Snoskred Snacks #3


What do we have hidden under the ham today?


Cream cheese spread and Tomatoes! I have also added mustard to this in the past.


I should take a moment to talk about the cream cheese spread. Aldi make two versions – a regular and a lite. I’ve used them both in my No Bake Cheesecake recipe – to me they taste almost identical but the lite one is less dense.


For those who like to read the nutrition panel, this is for the light one. :) Me personally I probably get 15-20 servings per container. I do not like to spread it very thickly. I just want to get the flavour of it, not drown in it with every bite I take. :) If you do not like cream cheese spread but you still want to spread something on the rice cracker, I suggest Hommus or maybe smashed avocado.


You could stop with the tomatoes if you wanted to. I always like to salt and pepper my rice cake snacks well because I find that brings out the natural flavour of whatever has been placed on top.


So a word about ham and nutritional info. Alternatively, a slightly embarassing Snoskred story. We’ve been enjoying this Don ham. One day I read the nutritional info on the packet – which looks like this.


Having used several of these packets previously, I know in each packet there are 12 slices of ham. How can I divide 12 slices into 16 serves, I thought! How ridiculous, I thought. They are really trying hard to hide how much sodium is in this stuff.

A couple of weeks later I sent an email to Sephy titled “Mathematical” with the following content –

“The Don ham I have been buying says there are 16 serves in a packet, but there are only 12 slices of ham. *boggle* How would I have to divide these round slices of ham up in order to get 16 equal serves out of them?”

His reply – “You take the 12 pieces and cut them in fours. That will give you 48 pieces. Give each person three slices and you’ll have 16 servings.”

Then I arrived back at my computer with photos, and realised they mean there are 16 servings in the 4 packets. I’m no genius, but I would suggest if you are making 4 packets of 100g, you should probably give the nutritional info for each *packet* of 100g. Not many people are going to eat all 4 packets at once.

So, all this to say, 3 slices of ham = 1 serving. And that will give you 10% of your daily required sodium intake. That is fine for me because I have low blood pressure and am actually supposed to ingest more salt according to my doctor. For the other half, with high blood pressure, this ham is not so great. I’ll have to do some packet comparisons on future shopping trips. But we love the taste of this one.

Next time, I will put something else on top of tomatoes. :)

Snoskred Snacks

Orient Point Bakehouse


I belong to a local restaurant feedback group on Facebook. People post photos and text of their experiences at local restaurants. I pay attention and store away nuggets of gold for future reference. Such nuggets involve names of places that get good feedback regularly and photos of food that look like something I want to try.

I’d read about Cronuts on lots of different food blogs with interest, so when someone posted about locally available cronuts at the Orient Point Bakehouse, I added that place to the very top of my list. Before we could organise a visit, they closed for a months holiday.. and I counted the days until they reopened. We headed down there *early time* on the very first Saturday they were open.


I ordered the Iced Salted Caramel ($5.50) – it was quite spectacular and perfectly balanced. That caramel on top was fluffy and very special. The Other Half chose the Iced Mocha (seen below, $5.50) – I tried it and it was packed full of chocolatey coffee flavour goodness.


While we were waiting for our food, I began to worry that the cronuts I saw on the counter – initially 6, now down to 2 – were the last ones available! I spoke to a staff member and it was as I feared, so I asked if they could be put aside for us.


I felt like the cronut might be too much sugar for my still yet to awaken stomach, so to eat I chose the bacon and egg roll with tomato relish. People. I’m not kidding. This is by far the best egg and bacon roll I have ever experienced in my lifetime and I have had quite a few. The bacon fat – which is normally something I remove as much as possible – was perfectly rendered – not chewy, not noticeable, just very tasty.

The tomato relish was the element that lifted this from normal to extraordinary. It was vinegary, tomato packed, flavourful, and zingy. This was quite large – that bun is about the size of a hot dog roll – and all for the teeny sum of $5.


Deeply satisfied and with cronuts in hand, we left. I was so full from breakfast that the cronuts waited until 3pm coffee time. And I thought the bacon and egg roll was good. There are no words for how amazing this was. Topped with whipped cream and a gorgeous blueberry jam, and dusted with CRISPY sugar, I am very glad this place is only open weekends. If it were open weekdays, I might be tempted to cruise down and pick one up on a regular basis.

