Lite N Easy Update 16/11/12

New foods for the second half of this week –

Seasoned Chicken with Mushroom Risotto –

Not a huge amount of mushroom risotto but what little was there – awesome. The chicken tender was beautiful as the Lite N Easy chicken tenders always are. The veg was beautiful..

Chicken Cacciatore Pasta –

Breast chicken, with mushroom, olives, tomato sauce. Almost as good as the ones I make myself.

Maple Glazed Chicken –

Saucy Breast Chicken, with walnuts, potato and sweet potato, green beans and some other veg. This was beautiful – the way the sauce soaked into the potatoes and sweet potatoes.. epic win.

Week 1 of the new summer menu arrived today – I am thinking of blogging it daily for a bit. Almost all of the lunches are new foods, and I ordered some different dinners this week – eg the maple glazed chicken seen above, as well as Sweet & Sour Chicken and Rigatoni – which I have had before but not photographed and blogged.

I also ordered 4x desserts this week to give them a try. Apple Crumble – Raspberry and Apple Crumble – Rice Pudding – Apricot Crumble.

So I’ll be back tomorrow with a daily update.

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One thought on “Lite N Easy Update 16/11/12

  1. Yum-o. Especially the chicken. I’ll have to try that in my next order. Do blog about the desserts. I’ve been thinking about ordering some. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog

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