pick one of the other options. It should look like this –


If it doesn’t look like this, you may not be signed in properly. If you hit publish, your comment will probably disappear into the ether never to be seen again.

However, it is important to note, you can be signed in properly but Blogger can still not know who you and lose your comment. Which leads me back to my number one tip –

3. Regardless, COPY!


Google/Blogger/Blogspot can lose your comment but if you have copied it, you can paste it back in! Always do this, but especially if you have spent significant time writing your comment. This is your number one way of giving a huge middle finger to Google! You can lose my comments Google, but you cannot take my SANITY! :) or, my ability to hit right click, copy.


This is a good habit to get into wherever you are commenting, because sometimes things go wrong and your comment may vanish. With that said, Blogger loses my comments way more often than any other blogging platform.

Do you have a blogger blog, but you do not have a notify me box? Check out this post – How To – Add Tickbox For Blogger Comment Emails.

Over to you –

Do your comments get lost very often? What steps do you take to prevent this? :) Do you have any hints or tips for fellow blog commentators? Leave them in the comments! ;)

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Television Tuesday – Old Shows

In among the new shows of late, I have been revisiting some old shows, and also watching some Emmy Contenders Interviews.



As time has gone by, I have concluded that NYPD Blue is my favourite show of all time. Once every six months or so, I start a re-watch. I usually start from season 2 episode 5 “Simone Says” which is the first episode Jimmy Smits appears in. I am not a big fan of the David Caruso days.

I am however a huge fan of Alan Sepinwall thanks to his reviews of the show, all of which you can find here. Alan now writes about TV over at Hitfix and you can find his present blog here.

The show is often on in the background while I am doing other things, and I have it in my headset while I do household chores. I know the show so well by now I do not need to see it with my eyes, I can picture all the scenes in my head. I have a lot more to write about this show but I will save it for a separate post.

The West Wing

The Soho channel on Foxtel constantly plays The West Wing, and if I happen to be flicking around and spot it, I will usually tune in if I am not watching anything else. So it could be said I am constantly re-watching the show. It is one of my favourites and it always will be. :)

Breaking Bad

This is another show which regularly plays on Foxtel – on the FX channel – so it can be said I am regularly rewatching this show as well. I was thrilled to see both Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks were nominated for Emmy awards this year for Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spinoff show.

Emmy Contenders

There was a series of Emmy Contenders chats done by the LA times, many of which I viewed. The standout chats for me were these chats – Jonathan BanksTitus Welliver from Bosch – Jamie Dornan – sadly the latter two were not nominated. You can click here to see all the Emmy Contenders chats for 2015.

The Fall


I’d watched season one probably 3-4 times in full previously but I had only watched season two twice and I felt like it was time to revisit the show..

In revisiting season 2, I discovered that my most favourite episodes are episodes 4, 5 and 6 in season two. I love the police procedural stuff they put in, the following of Spector, plus the moment when Stella and Spector finally are face to face, that is an acting masterclass right there.

I will also like to mention that I *love* Stella Gibson as a character. I love everything about her. I love that they gave her a BMW hatchback to drive – it suits her character perfectly. I can see Stella owning that car.

There is going to be a season 3 of The Fall and I can honestly state, if Spector vanishes, they could still continue on and have a truly great show with the characters they have created, in particular the Stella character and the medical examiner Reed Smith played by Archie Punjabi are stand outs.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Knowing how amazing Jamie Dornan is in The Fall and being a huge fan of his work, I also felt like I had to watch the movie *gulp* Fifty Shades of Grey. This is a movie, not a TV show, but it follows on from The Fall.

The two roles – playing a serial killer in The Fall, and playing Christian Grey are similar in some ways. And in fact, there is a moment in Fifty Shades where they kinda make fun of it – here is a video clip, it only goes for 1:37 and do not fear, there are *zero* sex scenes in this video –

With that said, there are a LOT of sex scenes in the movie, but nowhere near as many sex scenes as there are in the book. Yes, I’ve read all four of the books. For the most part, they are badly written smut, but underneath that is a love story. If I had to choose between reading Twilight and reading Fifty Shades, I’d pick Fifty Shades every time.

I’m not someone willing to criticise things without having experienced them myself, which is why I read the books to begin with. They made a pretty decent movie out of it and I am guessing a lot of that is down to the director who seemingly had a lot of fights with the author over the material. The music in the movie is fantastic, they picked some great songs.