There are two important things to know before you head off to this place –

1. They take cash only. I’m not sure how I knew this because it does not say anything on the website about that. It might have been reading reviews on the web. This is somewhat normal for our local area but I do find it to be a negative in this day and age, I will not lie about that.

I rarely carry cash myself and I was not sure there would be an ATM down there. We had to make a special trip into town to get enough cash before we headed down that way. While we got out of there for just over $30, some of the menu items are more expensive, so my advice is to bring more cash than you think you would need.

2. The place is quite small with limited seating so if it is packed you may have to wait a little for a table or get take away. They have some tables out the front as well if the weather is sunny.


They do have a sample menu available via their Facebook page with some pricing.

This was our first ever visit to Orient Point, which is a sleepy coastal village on the NSW South Coast. We will be back regularly. I’m thinking once a month will allow me to try many menu items before spring and summer are over and also not be too calorific for my present lifestyle. How will I choose something other than the bacon and egg roll? I’m not sure.. :)


Orient Point Bakehouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Sunday Selections Week 40


I think for the foreseeable future, we will make the first Sunday of the month Garden Check In day. The Dianthus in our older planter pot from 2014 are flowering again.

About four weeks ago we did some new planting and two weeks ago I posted this update post.


The flyscreen wrapped garden box is doing very well. We’ve had a praying mantis which has been hanging out on top of it.


The sunflower seeds have turned into tiny plants.


The Nasturtiums are having a wonderful time in their new home. The chooks quite often stand on the hardware wire but they do not eat the plants. In a couple of weeks I will feel secure enough to take this ex-kitty door off.


As you can see, the jasmine has climbed high up the arch. It is smelling awesome!


Next time I will show you the progress of some new plants we have purchased, including my first ever succulent – Portulaca. Here they are as I was buying them in the garden centre.


And a close up of the Portulaca. There were 6 seedlings in here.


The chooks have been getting plenty of free ranging time, and Kitty Supervisor is on the job. I’ve kept that pot on the table for a couple of weeks to make sure the sunflowers get a decent start without a chook eating them incident, but that meant the cats could not eat the cat grass. It was good for the cat grass because they had been chowing down on it, and it needed a break from kitty teeth! ;)


Kitty Supervisor can watch them down here from a side window which is good, because they like to venture down here to some very old lawn clippings and leaves which were left here for a couple of years to turn into bug filled mulch – AKA happy meal time for chooks! There is a gate which shuts this area off if and when new clippings are left here – however that has not happened in some time, the bag catcher is broken.

Weekly Wrap Up –

Daylight Savings starts today here in Australia. Normally this is my favourite time of year because in previous years I have suffered from SAD – that is Seasonal Affective Disorder – however this past winter I did a lot better than usual. I’m crediting the evening candle show, an LED light changing shower head, and LED lights throughout the house for that improvement.

So today I am a little bit sad to be saying goodbye to 5-6 hours of candle time a day. I’ll still be burning candles of an evening and I think that is a long term change for the better for me, it will just be candles for a shorter amount of time each day, and more time outside in the evening for plant watering and chooky chores.

In scheduling news, I already have two posts scheduled for 2016. All my Wednesday posts are written for the rest of the year, and I am scheduled out to November for the other blog days. I like to write ahead, and sometimes posts come up that are time sensitive and the other not so time sensitive posts get pushed out further.

There Was An Incident –

Grumpy is extra grumpy this week. She did something to her eye – we are not sure what happened to start it off, but she was squinting a lot and somehow her bottom eyelid was turning in as a result. After making a vet appointment for Monday we were trying to get some photos to show the vet because we could fix the eyelid – turn it out the right way – and sometimes it would stay fixed for a decent length of time, so we could not guarantee it would happen when we were at the vets with Grumpy. Happy did a little photobomb.


I did manage to get a decent in focus shot which showed the vet everything she needed to see, plus after I showed her the photo the eyelid started to turn in while we were there. That was the last time it turned in and I hope it never happens again!

