There Was An Incident..


There was an incident is a phrase heard regularly in our household. In fact it is somewhat of a normal occurance for The Other Half to arrive home from work and say “How was your day” to be met with.. “well, there was an incident..”

An incident in our household could be anything, from spilling sugar or dripping tea onto the counter from a non-cooperative tea bag.. right up to me walking into something and leaving a massive bruise, or somehow damaging myself in some way. Whatever the incident, when this phrase is spoken, the listener knows that the full story of the incident will be coming to them as a surprise.

The term originates from my being an aviation nerd and the FAA and NTSB have this thing about definitions of accidents VS incidents.

I mention this because our past weekend contained a number of incidents, some of which were quite scary. There was the Wine Bottle Incident, when I got out of my awesome Volkswagen Polo holding two birthday presents in those cute little bags you can buy in stores, only the wine bottle bag broke and somehow the wine bottle dropped onto brick pavers and still it managed to survive! Had it broken, that would have been considered an accident. :)

There was the mildly terrifying incident of The Spider In The Shower which I kept to myself because thankfully it was only a Daddy Long Legs which decided the ceiling was getting too hot and steamy and now would be a good time to drop on a web through my shower space. The Other Half was in the Man Cave at the time, thus he did not hear my spider scream. I know this to be a fact because anytime he hears that spider scream he arrives ready to dead the creature.

There was also the incident of burned fruit toast, which cost me two slices of gorgeous cafe raisin toast which I got on special at Coles last week. I tried my best, really and truly I did, but I was not born with the Toastmaster gene.

I usually consider myself banned from making toast due to That Terrifying Incident With A Fruit Muffin Where I Took Out All Phones And Computers In The Call Centre, For Two Hours In The Middle Of A Work Day, Thus Rendering The Call Centre Completely Inoperable.

That incident did scare me away from toasting for a long time, because the toaster made sparks and jumped into the air when I tried to use the high lift. It might have involved me using the toaster but I was NOT the one who bought a cheap $15 toaster from Kmart, nor was I the person who wired the kitchen safety switch into all the other safety switches thus any kitchen incident would have deaded the entire switchboard.

But that fruit toast was plump, gorgeous, and it smelled exactly like hot cross buns. It tempted me into toasting, and as usual, I failed quite spectacularly. I suppose we were lucky that nothing caught fire.


Then there was the incident of my lolly bag breaking in an unexpected place, spilling these cute little white dusted toffee apple almonds out of their safe little home – they kept landing on my lap rug.


To begin with, I could not work out how they were escaping the packet! When more of the chocolate coated nuts were eaten, I finally figured out that there was a hole in the side of the packet..

Those little nut friends originated from Coles where there is a range of items from Naked Truth and every one I have tried has been very tasty indeed. These little nuts are my favourite because of the crunchy coating on the nuts. I am very well behaved and only eat two of these every few days, so one packet lasts quite a long time with me.

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Television Thursday – Conversatory


Snoskred – My Downton Abbey will not play.

The Other Half – What do you mean it won’t play?

Snoskred – It is just freezing up.

The Other Half – Which episode is it?

Snoskred – Season 5, episode 3.

The Other Half – So when you watched it before, didn’t it work then?

Snoskred – This is a new episode. I haven’t seen it before.

The Other Half – What do you mean it is a new episode?

Snoskred – It is a new season.

The Other Half – But I thought that series was finished, or something.

Snoskred – No, it hasn’t finished, it is a new season.

The Other Half – Oh, ok. I’ll go check it out. Season 3, episode 5?

Snoskred – No, season 5 episode 3. I can’t tell you the name of the episode, or what happens in it, the storylines, or what cast members might appear in it, or any other details like that, because I need to *watch* it to know that stuff.

Snoskred thinks to herself..

wait a minute.. I probably *can* say what happens in it.

Upstairs, Mary (Michelle Dockery) is her usual snooty self, men chase her for her affections, and she might get uppity because she knows things about pig farming, or perhaps another subject she has chosen to become an immediate expert in.