I thought Jamie was brilliant in the movie with one small caveat – I wish they had just let him use his Irish accent, or if they had spent a little more money and time on a voice coach. A little too much of his accent came through. The Irish accent is a really strong one as far as accents go and it is quite a lot of work to remove all traces of it. It is the vowel sounds.

I did not expect to become a fan of Dakota Johnson but she is truly amazing in Fifty Shades of Grey. She really puts herself out there in so many ways. The casting could not be any more perfect re Jennifer Ehle – who played Lizzy in the 1995 Pride and Prejudice miniseries with Colin Firth – playing the mother of Dakota Johnson, too, they look so alike!

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Your Religious Beliefs Are Yours.


I’ve seen some excellent posts over the past couple of weeks since the Supreme Court ruled Yes to same-sex marriage. I have also seen posts where people have talked about their religious beliefs and how these beliefs mean they do not agree with the ruling or the fact that same sex marriage is legal in the USA now.

I’m been ruminating on this some over the past few days and here is my bottom line. We cannot allow the religious beliefs of one (or of many) to = the human law all of us have to abide by and the human rights we should all be entitled to. Because if we do that for any one religion, we might have to do that for all religions.

I don’t know how many Christians want to eventually live under Sharia Law, allowing their daughters to be married off from the age of 9 to *much* older men.. in fact this event has already occurred right here in Australia. Just last Friday a father was sentenced – NSW father found guilty of procuring 12yo daughter as ‘child bride’ is sentenced to six years in jail – and I suspect this is likely occurring quite often here though it will not often be discovered.

So before you want your religious beliefs to become the law of the land..

Take a moment to think – do you want someone elses religious beliefs to become law?

I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and to their beliefs, religious or otherwise. I also believe that everyone has some basic rights which we should all be entitled to. Those basic rights should include the right for children to have a childhood and an education and to not be married off to older guys because their parents say so and because that is how things are done within their religion.

I believe that nobody should be allowed to impose their religious beliefs on other people who do not hold those same beliefs, and I want to give a very clear – but quite fake – example to try and illustrate this.

My Fake Example

So, let us imagine that there is a large colony of people living in Antarctica. We will call them the Ticans. These people have their own religion which is not well known outside of their country. It relies on a holy book written thousands of years ago. One of the laws of this religion is that you cannot eat beetroot – not cooked, not raw, not any form of beetroot, nor can you eat food that is prepared in the presence of beetroot or in the same room as beetroot.

So, unfortunately for the Ticans, global warming has made it almost impossible to continue living where they presently live. As the closest continent, Australia extends an invitation to all 200,000 Ticans to become Australian citizens. They offer to house the Ticans in Tasmania as it is closest in climate to Antarctica. Because Tasmania has a population of just over half a million people, this is a significant addition to the population.

When they arrive in Australia, they are horrified to find that Beetroot is on the menu. And not just occasionally, but regularly, in all kinds of locations. Fast food places like Mcdonalds and Subway serve beetroot. Beetroot is even found on hamburgers and in sandwiches. The Ticans are horrified!

Business owners in Tasmania discover that the reason Ticans are not visiting their establishments is because of the beetroot. Some of them choose to become “beetroot free” – as in, they remove beetroot from the menu entirely, to try and seek the business of the Ticans. Now the Tasmanians who love beetroot are outraged. How dare these Tican people change the Tasmanian food culture due to their religious beliefs?

Who is in the right here? Would it be ok for the religious beliefs of the few to change how things are done for the entire population?

Perhaps Not So Fake?

While the example I provide here is fake, unfortunately this kind of situation is also something that has happened in Australia. Some KFC outlets removed Bacon from the menu. Halal certification is a huge thing in our country now, and there is even a movement to boycott Halal products.

So why on earth should the people of Australia have to change their menu to suit any religion? At the time of the 2011 census, only 476,000 Australians (representing 2.2 percent of the population) reported Islam as their religion. That is a tiny percentage of people.

Should anyones religious beliefs about pork over-ride the rights of Australians who do not hold those same beliefs and simply want to have bacon on their burger?

Why would anyone expect that their religious beliefs should always = the law of the land?

