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Welcome to my feedreader, bloggers! There are 45 of you. In my internet travels I found my way to your blog, often because I read a blogger who linked to you. I liked your blog a lot. While there, I probably read back about 40+ posts or so. Then I added you to my feedreader.

Most of you will know what a feedreader is, but in case you do not, click here for info. The quick run down – it is an awesome program which collects new articles that bloggers post. So when you post something new, I get a copy, and if I have the time and something to say, I will click through and comment.

At the end of 6 months or so, if I am still loving your blog as much as I did when I added you to my feed reader, I will add you to my permanent blogroll. YAY!

Please note :

Blogger and Google are doing a weird thing where they change the URL to be because I am from Australia and I am signed in to my gmail account. I think I caught all the ones that it changed on me, but if your URL is incorrectly listed here, please let me know in the comments and I will correct it. Obviously, you want all links to your blog to be to your actual blog URL and not one in a totally different country you do not live in!

I think this is yet another reason to kiss Blogger goodbye and go looking for a new, more stable, less run by Google and therefore subject to being deaded at any time, like Google Reader, Feedburner, and a long list of other Google projects they bought and then killed off.. :( You simply cannot rely on Google long term. I recommend as a starting point. WordPress are all about blogging, and not about being all things to all people like Google are.

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November New Feeds will be a little different – I am planning to add only blogs participating in NaBloPoMo to one new folder, and blogs not participating in NaBloPoMo will go into a separate folder – so there will be two separate November lists.


Wordless Wednesday – Flower


Flower In The Rain, Oahu, HI


NaBloPoMo Reminder


When I set up my linky thing, I did it wrong. Thanks to Claire from I will eventually do or say something interesting for giving me a heads up – I have fixed it. You can now add a link to your blog instead of a permalink to a post.

I am having a super hard time finding people who are going to take part this year, and the official site still has not posted anything for November yet EDIT – It is finally up here. Everyone has till November 5 to add their blog to the blogroll here. One of the best things for me about NaBloPoMo in past years has always been finding new blogs to read.

I will be trying to comment on as many NaBloPoMo blogs as possible. I’ve set up a google alert for NaBloPoMo to help me find participating blogs. Each day I’ll drop by as many NaBloPoMo blogs as I can to leave a comment. I’ll be adding participating blogs to my feed reader.

So if you are going to take part, or you know someone else who is, or you have a blog yourself, can you let people know about this link up? ;)

Unlike a regular link up – Please link to your BLOG URL, not to a post. :)

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November is National Blog Posting Month. To participate, you write a blog post each day for the month of November. The home of NaBloPoMo can be found here. Though, it does not seem to be run by the same people it once was, and they are doing monthly NaBloPoMos there, and there is still no November post! :(

Here are some other NaBloPoMo posts I have found thus far –

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Nano Poblano


Cinnamon Crumble Muffins & Iced Tea


My Cinnamon and Black Cherry muffins are well known in this part of the world. I have taken them to my workplace(s), where my parents work, and to family and friends. People really lose their shiznit over these muffins, they act like I am some kind of baking genius. I suspect it is the Streusel topping, which, in reality, is just cinnamon and sugar.


I am so, so, so so not a baking genius. But the folks at Betty Crocker are, and I can follow the recipe of their Cinnamon Crumble Muffins. And so can you. Especially considering the hardest part of this recipe is buying the packet mix from your local supermarket. You’ll also need –


The eggs were fresh from my girls – we have a broody at the moment who is keeping them warm from when they are laid to when I collect them. You will notice the mix is a strong shade of yellow – the yolks of our eggs are such an amazing colour! Plus, there is a lot more yolk than white with our girls. You can use coconut oil for this recipe as well, though it will work best if you warm the coconut oil to a liquid state.


So you just put a tablespoon of the mix into each muffin pan.