Edith (Laura Carmichael) pines for her man who disappeared to Germany, and stalks her daughter that she sneaked off to have secretly and then palmed off onto some poor neighbours.

Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) is annoyed and upset about something miniscule and unimportant, and he fights with Cora Crawley (Elizabeth McGovern) about these things, and she will speak in her soft American accent and make everything better with her words and her smile.

Tom Branson (Allen Leech) will be considering whether he should stay at Downton, or leave, given his wife died many moons ago and that was the thing keeping him there.

Isobel Crawley (Penelope Wilton) will still be mourning Matthew – in a fabulously beaded black number of an evening – who died two season ago. Violet (The amazing Maggie Smith) will make amusing remarks many of which when translated to proper English are actually well thought out and delightfully constructed put downs.

Downstairs, Mr Carson (Jim Carter) is upset about something – perhaps progress of some kind, or a newfangled invention, as he likes things exactly the way they have always been. He will make snarky comments in a snooty voice about this to Mrs Hughes (Phyllis Logan), who will tut tut in her Scottish brogue and dispense witty advice and solutions that Mr Carson will totally ignore.

Mr Barrow (Rob James-Collier) will be pining for an attractive boy, or lurking menacingly in corridors, threatening members of staff who he is blackmailing for various reasons.

Mr Bates (Brendan Coyle) will either be committing murder, in jail for murder, suspected of murder, or under suspicion of some other crime. Mrs Bates (Joanne Froggatt) will be dreadfully upset about what is happening to Mr Bates, though Mrs Hughes or Mrs Patmore will have to drag what is upsetting her out of her, with cups of tea and or careful plots.

Mrs Patmore (Lesley Nicol) will be worried or upset about something. Daisy (Sophie Mcshera) will spend the entire episode trying to find out what Mrs Patmore is worried or upset about.

In addition to the above regular storylines, at least one cast member will stick their nose where they should not, and it will cause repercussions of some kind. There will be conversations held in the presence of the larger cast which are amazingly only heard by the two people having the conversation, even though no whispering is involved.

The reality is, none of that stuff matters. Downton Abbey is eye candy for the fans of period costumes and houses. I’d watch it even if they played the same storyline week after week just in different settings with different outfits.

However, it is NOT Emmy award material. I don’t think it ever has been. I think that is just an excuse for the Americans to invite the British cast to the US to party. :)

(oops! This post published as a surprise to me – obviously it is Thursday and I’ve changed the title to suit. I’ll let it stay and apologise for my scheduling boo boo.)

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Photography Box


A while ago I asked The Other Half to build me a white photography box. And eventually, enough time went by, and he created it. You’ve seen some things photographed in it, already.


It has 12 LED lights at the top, set in the silver thing you can see at the very top of the box – I can’t show you a photo of the lights because they will destroy your retinas! Retina burn, not fun. :) But here you can see the shadows from the LED lights.


He also made me a shoe ramp, which can be used to mount smaller items to photograph as well. I will likely get some white cloth to use in the box, as well.


And here is a photo of something sparkly, just because.


The LED’s are awesome to photograph with, and if you set the aperture low, you can get these little sparkly stars of light.

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Chicken Eve..

Tonight is Chicken Eve. Tomorrow is the day our chickens will come home for the first time, and they will be living in the coop pictured below for the first week until the run is completed.
This is the result of over a months work out in the mancave.
On the inside –
Yellow paint, and lino which will be covered with sand – providing I can manage to dry it out, our bags were wet!
And the section above is the laying area which will contain straw for nesting.
The roof is Solar Grey color, it keeps out a fair amount of the UV rays. We’ll have to see how it goes for Summer but our yard is pretty shady, I’m hoping we won’t need to insulate it.

So yeah, if Frogdancer is reading this, see what your chicken blogging did? ;) You made me believe that I too could keep chickens.

