Summer Menu Day 3 – Lite N Easy

So yesterday I was up for a while after posting and I found some space to try one of the desserts seeing as I only had 989 calories yesterday. The desserts arrive in a pack of 4 – Apricot Crumble – Apple Crumble – Raspberry & Apple Crumble – Rice Pudding..

The only one of the desserts which I have never had in my lifetime was rice pudding so I thought I would give it a try.

And now I know I am not a fan of it. This is the first thing I recall actually throwing away half uneaten.

Lunch – Thai Meatballs (103Cal) with Asian Coleslaw (19Cal) and Sesame Soy Dressing (39Cal) = 161

I don’t know if actual Thai meatballs would have spring onion in them but I have to say, it made them awesome – the spring onion was crunchy and gorgeous.

Snacks – Orange (55Cal)
Two Fruits Fruit Cup (76Cal)

Swapped for an apple.

Breakfast – Bacon (54Cal), Free Range Egg (73Cal) and Tomato (10cal) with Multigrain Toast (98Cal) = 235

Swapped the tomato out for half an avocado instead. Boiled the egg to eat separately.

Dinner – Chicken Tikka Masala(424cal)

No corn in this, JM :) It does have sultanas – juicy and sweet ones.

I said yesterday it takes me somewhere between 20 mins to 30 mins to eat dinner – I timed it today, just over 20 mins.

Raspberry & Apple Crumble (201Cal)

Coincidentally this was on the menu today as a surprise. It turned out to be AWESOME. I think there was custard, sultanas and apple in there too. You can order this in a pack of 4 on its own.

The thing is, I am not exactly a sweet tooth. I would prefer cheese and crackers sometimes, for a treat.

Lunch & Breakfast calories = 728
Dinner – 424
Total – 1152

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