Housekeeping Note


Today is the day that my password protected post will publish..

It should be noted that Sephyroth guessed my password on the first try. Predictable, I am!

But unless you know me as well as Sephyroth does, or alternatively, you are psychic..

if you want to read the post today you’ll need to email me for the password

Send a quick email with the word password somewhere in it to snoskred {at} gmail {dot} com – Or use my Contact Form

Sephyroth is blogging again, and has posted a big update, if you want to drop on by.

The theme things which I wanted to fix have been fixed. If you can spot them, congratulations, because they were mostly tiny tweaks.

One other tiny note – I am going through old posts – they will fall into three categories – posts to delete, posts to keep and posts to update. I know there are dead links, videos which no longer work, and some negativity I want to remove from the WWW forevz.

Moving forward while looking back can be dangerous, I might trip over something. But I feel like it needs to be done, to move forward with the new improved 2015 Snoskred.

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About To Test


the password protect thingy here on the blog, tomorrow..

The password will be the same for the test post and for the upcoming post on Monday

If you will like the password, you can request it now – simply use the contact form here or email snoskred {at} gmail {dot} com – all you need to say in your email is “password” :) You can say more if you want, too! ;)

Please To Note –

I will be replying to emails with the password over the weekend – at the time this post is scheduled to post I will be fast asleep as the body clock has got a bit out of whack over the past month or so and I want to get it back on track.

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