I fell in love with a chicken today, btw. I am hopeful I will be bringing it home tomorrow and if so, you better believe you’ll get pics ;)

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The Man Cave!!

We were really lucky to find this place with a huge 2 car garage out the back of the house in which we do not have to park cars, so it could be turned into an awesome man cave.


We’ve been busy out there since last Thursday, starting to build our latest creation.


Well, the other half is building, I am painting what he is building.. :)


So, what do you think we might be building in there?

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Where In The World Is Snoskred?

Some of you may have noticed a distinct lack of Snoskred in the blogOsphere over the past few days. I apologise – I have over 1,000 unread posts in my Google Reader and I have about 24 hours to read them all so you might not get a comment from me on your posts this week. But why have I been missing in action?

The Other Half

For the last couple of months The Other Half has been getting a few colds and flu. This week he has the worst one yet. I have never seen him this sick actually and we’ve been together almost 9 years. Several nights this week he has had zero sleep and this also means I have had less sleep than usual even though he tried to sleep sitting upright in his recliner a couple of nights rather than the bed.

It’s Not All Bad

The good thing about his being sick this week has meant we have discovered the local doctors surgery. It is within a 5 minute walk (great if he is at work and I need to go there) and extremely acceptable – and it has a female doctor as well as a male doctor. I’ve got an appointment for next week to have a couple of moles looked at by the female doctor (yes I was inspired when I saw a post from someone who had them removed but I forget who now?) and The Other Half has been there twice this week. He has severe tonsilitis, he has had a terrible sinus, bad ears, fever and the sweats since Wednesday and there seems to be no end in sight even though he is taking antibiotics.

Parts Of It Are Very Bad

My routine has been thrown completely out of whack this week. No checklists completed. Only some daily tasks getting finished. Laundry and dishes are on the increase – I’ve washed the bedsheets and quilt cover daily. One very miserable person lurking around the house so unwell he doesn’t want to watch tv, read, use his computer or anything yet he can’t sleep, doesn’t feel like eating much. He’s mostly been trying to nap on the futon in his room. I keep checking on him, which is not good time management, but very necessary to make sure he’s ok.

Parts Of It Are Very Good

On Thursday it was like someone had given The Other Half a dose of speed or something. It may have been pure sleep deprivation. However for about two hours he was like an insane robot. Sephy and I had been talking about the possibility of moving the scam email blogs to WordPress and I had mentioned it to The Other Half. We have a domain which we’d bought for a scam warning website and we figured it would be worthwhile using and getting away from Blogger which had always caused us major problems. The Other Half set up the new blog for us and just as he finished it the burst of energy ran out, and he retreated to the couch for an afternoon of just falling asleep to be woken up again by not being able to breathe.

Since Then

The insane robot baton was passed over to me and Sephy. We have been working flat out to try and get this up and running by Monday at the latest. We have a lot of content which we need to put on the site as the “base” before we can open the doors, but as soon as we do I’ll let ya’all know so you can see it – and hopefully link to it, because it’s for a good cause.

Scam Emails?

The four sites we already have up and running are –

These sites get some serious traffic – up to 20,000 hits a month, and we’re only able to post approximately 50 scam emails a day. The new site will have upwards of 200 scam emails a day being posted. We won’t be putting any advertising onto the site but we would love to get a sponsor willing to pay the site costs. We may also need volunteers to answer the potentially large amount of contact me forms we may get.

Chicken Soup Time

I make a mean chicken and sweetcorn soup and I’m going to make another fresh one shortly. I’ll take pics and write up the recipe for one day next week. :)

Back Soon!

I will be back to my normal around the blogOsphere self soon. I mean, this flu can’t go on forever, right? RIGHT? Please tell me I’m right! I crave my routine..

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A Day Out, In More Ways Than One..

Recently The Other Half and I went to do some errands. It was the first day of his holidays and as usual when he goes on holidays, he gets a cold or flu. So he wasn’t feeling 100% but well enough to do a few chores.