Ever since Grumpy had that terrible Kidney Shutdown of 2014, she has not been a fan of vets at all. The only person that can hold her when we are there now is The Other Half, and he is the only person who can hold her when she needs to be medicated – which she has needed twice a day this past week for a tablet and ointment in her eye.

We went back to the vet on Friday for another eye dye and blacklight look. It seems like progress has been made, not just on the eye front but also a trip where the only thing that happens is dye in her eye might help her a lot with her vet fears.

We’ll keep up the ointment for another 7 days then take her back again next Friday. This time Happy will go along for a check up as well. I fully anticipate that once the vet finds her melty spot, she will lie down on the table, purr a lot, and ask for belly rubs. :)

The Martian –

The Martian Official Website

We went to see The Martian this weekend. I’d started reading the book a few months ago. The book was something I knew The Other Half would deeply love, so I made him start reading it – and he finished it before I did! That is the fastest he has ever read a book in his lifetime.

I read the book again this week in preparation for seeing the movie and loved it just as much the second time. I was curious about a few things – would the movie begin with the same line as the book, which contains a pretty serious swear word? That would be fine in Australia but I really cannot see the US audience enjoying that. And how would they handle the night soil stuff?

The truth is, I suspect this might be the best space movie ever created, or at least a tie for first place with Apollo 13. Yes, there was some swearing. Yes, there was vacuum sealed poop. Yes, I did cringe at the whole poop thing being a germophobe, but I actually cringed more at Mark performing surgery on himself. There was nothing in the movie that I did not deeply enjoy. Matt Damon was brilliant as expected, so was everyone in it.

So if you have not read the book and you like science, space, Matt Damon, NASA and/or movies set in space, go and see the movie. If you like the movie, read the book. The movie runs for 2h20m, and it felt to me like it went for 30 minutes maximum. Sephyroth wrote about The Martian too. Beware though his post contains some spoilers if you have not seen it.

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A Kmart Trip


Let us go for a quick virtual wander around Kmart together. Here we have some pet brushes for $6, a pet toy set for $3.50 – Happy loves the mouse on a stick in this packet so I have bought a few of them and keep them aside for later – at the bottom we have two different solar globes. I love the copper ones at $4 and the crackle glass ones are only $2.. Sadly these seem to be white only and we prefer the LED colour changing kind.


Things got a little scientifical in the home decor section. There is a $4 beaker vase, some test tube vases @ $7, a gorgeous marble tealight candle holder for $9, and a coral pink cactus for $7. Do you see that little ceramic sausage dog? $5. I love that!


This $12 copper vase we went back that night and bought, to fit in with my reflectatory candle shelf. Not that I will ever have flowers to put in it because The Other Half believes that is murder. *boggle* Yeah all those florists are secretly Dexter!


I really love this mini shopping trolley. For $5! They call it a pen cup. I’m not sure how that would work but I can see it in my collectible cabinet.


I already have the silver version of this but I am loving that light pink which is supposed to be a big colour this year fashion wise. At $2.50 this is a glittery awesome kind of contact paper.


These coloured pencils are great value at $5 – especially the watercolour ones. The bear is super plush, and that is a pig moneybox which makes a noise when you put in a coin.


The Other Half prefers his fashion chaotic and with skulls. At $10 these seem decent value. The second one with flaming skulls is a bit awesome!


These jumpers with sequinned arms seemed a little bit odd to me. I really love the concept, do not get me wrong. There should be more sequins in the world. But the jumper part seemed a little cheap looking. Still, at $17 I might have bought it, but the sizes were all teeny tiny. Oh well. :) They made for a great photo!


Hello Kitty pyjamas marked down to $8 from $15, these seem reasonable. And I love anything Hello Kitty.


These jars with blackboard paint on them were reasonably priced given the amount of hassle it would be to paint them yourself. $4 for the smaller jar, and $5 for the larger one.

There, I took you to Kmart. Happy moments for all!

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New Feeds September

As you read yesterday, this month is a little different to our usual New Feeds. Normally when I add a new blog to the feed reader, I have read back 20-40 posts and decided that I liked the content and wanted to read more.

