Summer Menu – New Items Week 3 – Lite N Easy

A couple of interesting new things this week..

BLT Burger (Bacon,Baby Leaf Salad and Mayonnaise on a Ciabatta Bread Roll)

This was lovely. I always enjoy the bacon it is high quality with little or no fat attached.

Salt N Pepper Chicken.

This was not what I was expecting however.. epic win thanks to the water chestnuts. I do not think this was breast chicken but the sauce was pretty tasty.

I just wish they would switch out the white rice for something more interesting – like the gorgeous fried rice in the Sweet N Sour chicken, or the rice with veg in the Chicken Tikka Masala, or maybe brown rice, or a wild rice. Would order this again.

Beef Rissoles with Walnut & Apple Coleslaw

Stunning. STUNNING! I was stunned. I had to sit there and meditate on the awesomeness of this for the next 2 hours. The coleslaw was great. There was baby spinach.

The beef is excellent quality, very little fat or gristle in there if any at all. And it is sooo tasty. I don’t eat much in the way of red meat but if I could have this for every meal, forever, I would. Loved it. And this makes me think I will try more of the red meat options in the future.

Roast Chicken

I have a sad about this. :( The star of this meal should be the chicken and it was not particularly awesome. I am not sure what part of the chicken it was but I don’t know where I would find it on your usual roast chicken. There was some dark meat, no bones at all. It was quite odd.

The peas and potatoes and gravy were quite awesome. The cheesy cauliflower was also quite friendly. Not sure about the stuffing, never have been a great fan of that. But you know something, if Lite N Easy wanted to make a peas, roast potatoes, pumpkin and gravy dinner, I would put my hand up to order it regularly.

Thai Green Chicken Curry

This was very tasty. Not something I would usually eat though I have tried the Lean Cuisine Thai curries before.

Other Updates.

I am giving up completely on the scales.

I know for a fact I am losing centimetres and inches in various places. I can see my body shape changing. Clothes are fitting better – and some of the smaller underwear I bought in the US last year but then had to put away because it did not fit very well are back in the regular underwear rotation. My trusty Slazenger shorts which have been with me through fat and thinner are telling me we are headed back to thinner.

And yet the scales refuse to budge one iota. The new scales I bought to replace the potentially faulty scales are extremely inaccurate. If I stand half a centimetre forward, I get a different reading to the reading I got half a centimetre back. If I lean forward to look down, the needle moves upward to a higher weight!

But on the other hand, I think I might need to double check on the status of my thyroid just to make sure nothing is wrong. On the other hand to that, do I really want to get a blood test, probably not.

I’m making an effort to get to the gym as many days as possible this week because I have gone back to sleeping not as well as I would like. I’m down to only one cup of coffee per day so I am not sure what is causing the insomnia.

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The Awesome Lite N Easy Eggs Benedict

So awesome! Here is how it works. You will need to order the eggs benedict from Lite N Easy, of course. They will supply you with the Ciabatta Toast, spinach, egg, bacon, and hollandaise sauce with a lovely recipe card.

You will also need –


An egg poacher, spray on cooking oil.


Use the spray on cooking oil on your egg poacher thingy so it will easily fall out of the egg poacher thingy – note my awesome use of technical terms here! :)


Toast your ciabatta toast carefully without exploding the toaster or any other kitchen appliances. While toasting, put the bacon in the microwave for 1min20. Once ciabatta toast is ready, carefully layer on your spinach.


Now me, I like to put hollandaise under the bacon. It makes it less easy for the egg to slip off and land in your lap.


Lay your bacon on top of the hollandaise-y spinach.


You will have plenty of spinach left over so you might want to layer on some more on top of the bacon.


I could have put on several more layers, in fact.


Put your poached egg on top of the creation we have been creating.


Put some hollandaise on top of the egg.

Now you will want to be very careful. You may choose to change into items which do not get upset if they are dripped on. However if you are careful you may not drip any hollandaise or egg yolk. Just like how some people manage to eat a Hungry Jacks whopper without dripping tomato sauce and mayo everywhere.

This item you have spent some time creating will last mere nanoseconds, because it is so nommy and then you will also wish you were back on the 1500 calories because *you get two of them* instead of just one. And this makes me wonder, if you are on the 1800 calories, do you get three? I could eat three, but probably not in one sitting. Not these days anyway.

