The 6 P’s

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

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Most of our preparation work for putting the house on the market is now done, and I find myself in a bit of limbo. It is really hard to plan what happens next when you don’t *know* what happens next!

Contracts have been exchanged on the new house but we do not have a settlement or move in date yet.

Photos have been taken on the old house but we do not have any updates on that yet.

Dad’s car has been sold to a family friend but we’re not sure when they are collecting it yet.

I am a huge planner of things and when I can’t plan I find that frustrating. So yesterday with no plans to plan, I threw myself into mulching the garden beds of the old house. 8x 60kg bags of mulch later and it is looking great and I am feeling it today.

Today the sun is shining and I would like to prune my pittosporums but google tells me this is not an appropriate time to do it. Springtime is best AKA September. But not knowing what the plan is, who knows if I will have time for it in September?

So instead today I will send out emails to my past customers letting them know we’re about to do a swap while waiting for the next Better Call Saul episode to arrive.

If I can’t plan my next month, I can at least plan my today. ;)

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