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On Wednesday morning I’ll be doing an interview on ABC North West WA (update – the interview has aired and you can listen to it here), and some listeners may venture over to my blog looking for more information on scams, scambaiting, and check fraud. So here’s some linkage to posts I have written which may be helpful. This might also be a chance for regular readers to catch up on some of the stuff they may have missed reading. So without further ado – Linkage!

Information About Scams –

Please Help! What You Can Do To Stop Internet Scammers NOW. – How you can help stop internet scams.

Snoskred made 5 MILLION DOLLARS online this year! – In fake checks, that is. Unfortunately that doesn’t help me financially, but it does help me get the word out about fake check scams.

Snoskred on fake check scams and scambaiting – a guest post I did with a fake check bait from start to finish – just a quick one but gives you an idea how little it can take to get a check. An interesting read.

This could be a problem – Scammers are using the bank details of charities in order to make fake checks.

Internet Scams – How I Make A Difference – A bit more info on what I do.

Spam – Never Unsubscribe, Never Reply – this is how scammers and spammers know your email is being read by a human.

Scambaiting –

The top 5 funny things scammers say – These funny things may come to you as a surprise if you are not a scambaiter.

An original scammer.. Or not. – We baiters get threatened regularly and here’s a funny one – but is it original?

What will a scammer do for money? – Virtually anything, it seems.

We cannot talk about sex before money! – You know they are serious about their scamming when an extremely pretty girl fails to tempt them..

Possible Offensive Language – A scammer is a little upset with me.

Aww Poor Scammer – automatic baiting is fun!

Sephyroth – Baiting – My scambaiting partner in crime, Sephyroth.

Learn to scambait –

The following forums all offer “mentor” or “student/teacher” programs where you can learn to scambait safely. If you want to try scambaiting I highly recommend you do it with a mentor or teacher as there is a lot to know.

419 Eater

If you want to know more about me, you can always click on the About page.

Over To You –

Got something to say about scammers, scambaiting, or fake checks? Have you ever been scammed? The comments section is open. First time comments are moderated, if your comment does not appear right away apologies but I might not be near the computer.

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