First we went to a hardware store because they had sent us a catalog with cheap pots and many of our plants needed re-potting. Of course when we arrived there none of the cheap pots were anywhere to be seen. This is country law – send out a catalog, but make sure you don’t have what is in the catalog. It generally turns up a couple of weeks later.

Then we went to the bank to deposit our bond check from the old house. The Other Half still used his credit union from Adelaide – which usually means an hour long drive to bank a check because there is no branch here. This time we had been told we should be able to bank it at the National bank. And we should have been able to, but of course when we got there we were told we could not.

We ended up dropping into St George to see how hard it would be to open an account – it was simple and we both ended up with one. And the scammers had been asking me to open an account with them for a while. Of course I won’t be telling them I’ve done it because rule number one of scambaiting is – never do what your scammer asks you to do.

Next up was my favourite store – the animal feed store. They have our kitty litter cheap and in bulk. They also have bonsai, feed for every kind of animal you can imagine, plants, and now organic foods. I could spend three hours in there no problem, just looking at everything. Not today, we got the kitty litter and some pest spray for our plants and we were off.

We decided to go to the up-market garden centre – which is actually cheaper than Bunnings just quietly but they don’t want to tell anyone that. Lets keep good value things a secret, ya’all. We ended up spending over $100 there on pots, some herb plants – and I got me a Tahitian Lime Tree! YAY!

Then we stopped at the Motor Registration to change our address. By this time we had been out for four hours. Just before we walked in the door, The Other Half looked at me and said “Your shirt is on inside out.” I said “Why didn’t you tell me before?” He said “I thought it might have been one of those shirts which was meant to be inside out, but just now I spotted the tag.” So then I had to sit in the motor rego with my shirt inside out while we waited to be served and he laughed at me the whole time while I told him he’s going to hell, and that I was going to stab him while he was sleeping! :)

The wait was made worse because I had some time to remember how many places I had been with my shirt inside out during the day. This represents a worrying trend – I am embarrassed to admit that I often wear my underwear inside out. This is generally due to me not wearing my glasses when putting them on. I know why this happened – I ironed this t-shirt inside out and I didn’t fix it before putting it on the hanger.

At least I was wearing clothes, I guess. Now that I am hopeful he *would* notice, if I went out with nothing on!

Just so you know, tomorrow is probably the Big Day of changing to WordPress. I’m looking forward to it, I hope you all are.. ;)

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Snoskred Answers Some Questions.

There’s been a recent rash of question asking and answering around the blogosphere. I put up my hand to be interviewed by Emily, and I got these questions. I changed the order around a bit, sorry Emily! ;)

1) How did you meet the Other Half?

Online, oddly enough. This was many years ago in the beginning of the internet. I got into online gaming – playing Quake. I went to a network game party one night. For those who don’t know network gaming requires you to take your computer along and they all get plugged into each other and then you play games against each other.

Back in those days the internet was too slow to play games over it, like people do these days. And there was my other half, who I knew virtually right away was my other half, strangely enough.

2) You read a lot of blogs regularly. How do you choose which ones to read, which ones to comment on, which ones to link to, etc.?

I read probably 95% of blog posts which arrive in my reader.

I would link to every blog post I read, if it was humanly possible. Sephy will tell you, I’m forever pasting links to blog posts to him in Skype. I have to make do with linking to every blog that I read in the sidebar, and then I have to be very picky about the posts I choose for the weekly wrap up, otherwise there would be 500 links and none would get clicked on.

So the bottom line for me with those weekly wrap up posts is – a post has to stand out, touch me in a major way, make me think, make me want to share it with other people, make me go “Oh, what a great idea” or “I’m going to do that” or “That’s brilliant!”.

Commenting is difficult these days. I don’t have as much time as I used to for it and I hate that, because I want to comment on probably 95% of the posts in my reader.