Believe me this eggs benedict is EPIC on several levels. The levels of epic awesomeness cannot be described sufficiently in just words and pictures. When this is on the menu, *must order it*.

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Summer Menu New Items Week 2- Lite N Easy

Cheesy Chicken & Macaroni Bake –

This was very tasty and cheesy. Could do with a little more chicken and some of the sauce from the Mac N Cheese dinner..

Apple Crumble –

This is must re-order but I would do it in the 4 pack of just the apple crumble, and a 4 pack of just the apple and raspberry crumble, because I did not like the rice pudding from the assorted pack. I have not tried the apricot crumble yet – am looking forward to it!

Pumpkin Soup –

Ugh. Not a fan. But you should know that I make an incredible vegetable soup so I am quite a soup snob. This was quite watery and not very sweet. It is only 64 calories.

Nut Cluster Crunch –

This seems like they took several of the cereals and combined them into one. I could taste cinnamon in there. I quite liked it.

Mexican Chicken Stack –

This was much better than the Tortilla Stack on the dinner menu – full of veg & beans and some kind of slightly cheesy sauce as well as the tomato sauce with the mince. Absolutely gorgeous. If this were on the dinner menu I would order it every week. It was 236 calories at the small lunch size so I think this could easily be made into a dinner. Rather than the tortilla it has lavash bread.

General update –

Just got the next delivery and for the first time ever have chosen popular for every single lunch meal, and virtually every meal for breakfast – on Day 5 I chose the optional choice. The Eggs Benedict is back next week NOMS I would have that for breakfast every single day.

I picked some new dinners this week – Crumbed Chicken, Roast Chicken, Salt N Pepper Chicken.

I am loving the strawberry jam on the toast. So much more me than Apricot or Marmalade.

The Other Half got fed one of the dinners this week – Rigatoni – which he quite liked. He would not eat a lot of the meals due to being allergic to a lot of items including various vegetables.

I don’t eat much in the way of red meat but if any of the Lite N Easy people reading this order the red meat stuff and want to give me a photo and their review of it, I will be happy to post that – or if you post it on your blog I will link to it. You might even talk me into trying it if the meat cuts are good enough.

Getting back to the gym this week after a week off thanks to bad shift times and Christmas Dinners. I went tonight after work and on top of the 30 mins of cardio spent some time on the abs.

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Summer Menu Week 2 – New Items

Caesar Salad with Chicken & Smokehouse Ham and Creamy Dressing

OMG THE NOMS THE NOMS this was totally awesome on so many levels! The chicken and ham was heated in the microwave for a short time. I sliced the egg with an egg slicer and took out the tomato – not a fan of cherry tomatoes at all. The chickens love them, though.

Then put it all together, the sliced egg, the chicken and ham, the salad dressing.. gorgeous.

Soy Chicken Tender with Thai Salad and Hoisin Dressing

This was also excellent. The salads are such a great option and so filling.

Chicken with Satay Sauce

This does not look especially appetising but it was very tasty. I had tried the old version – they have a new recipe now. The new one is a lot more pea-nutty. I enjoyed it and will order it again.

Apricot Almond Bar

Great snack. This had everything one could want with the exception of cinnamon – I am too used to the cinnamon oat bars so the lack of cinnamon was notable. It would have gone incredibly well with this, I think.

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Another Tasty Dessert

Strawberries with vanilla bean yoghurt. :)

Strawberries (large) are 12 cals each. Yoghurt was less than 100 calories (I only used a few spoonfuls out of the 170g tub).

The Lite N Easy is some of the most tasty yoghurt I have experienced but obviously, I didn’t have any of that on me. So I had bought some of the Five Am Vanilla Bean yoghurt that day at the supermarket. I’d have to say this is the best yoghurt you can get in the supermarket.

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Desserts & Substitution

When you visit Costco, there are usually people giving out samples of the items of they sell. Sometimes they are awesome, sometimes not so great..

Today I found something awesome.


More about Smooze!

This is going to be the perfect summer treat for me. It is basically coconut milk and fruit juice frozen. Under 70 calories per serve and you only need one. With some of the fruits (seasonal fruit for example) being rated at 76 calories, this is a great one to swap.