If you like, you can special up these muffins with various fruits, if you so desire. My Mother makes this packet mix too, only she adds slices of apple from a tin. You could use any kind of fruit you so desire – the back of the packet has a banana and raspberry version. Me personally, I do not like raspberry unless it is a strained coulis – I’m not a big fan of the seeds, sadly.


I like cherries in mine but the other half likes his plain, so using these gorgeous gingham patty pans, I can easily know which ones have cherries. Pink for mine, Black for The Other Half. Before this recipe, I would put a tin of cherries in the fridge until they were icy cold, and have just cherries and icecream. Cherries are the perfect fruit addition to this recipe. You could also use fresh cherries, strawberries, blueberries, well, just about any fruit you like!


Into the pans that will have cherries, you add 2-3 pieces of chopped cherry. I like to cut mine in half and make sure there are no pits left inside – one too many pit accidents. But if you like, you can leave them whole.


Then you add a little more muffin mix to cover the cherries, and then the streusel topping which is provided in a separate packet to the muffin mix.


And then you bake them for a bit, following the instructions on the pack.


This is how they look without cherries –


And this is how they look with them –


Now, if you are like me, you’ll bake these after dinner, and make them into an awesome dessert, by cutting them in half while still hot, popping them into a bowl, and adding icecream. So awesome!


Now, onto the Iced Tea. I have never made this before but I am always willing to try new flavours to go with my soda water. I used the Australian Afternoon Tea by Twinings which is one of my personal favourites. Simply brew up a cup of tea the way you usually would, with boiling water.


To provide a little sweetness, I added honey while brewing the tea. You can use any sweetener that you prefer – coconut sugar would be my second choice, and I will give that a try as well because it will provide a more caramel flavour as opposed to the honey flavour.


Place the brewed tea into the freezer for a while. I left mine in for a few hours, then added freshly charged via Sodastream soda water, ice and slices of lime.


It was absolutely delicious. Full of flavour, and low in sugar. If you like Nestea or iced tea, you absolutely should give this a try.

This post was inspired by two other posts – Fake it ’til you bake it over at Awesomely Unprepared, and How much sugar is in that? at Laughing Galah.

This is not a sponsored post – this is just stuff I regularly use and enjoy in my house. But I’d like to send a shout out to Betty Crocker – I’m more than willing to try any packet mixes you want to provide me with and blog about them here. I have tried some other ones before but it has been a while, and I have seen some very yummy new things appear which I am thinking of trying soon.


Quick Chicken Update

You didn’t think I’d leave you wondering, did you? :) 4 lovely new bantam girls made their way home to Snoskred Land today. 2 Gold and Grey Pekins, one Gold and Black Pekin, and one White Leghorn. My apologies, the photos are not brilliant, too much sunlight and the wire on the enclosure is very bright..

For info on these breeds – which are new to us so I’ve been reading up – Pekin Breed ProfileWhite Leghorn Breed Profile.

They were 3 totally separate lots, but it turns out that 2 of the lots must have been brought up together, because the 3 Pekin girls are super close and clearly used to each other. We nearly did not get the Gold and Black one, as we had 3 girls already. I am *so* glad we got her, because while I cannot have favourites, this new girl has me smiling.


I have called her Lizzy, because she has a lot of impertinent attitude, just like Elizabeth Darcy. Her black feathers have green and purple iridescence in the sunlight.


This is Mary and Kitty. You might be able to see they have slightly different coloured feathers on the head, one has nearly black and the other is more brown. The more brown one is Kitty, because she is slightly an airhead, whereas Mary is more serious and would probably be reading books, if chickens could read.


The White Leghorn is named Twiggy, after Twiggy from Hencam. Twiggy laid an egg on her way home from the auction!

Alas, Twiggy has a bit of a sneeze, which was noticed not long after the girls were put in the enclosure, so she was immediately removed back to a carrier cage, placed in a warm spot, and given a dose of antibiotic. She was also dusted with poultry dust which was on the agenda for all the new girls today but we were going to wait until they went to bed to do this.. Plus, she got some tuna, which she ate pretty quickly. She’ll be inside overnight where it is warm, and in the morning I’ll make a decision on whether she needs to see a vet or not.

