Summer Menu Day 7 – Lite N Easy

Melted Cheese (55Cal) and Tomato(10cal) on a toasted Multigrain Muffin (154Cal) = 219

Swapped out the tomato for avocado – no cheese, just black pepper. Very tasty! Oops, out of focus pic.. :(

Thai Fried Rice with Chicken (226Cal)

This was pretty good. An awful lot of green beans. Could have done with more egg.

Things without photos – sorry was busy today didn’t get around to taking pics.

Seasonal Fruit (76Cal)
Peach Fruit Cup (80Cal)
Vanilla Yoghurt (125Cal)

The yoghurt is some of the best yoghurt I have ever had. Tangy, zingy, with a great Vanilla flavour.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks = 726

Dinner – Sweet N Sour Chicken (428 cals)

Again, this was excellent. Still up there on the list of top Lite N Easy meals for me.

So, next week I’ll just be posting the new stuff on the menu – no need to subject you to endless repeat photos and pics of fruit. ;)

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