8 thoughts on “Sipowicz Says #1

    • There are those who believe without Sipowicz, our first deeply flawed and yet much loved characer, there would have been no Tony Soprano and no Walter White.

      NYPD Blue was a ground breaking show for a lot of reasons! :) I’ll be sharing some more of my favourite lines from the show and the characters on upcoming Wednesdays.

    • It is difficult to think about a character whose show has never been re-run on Australian free to air tv. Which is a great shame, because while Mash and Seinfeld are fantastic, they are played so often here and shows like NYPD Blue never get a look in. Plus, you can only buy the first 4 seasons here on DVD which means you miss out on eight more seasons. :(

    • Well, I can think of one recent newbie politician I would love to say that particular line to. :) And certainly we have a prime minister here in Australia who needs to hear it STAT! ;)

    • Leah, would you believe that the UK is the ONLY country in the world where you can purchase all 12 seasons on DVD? You can only get 4 seasons in Australia and US. Some lovely person in the UK has *ahem* made the rest of the show available in various places, though seasons 11 and 12 are both recordings from TV. :)

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