Where In The World Is Snoskred?

Some of you may have noticed a distinct lack of Snoskred in the blogOsphere over the past few days. I apologise – I have over 1,000 unread posts in my Google Reader and I have about 24 hours to read them all so you might not get a comment from me on your posts this week. But why have I been missing in action?

The Other Half

For the last couple of months The Other Half has been getting a few colds and flu. This week he has the worst one yet. I have never seen him this sick actually and we’ve been together almost 9 years. Several nights this week he has had zero sleep and this also means I have had less sleep than usual even though he tried to sleep sitting upright in his recliner a couple of nights rather than the bed.

It’s Not All Bad

The good thing about his being sick this week has meant we have discovered the local doctors surgery. It is within a 5 minute walk (great if he is at work and I need to go there) and extremely acceptable – and it has a female doctor as well as a male doctor. I’ve got an appointment for next week to have a couple of moles looked at by the female doctor (yes I was inspired when I saw a post from someone who had them removed but I forget who now?) and The Other Half has been there twice this week. He has severe tonsilitis, he has had a terrible sinus, bad ears, fever and the sweats since Wednesday and there seems to be no end in sight even though he is taking antibiotics.

Parts Of It Are Very Bad

My routine has been thrown completely out of whack this week. No checklists completed. Only some daily tasks getting finished. Laundry and dishes are on the increase – I’ve washed the bedsheets and quilt cover daily. One very miserable person lurking around the house so unwell he doesn’t want to watch tv, read, use his computer or anything yet he can’t sleep, doesn’t feel like eating much. He’s mostly been trying to nap on the futon in his room. I keep checking on him, which is not good time management, but very necessary to make sure he’s ok.

Parts Of It Are Very Good

On Thursday it was like someone had given The Other Half a dose of speed or something. It may have been pure sleep deprivation. However for about two hours he was like an insane robot. Sephy and I had been talking about the possibility of moving the scam email blogs to WordPress and I had mentioned it to The Other Half. We have a domain which we’d bought for a scam warning website and we figured it would be worthwhile using and getting away from Blogger which had always caused us major problems. The Other Half set up the new blog for us and just as he finished it the burst of energy ran out, and he retreated to the couch for an afternoon of just falling asleep to be woken up again by not being able to breathe.

Since Then

The insane robot baton was passed over to me and Sephy. We have been working flat out to try and get this up and running by Monday at the latest. We have a lot of content which we need to put on the site as the “base” before we can open the doors, but as soon as we do I’ll let ya’all know so you can see it – and hopefully link to it, because it’s for a good cause.

Scam Emails?

The four sites we already have up and running are –

These sites get some serious traffic – up to 20,000 hits a month, and we’re only able to post approximately 50 scam emails a day. The new site will have upwards of 200 scam emails a day being posted. We won’t be putting any advertising onto the site but we would love to get a sponsor willing to pay the site costs. We may also need volunteers to answer the potentially large amount of contact me forms we may get.

Chicken Soup Time

I make a mean chicken and sweetcorn soup and I’m going to make another fresh one shortly. I’ll take pics and write up the recipe for one day next week. :)

Back Soon!

I will be back to my normal around the blogOsphere self soon. I mean, this flu can’t go on forever, right? RIGHT? Please tell me I’m right! I crave my routine..

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9 thoughts on “Where In The World Is Snoskred?

  1. Wow, that doesn’t sound like fun at all! Best to The Other Half. Yes, it does get better but it takes a while. :) Hope he’s able to get some sleep. That would be the best thing for him.



  2. Helen – Thanks! :) He did get some sleep last night so I hope that’s a good sign..

    Chani – Yay he did manage some last night, and I caught up on some too..

    Cugat – Yeah he’d probably be pretty nasty to them given his condition. ;) hehe

    Thanks for the comments all! :)

  3. You can’t really say you “caught” up on any sleep since you did the whole Daylight Saving thing last night, hehe. ;)

    However, in a week, I can claim the catching up of sleep :P

  4. Crushed fresh garlic in the chicken soup is the secret. Garlic is nature’s own antibiotic. A short burst of extra vitamin C will also help. (1000mg per day for a few days.) To help with the breathing, get some pure peppermint oil and sprinkle some on a cloth or cotton ball wrapped in a cloth and put this near his head when sleeping, the fumes released will penetrate the sinuses and help. Hang this from the bedhead if it is not a wooden one, or pin it to the corner of the pillow.Hope he is well very soon, then you can both get some rest. And here’s me “vitrually” washing dishes for you. (I love washing dishes, I’m strange that way).

  5. Healthy vibes to your Other Half- I hope he feels better really soon! I know how he feels… Make sure he gets lots of rest! Look after yourself too, don’t forget!
    And don’t worry, you’re not the only one that’s fallen off the wagon recently. Good to have you back :-)

  6. Jodi – Thanks and you too! ;)

    Sephy – compared to a night of sleep of 3 hours vs a night of sleep with about 8, I think I did catch up on some. ;) Daylight saving or not because I hadn’t changed the clocks.. ;)

    River – I chop my garlic because I find crushing wastes a lot of the goodness, but maybe it is just that I have a shyte crusher. ;) It is pretty shyte, I think I’ll get a new one. We went and bought a vaporiser so he’s been breathing in peppermint as well as tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary and several other good for cold oils. ;) He’s sleeping better now – me on the other hand am finding it difficult due to the snoring. It’s not his fault I know.. ;)

    Kelly – I’ll have to see who else has fallen off the wagon – I’m so out of the loop. Oh for about 24 hours where I can just sit and read my reader.. ;)

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)

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