This month, I did not visit the blogs themselves – only the blog page on Bloglovin. There were three criteria –

– They must be following a blog I already follow
– They must have posted something recently – Sep/Aug
– Is the content I can see interesting to me.

It should be noted that Bloglovin does not show much in the way of content – you only get a photo, the headline and maybe two sentences of text at most. So there is a chance not very many of these blogs will be long term keepers for me.

I will mention that anyone who has followed me gets an automatic follow back and a link below if they have a blog of their own, so there are a couple of blogs in here which are in different languages to the one I speak.

Important note –

If I followed you in September but your blog is not listed below, it is not listed on my blogroll, and you do not appear in my last 6 months of new feeds posts, please let me know in the comments so I can make sure to add your blog to this list. :)

13 Acres
5 Acres & A Dream
A Change of Pace
A Clean Bake
A Fresh Legacy
A Girl & Her Travels
A Global Stroll
A Labour of Life
a quiet girl in a noisy city
A Silver Twig
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Adventures in Tea and Cake
Adventures of a Teacher in Transition
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Welcome to my feedreader, bloggers.

There are 274 of you. You are now grouped into folders of 20 blogs each, in my feed reader.

Most of you will know what a feedreader is, but in case you do not, click here for info. The quick run down – it is an awesome program which collects new articles that bloggers post. So when you post something new, I get a copy, and if I have the time and something to say, I will click through and comment.

If you want to get a feed reader, I highly recommend Inoreader, which I have been using a lot lately. I wrote this post – how to get started with Inoreader.

What Happens Now?

I will test drive your blog for 6 months, then all the blogs listed will be evaluated. I will decide whether or not to keep following them in my feed reader, and I will post the keepers here as I always do – so make sure to check back on 31 March to see if I kept you. Keepers will be added to the permanent blogroll.

Non Bloglovin’ Blogs for September –

I did add 20 non-Bloglovin blogs to the feed reader this month. I went along with my Bloglovin plan though – I did not read back through 40 posts or so, I took a look at a couple of posts and if I liked what I saw, I added it.

A House In Hobart
A New Life in Wales
Blathering About Nothing
Blogs Like A Girl
Bright On A Budget
Doing It For Ourselves In Wales
Duni’s Studio
Happy Homebird
Invisible Crown
Jasmin Charlotte
Just Wandering
Living In The Land Of Oz
Matcha Milady
Mr Robot Quotes
Photographing New Zealand
The Grits Blog
Through The Keyhole

March New Feed Review –

And it has now been six months since March, so this month I have gone through the review process and the blogs which I am keeping are these –

A Dingo Named Gerald
Angry people in local newspapers
can I get a witness
Nouveau North Westerners
Souvlaki for the Soul
The View Is Beautiful
writes like a girl
Writing, fatshion, me

Why did I unsubscribe from 3 of the 11 blogs? The reasons are as follows listed in no particular order – taken from my blog posts 14 Reasons and 10 New Reasons I unsubscribed from blogs.

Posts too long – I’m Not Feeling It.

There are also two other reasons this month – one of the blogs Leslie Beslie went on hiatus and is email subscription only – I subbed because I enjoy that blog.

Then there is a whole other situation that happened with a blog. I originally loved the blog and even mentioned it here in a post, but I was treated unkindly in the comments section there more than once.

I discovered via an email exchange with the blog owner after one such unkind incident that the person running the blog is completely up themselves *and* an egotistical beyotch. According to her, it is perfectly fine that people treated me unkindly because her blog is popular. *boggle* I decided life is too short for that kind of shiznit and kicked that blog to the kerb. :(

Is your blog not listed here but you would like it to be? Email Snoskred via the contact page and Snoskred will add your blog to her feed reader. :)

See previous new feeds for – August JulyJuneMayAprilMarchFebruaryJanuary2014 NovemberOctoberSeptemberAugust July

New Feeds

My Bloglovin’ Experiment.


I mentioned in the New Feeds August post that I would be trying a Bloglovin’ experiment for September. The results have been brilliant. I’ve found a heap of awesome new blogs. So much so, I figured I would write a whole post on this experiment in case my readers want to take a crack at this experiment themselves.