3) I (and I bet a lot of your readers) know nothing about NSW. What are five things someone who has never visited would be surprised to know about your home?

a. New South Wales = NSW

b. The capital of New South Wales is Sydney, which might be the most famous city in Australia, however it is not the *capital* city of Australia. The capital city of Australia is Canberra – which is completely surrounded by New South Wales. Nobody knows why or how this odd arrangement came to be. Well probably some people do but I’m not one of them.

c. I live on the South Coast of New South Wales. There is also a North Coast. All of these coasts are located on the East Coast of Australia. Yes, it is quite confusing!

d. New South Wales is home to the Funnel Web spider, which mostly lives within a 20km radius of Sydney itself. These spiders are able to stay alive underwater for up to 30 hours by trapping air under their hairs, or something. So I was told, but it was on a documentary tv channel so I am assuming it is true.

e. You can probably tell, I don’t know much about NSW. ;) That is because I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. That’s about a 15-17 hour drive from here.

4) For those of us unfamiliar with Scambaiting, can you tell us how it works? And how are you able to get compensated for all your scambaiting efforts?

Scambaiting is really pretty simple. You email a scammer (from a safe email address like gmail which does not show your location to the scammer) pretending to be a real victim. You play along with their scam, pretending you are going to do what they want you to do.

You ask a lot of questions, you make a lot of promises, you let them begin to dream of the money you’re supposedly going to pay them. If you have the means you use Skype to receive calls from them, which costs them time and money. I don’t talk to them on the phone much anymore but they call me constantly.

When they’re hooked on the dream, you keep stringing them along as long as you can. I’ve known scammers who have been strung along for well over 12 months. You’re always just about to pay them the money – but there’s an emergency, there’s a problem, there’s another question they need to answer.

I like to make them fall in love with my characters – usually using photographs of models like Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks. As those characters I pretend to be a virginal, extremely rich, naive girl who is looking for her perfect man. My character might be a model just starting out, she might be a singer, she might be a minor celebrity, or she might have family money. The scammers think everyone in the USA is a millionaire, so they believe it.

When they have fallen in love, I like to take their heart and crush it into tiny little pieces, like they do to their victims. The girl might find out he is a scammer. She might find a man closer to home. She might be on her way to meeting them at the airport in their country and the plane somehow falls out of the sky. I make newspaper clippings (it’s easy and simple to do) which support the story. If my character dies, it turns out my character has left them money – and they have to jump through hoops to get it, fill in forms, take photographs, etc.

There is no compensation for it, sadly. It is like any hobby, you have to put a little money into it. I pay 30 euros a year for my Skype In number, I pay around $80AUD a year for my post office box. Both of those cause a lot of anger and frustration to the scammers, so to me it is worth it. ;)

5) How did you get into scambaiting?

A scammer was silly enough to send me an email asking to borrow my bank account, I googled and found one of the scambaiting websites and began to bait them. Soon after I started I found my “first husband” and within a month I was “engaged” to six scammers. It was sometimes difficult to keep the stories straight, and tell them apart when they called. Strangely, none of these relationships worked out!

Thanks for asking me the questions. If anyone wants to be interviewed by me, just leave a comment and ye shall receive 5 questions of various goodness. ;)

Emily is hosting the Hump Day Hmmm this week as well – the topic is – something you experienced that affected and affects you. Feel free to join in the Hump Days, they are an excellent way to blog, I find.

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I may have created a monster..

The Other Half is truly one of the funniest men I know. Funny is a major point on my list of things a man must be in order for me to be attracted.. Some women would be attracted to this –


or maybe something like this –


but me, I don’t mind if a man looks like this –


or even this –


as long as he can make me laugh.

The guy in the above “tough love” picture actually looks a little like my other half. ;) and thankfully the other half does not read this blog. At least he tells me he does not.. ;) He knows I think that guy looks like him – it’s actually Mick Molloy who is a comedian here in Australia, and that picture was on a radio station poster which was all over the place a while back.

