Summer Menu Day 4 – Lite N Easy

Lunch – Chicken & Vegetable Risotto (236Cal)

It was decent. Could have done with a bit more chicken. No corn but there were tiny bits of cauliflower which I will be adding to my version in the future. Mine also has asparagus.

My Mum makes an awesome version of this. When I stop the Lite N Easy at some point, I will be making batches of this and freezing it.

Breakfast – Baked Beans (123Cal) on Multigrain Toast (98Cal) = 221

What can one say about baked beans on toast? I personally am a great fan of this. Some people would consider it quite boring and I guess in some ways it is..

The one problem I have been discovering is that if the frozen bread is not completely flat, it becomes quite difficult to toast and/or make the beans sit flat on it. Without cheese to hold on the beans this has every possibility of a great saucy beans all over ones self disaster. For this reason I do not allow the beans to get too hot.

Snacks – Classic Choc & Oats Bar (127Cal)

Classic Choc & Oats Bar

These are great, again. If these were available to buy, I would pick up a stash of them to keep at work.

Dinner – Fettucine Provincale

Could have done with more mushroom and I personally would have added spinach. There was quite a bit of mushroom in there but unless you have 400 mushrooms it isn’t enough for me! Absolutely zero corn, JM. :)

Fruits – Green Apple (75Cal) Kiwifruit (42Cal)

Skipped both of these in favour of a cinnamon crunch muffin with black cherries which I cooked for work – yes, the occasional bad food slips in. :) In fact the next time I make these, I will blog it – it is just a packet mix which I add tinned black cherries to but people go nuts for them and you look like a baking diva – which I most certainly am not, lol.

But this will come in handy – tomorrow we are off to Costco, a family trip this time. Finally I have talked my parents into going YAYS!! I might need the extra apple for the car trip.

I have popcorn for the afternoon. Again, if I could buy this separately I would. There is something about the popcorn – it says lightly salted but I think there are hints of icing sugar in there as well. There is something slightly sweet as well as salty.

I am not likely to be able to do the lunch – I won’t have a microwave. So, I will have to go out into the world and fend for myself as best I can without making bad choices.

Whatever happens, you’ll get to see it right here. ;)

Last week when I had popcorn was coincidentally the same day I went to the movies. Yes, I will admit it here. I went to see the final Twilight movie. I don’t love Kristen Stewart but I do enjoy the rest of the actors and of course Taylor Lautners torso is quite pretty to watch and I wanted to see the ending. I quite enjoyed it especially the bit where everything suddenly got completely out of control. Great twist which I never saw coming.

Oh also too – check out this recipe for dairy free condensed milk using coconut milk

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  1. Haha. I would certainly hope there is no corn in that pasta!

    I am a huge fan of beans on toast. Any day that it is an option, I go for it. It may be boring, but it’s deliciously boring. :) And I, too, wish I could stock up on those muesli bars.

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