The Why –

Over the years I’ve found some great blogs via the comment section of the blogs I read. Not every reader of a blog comments on blog posts, though. I wondered if I might be missing a lot of deeply awesome blogs because I have no way of finding out about them.

When I found out that you could *see* who the fellow followers of blogs you love are over at Bloglovin’, an idea formed in my mind. Could the followers of the blogs I love to read have blogs themselves which I might also love? There was only one way to find out. And the Bloglovin’ experiment was born.

The Goal –

I set myself some goals starting out –

– Add 200 new blogs to my feed reader
– Follow those 200 blogs in Bloglovin

The Process –

Add all the blogs from my blogroll into my Bloglovin.


Open each page individually in a new tab and then click through to the actual blog page itself – click on the blue text where the pink box is..


Then click through to their followers screen.


Right click on each name and open it in a new tab, to open the profile screen for the followers of the blog. Anyone you are following already will have a blue box on the right hand side, so you can give those a miss – you are already following their blog.


It is important to note that the images you see on the follower screen are from posts people have saved, so those are usually not posts they wrote themselves. Sometimes I have found new blogs via those saved posts as well. For my profile, I saved some of my *own* posts so that the images people are seeing do belong to me.


I open a tab for every name on the follower screen – not all at once, but I keep opening tabs until the top of my screen is full of tabs.


Check each tab to see if that blog follower has their own blog. If yes, open their blog page in Bloglovin. If no, close that tab.


Has the blog posted anything in August? If no, close that tab. If yes, check to see if the content is interesting. If yes, follow. If no, close that tab.

My Policy –

I always follow back. If someone follows me, even if their blog is not interesting to me or in a couple of cases, written in a language I do not understand, I will follow them back.

I may not read those blogs long term in my feed reader, but once I have followed them on Bloglovin I will continue to follow them. I am not treating this like my Blogroll – where I go through every 6 months or so and move blogs which have stopped posting from the list.

However I will still follow the normal process of new feeds added to my feed reader – test drive for 6 months, then I decide whether or not to keep following them in my feed reader, and I will post the keepers here as I always do. Keepers will be added to the permanent blogroll.

My Progress –

8 days into my experiment, I had found 120 new blogs. Day 9 was a huge day with 105 blogs found. At 225 blogs, I could have easily stopped there, but the blogs I was finding were so great I wanted to keep exploring and finding more.

By Day 15, I’d added 250 blogs, I’d only visited maybe 40-50 of my 282 blogroll blogs and I began to see this experiment would be an ongoing marathon, not a sprint. I felt that 250 blogs added was enough for one month. Since day 15 I have only added new followers of my blog(s) to the list. That added another 19 blogs to the list.

Adding New Feeds –

On my way through the followers, I did find blogs I was already reading that were not on my blogroll – mostly new feeds I am test driving. When I found them, I followed them. This is one reason why the numbers do not add up – eg follow 282 blogs, then follow 250 more, that should = 532, however I am somehow following over 900.

What I love about Bloglovin’

– I love that it is easy to follow people – one click and they are on your list.

– I love that you easily find blogs that are interesting by checking out the followers of the blogs that you already enjoy. Most other feed readers cannot tell you anything about the people who are also following a blog you read.

What I Do NOT Love About Bloglovin’

– That you can follow people as well as their blogs. That means anytime they like a post, you’ll see that in your feed. Also if the person has 4-5 blogs and you follow them, you automatically follow all their posts. But this follow people option makes things very confusing in general.


– On the follower screen, you cannot tell whether or not someone has a blog. If they have more than 20 followers, in general I find they do have a blog. Anything less than that, and chances are they do not have a blog. There should be some kind of indicator that people have a blog – I’m thinking dots would work – just to save people time when trying to find new blogs.

– I’m not sure if the sidebar is showing me all the blogs I am following. I can’t copy and paste them into a text file or spreadsheet to check for sure.


– I do know the sidebar is showing me the blogroll with two separate listings for a-z which makes things very confusing. Normally I like to alphabetize my blogrolls and new feeds in alphabetical order, so I can cross check and make sure the list is correct. I may have found a fix, but it will take me a while to implement..