My parents have been together for over 40 years now. They are married, which means they have full legal rights. If one of them were to become ill, my other parent would be in the best place to know what their marriage partner wants as far as things like life support, organ donation, etc.

That is the reason why I am happy for same sex couples in the USA – that they now have access to those same rights as my parents do. That once they are married, they will never again be locked out of the health decisions of their long term partner, that they will be able to attend the funerals of their loved ones. Now, we just need to make this happen in Australia, too.

Why should heterosexual couples be the only people entitled to those legal rights? Because a book says so? That book says a lot of things that people have decided are outdated and no longer apply.

Over to you

When the “holy book” of a religion is interpreted to mean that children can be married from the age of 9 upwards, shouldn’t we be absolutely horrified by that? Shouldn’t we be utterly determined as human beings to make sure that no such “holy book” can determine the laws of our lands?

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Sunday Selections Week 29


This week I am posting a couple of photos taken in February 2003 of Yananyi Dreaming. You can read more about the flying art aircraft of Qantas here – Flying Art.


We got to photograph both sides of the plane which is a somewhat rare occurance.

Would you like to join in? The rules are very simple:-
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Weekly Wrap Up –

On Friday this week, I received the best SMS ever from my Aunt. I’m going to share it with you, plus my reply.

Hi Sparkles just wanted to let you know scans I had came back showing NO cancer so I’m in remission according to my doctor.

FYI Sparkles is my nickname because I am usually wearing at least one sparkly item. :) My reply went like this –

What a happy moment! Yay. There are no suitable words for this news. I may have to get out the thesaurus.

I’m taking a week off from the weekly wrap up this week. I did not feel very inspired to save links this week. I’ve had yet another cold and I am losing my patience for pretty much everything at this point. :) Though that SMS cheered me up enormously.

My Aunt is coming up to visit in early August, so I’m wondering whether I should put together a celebration package or just put together a gift bag for when she gets here. I am leaning towards the latter because my last package took over a month to arrive. I posted it the same day I posted a package to Sephyroth and he received his within a week, and his package went from Australia to the USA!

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Happenings In Snoskredland


Burning: These little candles from Aldi which cost $2.99 each. They smell delicious and provide a lovely warming glow. In general I am burning them for 1-2 hours each day and they last a week or so.


Microwaving: These yummy Aldi puddings for 40 seconds and then serving with ice cream. The sticky date one is probably my current favourite.


Moisturizing: Both feet and hands with this orange scented shea butter body cream that I brought back from Hawaii in 2013. It smells like you just peeled an orange and juiced it, in a good way.


Sleeping: Two kitties have been sleeping in front of the gas heater with this artic blast.


Enjoying: Some dark chocolate. We went to Coles and I said I wanted to be allowed to look at 3 things for as long as I wanted to look at them, because normally The Other Half rushes me in and out of there. All 3 things were in the chocolate area, and we stopped and discussed the various chocolate bars available. The Lindor Dark is an old reliable that we always enjoy.

Wondering: The Willies Cacao blocks are new buys for us, and oddly they are one solid piece of chocolate without any place to break them. It makes me wonder what people do with these – eat them in one sitting? Chop them up with a knife? Melt them down and use them for fondue?


Snacking: I bought the Butterscotch and Vanilla Bean and I tried that first, it was awesome. This is a lovely version of Greek Yoghurt, just slightly sweet and plenty tart. So on the same night I asked to look at 3 things, I took a moment to grab the other versions of this from the shelf. The Boysenberry & Vanilla flavour is super tart, slightly too tart for me.


Opining: I will always buy salted caramel flavours once to try them.. however, if you are going to get me to buy it again, you have to BRING it. On this occasion, they did not bring the salt. The caramel was ok, but the lack of salt means this will not be bought again by me. The butterscotch and vanilla is the winner and I highly recommend it. :)


Standing: And driving, under the tail of the 747 at HARS. The place they have put it, you actually have to drive under the tail. And I got to have that moment I have waited all my lifetime for – to stand under a 747. Incredible!


Washing: We thought we would give the new antibacterial scented liquid hand wash from Aldi a try, and the grapefruit flavour is a huge winner. I love it so much! We’ll keep buying it. The other flavour we tried – Lime Splice – is not very optimal, it is a bit sickly for me.

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