We follow these excellent procedures via Hencam – diagnosing a sick chicken and we also keep a chicken medicine cabinet. We’ll keep an eye on her and see how she does, but she may spend the next few weeks isolated from *all* the other girls, which may mean some improvisation on our part so that she will get some lawn time.

This is why we (and most other chicken owners) quarantine new girls.. I just hope it isn’t anything too serious, and that the other girls did not pick it up in the short time they were together. Fingers crossed. :/


But I’ll uncross them momentarily to eat this pizza for dinner. Yes, that is broccoli, on a pizza. It’ll go in for 12 minutes at 200C, and then I’ll take it out and add final cheese and pepperonis on the top. If you have never had roasted broccoli, you will probably not understand putting broccoli on pizza. So, you need to try roasted cauliflower and broccoli ASAP.

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Fitflops From Hawaii


I am not a person who usually approaches strangers to ask questions like “Where did you get those shoes? What brand are they?” but when I saw someone wearing a pair of sparkly sandals on Oahu, I could not stop myself. I had to know if these shoes could be found, purchased, and worn by me. Knowing I am a magpie who loves sparkly things, this should not come as a surprise – If you saw these shoes in person, you would be stunned at just how sparkly they are.


Of course, living in the world we live in, 99% of the time we know gorgeous and sparkly will likely = incredibly uncomfortable. But not in this case. If that had been the case, I would have tried them on and then sadly made the decision not to buy them, as I have with so many shoes.

I found these shoes at the Ultimate Foot Store on the 3rd of November 2013. We went to the Ward Warehouse on Oahu as they were having a special event shopping day. The place was packed – mostly with locals making the most of the bargains to be had. We’d had a really fantastic shopping day thus far, and I was super excited to find this store stocked Fitflops.


The moment I put these on, I was sold. I’m telling you, these are in the top 5 of most comfortable shoes I own. The straps are backed with a microfibre suede like fabric that feels amazing against the tops of my feet. It is like wearing fluffy pillows.


The one downside is the indentations in the foot bed, because these fill up with sand, dirt, and probably dead skin cells from your feet. The photo above is taken *after* I cleaned them, apparently not as well as I thought. However, when you are wearing them, the foot bed cannot be seen. What can be seen is a sparkly paradise. The photo below might give you a better concept of just how sparkly these are.


See the reflections thrown onto the wall by these shoes when placed in a tiny bit of sunlight?


These are the shoes I get the most comments about. It is pretty hilarious to watch people react to them. If they are a magpie like me, people go all deer in the headlights, all social norms fly out the window, they approach with a look in their eyes I know very well myself – it is the I must know more about this look. And they ask me, where did you get those shoes? What brand are they? Can I get them locally?

Aussies, never fear, you can buy them – in Australia, Dstore currently have them on sale. David Jones have a different version. Fitflop is also stocked by Athletes Foot. They have an Australian website. And if you want to get an idea of what they look like in action, here is a cute little video. I warn you, even the video does not do these shoes proper justice.

These are not beach shoes, at least not for me. These are fancy casual shoes. These go to Bunnings from time to time. These go to the shops on a sunny day. These stroll down the main street while running errands. These go out to a restaurant with a pretty dress while on holidays. These certainly could hike as they are incredibly comfortable, but they have not hiked yet. They have done a reasonable amount of walking.

I do not remember how much I paid for them, though my mind is telling me it was somewhere around $100. I think I would still have bought them if they’d told me some ridiculous number like $300. They are that comfortable, *and* that sparkly.

I bought a second pair in beige, which has not been worn as yet. They will get their own shoe post. ;)

Tell a story about your shoes on your blog, and link up below!

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Twas the night before the Chook Auction


And all through the house,


there was much banging of hammers,


to complete the Chook Tractor.