A pack of 35 Smooze was $14.69 at Costco which works out at 41 cents each. I saw them today in Woolworths for $4.99 for a pack of 10 which is not quite as good value but still worthwhile.

On the slightly more high calorie dessert front – going in order of low to high calories – the good thing about both of the options I am about to mention – you can eat half and then put the lid back on and back into the freezer for another day.

Gelativo Frozen Yoghurt

Tangy, zingy, good for you and your internals.. this is a decent option. More about Gelativo

I forget how much these cost me unfortunately – got them from Woolworths a few weeks ago to try and still have not got around to eating them though I have tried a spoonful from each to get an idea what they taste like. Honey = 138cal Strawberry = 132cal there are other flavours as well.


Found this one at Costco as well – there are 9 of them in the packet, it was really good value at just over $13 for the box, and hello, made in *Italy* the home of gelato.

Quite high at 201 calories and extremely rich, this will be a once a fortnight kind of treat I think.

Costco was quite an expensive trip this time – The Other Half got himself a tent which was incredible value and I found a lot of things there which fit in with substitutions. EG a big pack of 4 different kinds of the same kind of wafer crackers you get on Lite N Easy for $6.69. They were sampling these with tuna which had been mixed with tabasco sauce – awesome stuff and something I have already replicated here at home.


JM mentioned it here in this blog post – Substitutions, Weight Loss & Lite N Easy – substitutions are not cheating. It is a perfectly ok thing to do and in some cases is quite necessary – eg food allergies.

Unfortunately Lite N Easy do not cater for people who have food allergies. I’m lucky because the two things I have unpleasant reactions to if I have too much of them – tomato and chili – can easily be swapped out.

There isn’t much chili in anything I have eaten so far and when they gave me sweet chili sauce I just went without the sauce.

There is a lot of tomato included in the diet but this is easily swapped out – so far I have swapped it for avocado, pineapple, tuna and beans. The chooks get to eat the leftover tomatoes. They are a huge fan of this!

I’m still looking for gluten free options – I bought a bread mix to make gluten free bread today which I will try this week. The gluten free bread which you can buy in the supermarket is *so* expensive. :(

There are some fruits missing from Lite N Easy which I miss – strawberries, bananas, mango.. I am always happy swapping a fruit for a different fruit. I also miss mushrooms a lot. I would like to add more mushrooms in – I guess they can be swapped for tomatoes too!

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Summer Menu Day 7 – Lite N Easy

Melted Cheese (55Cal) and Tomato(10cal) on a toasted Multigrain Muffin (154Cal) = 219

Swapped out the tomato for avocado – no cheese, just black pepper. Very tasty! Oops, out of focus pic.. :(

Thai Fried Rice with Chicken (226Cal)

This was pretty good. An awful lot of green beans. Could have done with more egg.

Things without photos – sorry was busy today didn’t get around to taking pics.

Seasonal Fruit (76Cal)
Peach Fruit Cup (80Cal)
Vanilla Yoghurt (125Cal)

The yoghurt is some of the best yoghurt I have ever had. Tangy, zingy, with a great Vanilla flavour.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks = 726

Dinner – Sweet N Sour Chicken (428 cals)

Again, this was excellent. Still up there on the list of top Lite N Easy meals for me.

So, next week I’ll just be posting the new stuff on the menu – no need to subject you to endless repeat photos and pics of fruit. ;)

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Summer Menu Day 6 – Lite N Easy

A short update today, very tired, my apologies!

Cheesy Ham & Tomato Omelette (130Cal)

Very tasty as always.. :)

Wholegrain & Oat Toast (166Cal) with Marmalade (37Cal) = 203

Used the honey from yesterday instead of the marmalade. There was another toasting incident. The bread got stuck in there. I’m so over toasting!

Pasta Carbonara (291Cal)

This was new. It was ok. It did not rock my world. I love a pasta carbonara, so the lack of awesome was disappointing.

Orange (55Cal)
Dried Apricots (62Cal)
Green Apple (75Cal)

Skipped all of these for some substitutions today. I was meaning to get a post up about that but I just ran out of time, sorry!

Total breakfast & lunch – = 816

Chicken Tikka Masala (424cal)

Still love this. The sauce is so flavorful and the sultanas pack that sweet boom in among the savory awesomeness.