– You can’t see all your followers. As I type this it says I have 52 followers but I can only see profiles on my follower screen for 32.

– There is a trend of people following you until you follow them back, and then they unfollow you. Seriously? Ain’t nobody got time for this kind of shizzle. If I catch anyone doing that to me, I will be unfollowing foreverz!


– A deeply annoying development in recent days – people who sign up to promote buying Bloglovin followers and then follow thousands of people. Currently I am getting 5 of these every day. If I were Bloglovin, I would add a cap to the amount of people you can follow each day – I’d limit it to 300 myself – and I would find out the IP address of these spammers and block it for good. I would also make it so the post they are promoting cannot be “saved” on their system. In fact I would block the URL they are trying to promote entirely.

Things I Learned

– I can’t follow a blog which is posting 20 posts a day. I unsubscribed after 24 hours.

– There are a lot of fantastic blogs out there in the world.

– Finding other blogs via the people following the blogs you love is deeply brilliant.

– The search function on Bloglovin’ sucks. I typed in chickens and found a lot of very old posts instead of new posts.

– Putting your blog name in your Bloglovin’ name is a really great idea – it helps you to stand out on the followers page and it helps other people to know you have a blog.


I have listed my name as Snoskred @ Life In The Country, so that people have a better chance of knowing I have my own blog if they stumble upon me on a follower screen. I do recommend changing your name to include your blog name if you want to find more followers over at Bloglovin.

– I’m not going to be saving the posts of blogs I read over on Bloglovin’ purely because I do not read my blogs via Bloglovin’. I can understand how that is a useful concept for those who do read blogs over there. :)

– In general – if you look through the followers of a book blog, you’ll find other book bloggers. If you look through the followers of a travel blog, you’ll find other travel bloggers. If you look through the followers of a food blog, you’ll find other food bloggers. And sometimes none of this applies and you will find bloggers of a completely different niche entirely!

– If you find a great blog that interests you, the readers of that blog are likely to have great blogs that will interest you.

I Will Keep Going –

I’m going to use this as a way to find blogs for the next few months. I won’t be separating the Bloglovin finds from the other new feeds in future months, they will simply be added as new feeds.

Claim Your Blog?

I wrote a post on how you can claim your blog at Bloglovin’ which you can find here – How To: Claim Your Blog At Bloglovin’

To Conclude –

I have greatly enjoyed this experiment. I will keep using Bloglovin’ to find new blogs. I will NOT use Bloglovin’ to *read* those blogs, though. I have my own RSS reader working on the home server.

Over To You

Would you try an experiment like this to find new blogs to read?

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When it was time to take the Aunt and Uncle back to the airport after their visit in August – another Aunt and Uncle were also going somewhere that day – they were flying to China. Arrangements were made for a trip using both cars because the Chinese trippers had 4 very large suitcases full of vitamins and baby formula.


Added in was a meeting with my sister and her partner for lunch at the St George Rowers Club. Because we’d just spent a week with everyone toodling and gallivanting, and we wanted to make sure my sister & co had plenty of family time, we dropped them off at the Rowers and headed to the very close by Ikea at Tempe for a Swedish meatball lunch, and to pick up some items we needed.


Over our many visits to IKEA, I have discovered the short cuts between various areas. I spotted a staff member going through a very large plastic door to one of the other sections – there was no sign saying staff only so I figured there was no reason I couldn’t use that door myself. Then I found other doors, and on one visit we were really hungry and discovered if you take a left at the top of the escalators, you could go right to the cafe.


Maybe the shortcuts are a new addition to the maps, or maybe back when we started going there I was so deer in the headlights I did not even read the maps. I’m not sure. I was surprised to see them on the maps as I always felt like it was a bit of a secret squirrel thing. ;)

What we most needed were tealight candles and large square oven trays. They had some new flavours to try – the coconut one is very awesome.


These DRÖMMAR oven trays are huge and fit nicely in our new oven.


I also got some more of these cups which I’ve had several sets of – these ones are a different colour. Christmas colours, you could say. Two of these cups = one bottle of Soda Stream.


They had my favourite rubbish bin in pink this time which I could not resist.