NaBloPoMo 2014


November is National Blog Posting Month. To participate, you write a blog post each day for the month of November. The home of NaBloPoMo can be found here. Though, it does not seem to be run by the same people it once was, and they are doing monthly NaBloPoMos there.

Snoskred will be participating this November – so now is your chance to suggest topics or ask questions you might want answers to, and Snoskred will work them into a blog post in November!

Also, Snoskred will be trying to comment on as many NaBloPoMo blogs as possible. I’ve set up a google alert for NaBloPoMo to help me find bloggers taking part as I am not so sure the “home” site will help me do that. Each day I’ll drop by as many NaBloPoMo blogs as I can to leave a comment.

This is a great way to find awesome new bloggers and new readers, so if you have a blog and you want to take part, get on board the train! ;)

You can link up via this link up tool if you plan to participate, so that other bloggers can easily find your blog – Snoskred will be inviting bloggers participating in NaBloPoMo to join this link up when leaving her comments, and will post the link up at the start of November, midway through, and at the end..

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Wordless Wednesday – Mountains


Mountains on Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, HI

Also, thank the deities, Duchess Kate seems ok. I was starting to get very worried, especially after reading this account of someone who suffered hyperemesis gravidarium at the bottom of this post.. it sounds awful and a lot worse than regular morning sickness. :(


State Of The Snoskred


With the Berry Chicken Auction coming up next weekend, things are in a state of preparation in Snoskred Land. Painting is going on. It was such a gorgeous day on Sunday that the painting went on outside in the sun.


We are building a chicken tractor with coop for the new girls to hang out in – they will live in here for four to six weeks once they arrive. This is mostly for quarantine purposes because we love our current flock and want to protect them from anything the new girls might be carrying as a surprise, but the added bonus is, they will mow, aerate, and fertilise the lawns for us in allergy season when for us, lawn mowing is generally off the table for a bit..


If you want to know more about quarantine, here is a great post about it by The Chicken Chick. Quarantine of Backyard Chickens: When and How – and after that, we will have to introduce the girls carefully. You can read more about how to introduce new girls into a flock here. How do I introduce new chickens into my old flock?


During Quarantine they will be well protected with wire and a wooden coop section, complete with roost. We think the outdoor section touching the ground will be clear of wire at this stage, but we can always change our mind on that. We’re currently debating where the roost is and whether it might be too high with the doors closed, making it hard for the girls to get onto, so that might get moved downwards a little.

Each day, I’ll go out and sweep out the poop which will land on the floor under the roost, and pop in a large kitty litter tray of sand for them to dustbathe in. This tractor can be used long term, which is why I am painting it good. The coop and run have held up super well over the years with our undercoat and Taubmans Endure on top.


In other news, there is a lot of fruit being added to soda water here at the moment. I bought some special ice cube trays from Avon some years ago which take a slice of lime or lemon in the middle. I found them in our recent de-clutter so I gave lime slices a try and found them to be amazing.


The thing that is most amazing.. something happens with the water once you put it with the slice – every drop becomes lime flavoured. So the moment the ice cube starts to melt, you can taste the lime.


I also have been trying some frozen fruits. They work incredibly well – they serve two functions, to cool the drink, and to flavour the drink. Mango is my current favourite but I have also been using blueberries and mixed berries.

My final piece of news today involves a lunch out with girlfriends on Friday in which I heard the awesome news that Karma has come back as a surprise to some of the work people who were involved in making my workplace somewhere I no longer wanted to go. One of them has been seriously demoted and is no longer a manager.

The other one has been seriously demoted and is no longer a team leader. I count this as a WIN for humanity, but it does not inspire me to return, as other things have gone down the toilet extremely quickly for my poor ladies who still remain there. :(


On the way home, I thought I was going to run out of fuel – my Polo has a 45 litre tank, check out how much petrol it took when I got to the station! Two and a half months out of one tank of fuel was pretty awesome, the last time I filled up was at Costco back on 31 August.


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