Has been a long couple of days for me and today the dog next door was just barking all morning so I didn’t get a good sleep. :(

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Summer Menu Day 5 – Lite N Easy

Today was not a normal food day for me. It is the first day that I’ve not stuck with the Lite N Easy breakfast/lunch plan. I’ve had a couple of non Lite N Easy dinners, though..

So the menu today was meant to be –

Berry Wheat Bites (100Cal) with skim milk*
Wholegrain & Oat Toast (166Cal) with Honey (47Cal) = 213
Seasonal Fruit (76Cal)
Chicken Burger (80Cal) with Tomato (10cal) and Mayonnaise (15Cal) on a Ciabatta Bread Roll (155Cal) = 260
Red Apple (75Cal)
Popcorn (84Cal)
Fishermans Pie 457cal
= 808

I ate –

Berry Wheat Bites (100Cal) with skim milk*

Berry Wheat Bites

Popcorn (84Cal) (only half of this)

I do enjoy the popcorn, I like it a lot.

Fishermans Pie 457cal

I can now confirm for JM’s benefit that although the listing on the website says there is corn in it, and possibly the photos for Fishermans Pie shows corn, there is absolutely NO corn in this. As always this was gorgeous and awesome.

3/4 of a slice of Costco Combination Pizza (680cals MAX)

Looks good, yeah? It sure is tasty, but it is also huge. I did not get any further than 3/4 of the slice, going from the bottom up. Not a great fan of crust.

I got me some strawberries and made a tasty soda water drink. This cost me 12 calories.

I’m gonna return tomorrow with a post about substitution and desserts. :) Absolutely exhausted from a big day out of shopping and general insanity at Costco.

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Summer Menu Day 4 – Lite N Easy

Lunch – Chicken & Vegetable Risotto (236Cal)

It was decent. Could have done with a bit more chicken. No corn but there were tiny bits of cauliflower which I will be adding to my version in the future. Mine also has asparagus.

My Mum makes an awesome version of this. When I stop the Lite N Easy at some point, I will be making batches of this and freezing it.

Breakfast – Baked Beans (123Cal) on Multigrain Toast (98Cal) = 221

What can one say about baked beans on toast? I personally am a great fan of this. Some people would consider it quite boring and I guess in some ways it is..

The one problem I have been discovering is that if the frozen bread is not completely flat, it becomes quite difficult to toast and/or make the beans sit flat on it. Without cheese to hold on the beans this has every possibility of a great saucy beans all over ones self disaster. For this reason I do not allow the beans to get too hot.

Snacks – Classic Choc & Oats Bar (127Cal)

Classic Choc & Oats Bar

These are great, again. If these were available to buy, I would pick up a stash of them to keep at work.

Dinner – Fettucine Provincale

Could have done with more mushroom and I personally would have added spinach. There was quite a bit of mushroom in there but unless you have 400 mushrooms it isn’t enough for me! Absolutely zero corn, JM. :)

Fruits – Green Apple (75Cal) Kiwifruit (42Cal)

Skipped both of these in favour of a cinnamon crunch muffin with black cherries which I cooked for work – yes, the occasional bad food slips in. :) In fact the next time I make these, I will blog it – it is just a packet mix which I add tinned black cherries to but people go nuts for them and you look like a baking diva – which I most certainly am not, lol.

But this will come in handy – tomorrow we are off to Costco, a family trip this time. Finally I have talked my parents into going YAYS!! I might need the extra apple for the car trip.

I have popcorn for the afternoon. Again, if I could buy this separately I would. There is something about the popcorn – it says lightly salted but I think there are hints of icing sugar in there as well. There is something slightly sweet as well as salty.

I am not likely to be able to do the lunch – I won’t have a microwave. So, I will have to go out into the world and fend for myself as best I can without making bad choices.

Whatever happens, you’ll get to see it right here. ;)

Last week when I had popcorn was coincidentally the same day I went to the movies. Yes, I will admit it here. I went to see the final Twilight movie. I don’t love Kristen Stewart but I do enjoy the rest of the actors and of course Taylor Lautners torso is quite pretty to watch and I wanted to see the ending. I quite enjoyed it especially the bit where everything suddenly got completely out of control. Great twist which I never saw coming.

Oh also too – check out this recipe for dairy free condensed milk using coconut milk

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