We thought these mugs were a decent size for the second coffee cup of the day, and we’ve been enjoying them afternoons when The Other Half arrives home. I like mine with a side of the ginger Ikea biscuits we bought.


I got some straws for spring and summer milkshakes and smoothies – I picked up a second egg slicer as I was using our present one daily and thought a second would be handy – we thought we would try this glass storage container and if we like it next time we are there we will pick up some more.


I spotted these gorgeous metal candle holders near the bathrooms next to the restaurant. I did not pick any up, thinking they would be found in the market hall. Of course, they were nowhere to be seen there, and I had to trek all the way back upstairs. I’ve got a silver pineapple and now these, there is a bit of a silver theme running on my candle shelf. I love that they reflect different shapes onto the wall.


I took a couple of candles from each packet to put in my small container and stored the rest away together in the candle container. They will keep me going for quite some time, even though I am burning candles daily here.


We also loved these bathmats. We put them on the floor for the kitties to sniff and roadtest. We have one bathmat with an inside of memory foam and neither of them will walk on it, because it feels weird to their feet. They like these new ones, though. They got right onto scenting them up.


Happy moments were had by all. :)

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Sunday Selections Week 39


Today I have some shots of a sparkly Swarovski light fitting. :) I will let the pictures do the talking!





Would you like to join in with Sunday Selections?? The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
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3. leave River a comment so that she knows you’ve joined in and can come over and see what you’ve posted.

Weekly Wrap Up –

After just over 4 years of owning chickens, I managed to be at the coop at the right time to witness an actual egg being laid this week. It is not for lack of trying, believe me. When you go out there and open the flap and a chook is on the nest, 10 times out of 10, they will decide to put their egg laying off until a later moment.

I think I arrived at the exact moment it was too late to postpone that egg. The chook looked at me, I looked at her, and out popped that egg. It was quite a magical moment.

What the heck happened to the warmer weather? I’ve been feeling like an icicle for several days now. Not cool, weather deities! Brrr!

A couple of songs inspired me to sign up to Pandora Radio this week, which I will be writing a post about in the near future. One of them was Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears, and the other one is a Neil Diamond song which appeared in the pilot of Mr Robot. And here it is – as it appears in the show.

It might surprise people to find out I am a Neil Diamond fan. To be honest I like a lot of music which might seem unexpected.

Winner Winner


Chicken and Lamb Roast Dinner! We went to the meat raffle last night and won a couple of trays. I said to The Other Half, I have a mathematical for you – how can I make two of these roasting pans fit in the oven at the same time? He tested it with the cold oven and the answer is, I cannot. They just do not fit together. So I have to roast them separately.

I don’t eat lamb so that is currently cooking in the oven for The Other Half and once it is done we will slice it up awesomely and use it for his lunch sammiches next week. After that, I will roast the chicken with some potatoes and then steam up some carrot, cauliflower and broccoli to go with it. Happy moments!

How About You?

What is happening in your world?

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Snoskred Snacks #2


Last month I told you about my Egg and Ham snack. In mid-August there came a time where I ran out of eggs. Bizarre a concept as that may be when one owns chickens, the fact remains that I had eaten too many eggs for most humans in just over a week. I was still craving them, and it was another week before the grocery shop. I decided it was time to lighten things up a little.

In the fridge, I had some strawberries. And thus, my new snack craze was born. Thin rice cakes topped with cream cheese and strawberries.


On this occasion the strawberries were super tart, so I added a sprinkling of sugar – the sugar meets the surface of the strawberries and turns into a sweet syrup.

There is cream cheese underneath, but if you didn’t like that, you could maybe give nutella a whirl. :)


So let us take a moment to talk about rice cakes. I like the ones from Aldi.


You get somewhere between 25-30 rice cakes in the pack. Sometimes you get a super almost too thin one – those ones I like to save for snacks with less topping or just put hommus on them and fold them in half to make a sandwich type thing.. :)


Me personally I get somewhere between 6-10 servings out of each packet. Sometimes when I am not so hungry I will just make 2 – that usually happens when I am having strawberries on them as a dessert.

Snoskred Snacks