Sipowicz & Simone Says #1

The moment Bobby Simone and Andy Sipowicz meet in NYPD Blue

Det. Andy Sipowicz: You know what this is about? Huh? You wanna know what this is gonna be about?

Det. Bobby Simone: What?

Det. Andy Sipowicz: These people worship *cows*. They, they let ’em live in the house, they’d starve to death before they’d eat them, ok?

Det. Bobby Simone: Andy, what does that have to do with this DOA?

Det. Andy Sipowicz: Because 200 years ago some bride wasn’t a virgin and that cursed a whole family line, and now the moon is in Jupiter’s a**hole, and some great- great- great- great- grandson had to wreak vengeance, and that’s what this is gonna be about.

Det. Bobby Simone: So now we got a theory to go on…