Like I say, the other half was already a very funny guy, but one year in the days before you could buy it on DVD the cable tv channel here ran a marathon of Seinfeld episodes, in order. I taped the whole thing. The marathon lasted four days. I’d never really watched Seinfeld much other than caught the odd episode, but when you watch it IN ORDER it is a lot funnier than the way a lot of the TV shows played it.

The reason I taped it was the Other Half and I often could not agree on what to watch while we eat dinner. Dinner time was one of the rare times we actually watched TV, and we could sit there and argue about what we should watch until dinner went cold. Movies were too long. We didn’t have DVD’s back then. Often there would be nothing decent on the TV at dinner time. He didn’t mind Seinfeld, I was willing to give it a try, and the episodes lasted for 22 minutes, just perfect for eating dinner. We became real fans of the show, and it somehow made the other half even more funny than he’d been previously. He can take any topic and go all Jerry about it.

I can’t really give you any examples of his funniness here, because when I write them down they don’t seem so funny. Let me simply say that not one day goes by where The Other Half does not have me laughing so hard I have to sit down before I fall down.

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Adventures in Hair Dying.

I’m running way behind on everything today. :( There was so much on my to do list, and so little time. One thing that absolutely had to get done was a hair dying – it was of utmost importance because I don’t dye it the same color as my natural hair and there was a fair chunk of roots showing.

I’ve dyed my hair since I was probably 15 or so, back then it was never permanent colors because Mum wouldn’t allow that, it was only rinses that lasted a few washes. I suppose she was scared I would dye it pink or something. I did once manage to dye it green but that was not intentional. My thanks to the “state the bleeding obvious” beeyotch in high school who said, in front of a bunch of people, hey, your hair is green. I can’t remember her name but she had a funny eye and I’ve never forgiven her for saying it, and I’ve never forgiven myself for not bitchily shooting back a zinger of massive proportions, all of which came to me long after she said it. ;)

I had actually been trying to dye it black, but it didn’t work out because I had been secretly using hair lightener to make it a little blonde. Tip to new players – you cannot go from blonde to black without going to red in the middle, or else you will get green.

But these days, The Other Half dyes my hair for me. It’s good because he is anal retentive and obsessive compulsive, so the color always turns out a lot better than a hairdresser who’s busy reading the magazine you’re reading over your shoulder while applying large globs of goo.

So about an hour ago, standing in a shower that looked like a shark attacked me in it, with red hair dye splotched all over the place, I thought heck, I haven’t blogged today. This is bad. And it really looks like I’ve been attacked by a shark in here. Tip for people who have not dyed their hair at home – it’s all nice and pretty in the salon when all the dye goes down the sink behind you and you can’t see it. It’s not so pretty in your own shower. :) However, it is easy to rinse off the walls, so not to worry.

Then I thought, is this environmentally unfriendly? Probably it is, considering the fumes from the hair dye would be enough to send you into space for a few days.

All these things add up to me thinking, maybe I should go back to having it done at the salon. But, it is so much cheaper to do it at home, and the color turns out great, and The Other Half really loves inflicting pain on me trying to rub off all the “oops” where he smudged it on my neck. He also has a great time wrapping my head in gladwrap once he’s finished the dying.

So, note this is the closest you’ll get to seeing any part of me here on the blog – here’s my hair.. ;)



We had a heck of a lot of rain today, my little rain guage tells me it’s over 70mm in our own backyard. This means the lawn looks like a swimming pool, and the rubbish bin is now full of water. But rain is good and much appreciated. I just wish it was in places like Goulburn where they’re having a bad drought.

So now, I have to get some packing done because I have not even started yet, and then I have to get to bed pretty much on time because tomorrow I have chores and shopping and I have to get stuff ready to go. At least all the washing is done, and the Kitties are having a mutiny because I washed their favourite rugs.

If I get a chance before I go, and I should because I will make the time to do it (it might mean a chore doesn’t get done, but I can live with that) I want to blog about the kitties, they’re doing some strange things lately.. ;)

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