Snoskred reads a lot of blogs. This is because she is a fast reader and also because she has many and varied interests. Below you will find the current list of all blogs Snoskred is reading regularly via her feed reader. A return link would be appreciated if you enjoy reading the blog of Snoskred as much as Snoskred enjoys reading your blog.

If you would like Snoskred to test drive your blog, simply contact her via the Contact Form. Your blog will be added to the feed reader. At the end of 6 months or so, if Snoskred is still loving your blog as much as she did when she added you, Snoskred will add you to this blogroll. YAY!

5 Acres & A Dream*
A Cartoon Guide to Becoming A Doctor*
A Clean Bake*
A Darker View*
A New Life in Wales*
A Dingo Named Gerald
A gluttonous wife
A Horse and a Half
A Wheelbarrow Full Of Style
About a Bugg *
Absolutely Fuzzy
Addicted To Costco! *
Adelaide and Beyond
Adelaide Villa *
Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl
All Cats are Grey At Night
All things Rami Malek
Almost Posh *
Amarachi Ukachu
An Exacting Life
An English Homestead *
And Drink The Wild Air
Angry people in local newspapers
Antony Green’s Election Blog
Art My Cat Makes *
Art Peace
Australian Subscription Boxes
Authentically Emmie *
Badfish Out of Water
Balancing Meanderings
Between The Racks*
Blake Hill House*
Boob In A Box *
Breathe Gently*
Breathing Space
Bubbles in my Head
Budget Conscious Beauty Mumma
By Ken Levine*
Cake Wrecks
Call Me Kim
Carly Blogs Here
Casual Kitchen
Cathy @ Still Waters*
Champagne and Chips
Clients From Hell
Confessions Of A Funeral Director
Confessions of a Glutton
Coop Thoughts
Cornish Chickpea*
Crazy Girl in an Aspie World*
Cup on the Bus*
Curves Become Her *
Dancing With Frogs*
Discourse Of A Divine Diva*
Does My Bomb Look Big In This?
Dog and Pet Paintings
Doing It For Ourselves In Wales*
Drifting through life*
Duchess Kate*
Eat Rice
Edwardian House Renovation*
Elephant’s Child*
Elizabeth Spiers*
Expat Eye On Germany
Eye on the Edge
Fashionably Employed*
Feeling flabulous
Fish Of Gold*
Foxs Lane
Fresh Eggs Daily
Frolic Hawaii
From Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault
Gay Banker*
Going Gently*
Go Fug Yourself
Good Woman
Goodnight, Cheese
Green Gourmet Giraffe*
Grown and Curvy Woman
Happy Retiree’s Kitchen
Hawaii Mom Blog
Healthy Food For Living
High Riser*
Hi Tea Style
Hotly Spiced*
I Can’t Possibly Be Wrong All The Time
Inspired By The Creek*
introverted art
it just Dawned on me . . .*
Joe Wein’s blog
Just me, Leah.*
Kahakai Kitchen
Ketchup With That
Kingfisher Cove*
Klar Himmel – Clear Skies – Carpe Noctem
Knocked Over By A Feather
Laws of the Kitchen
Let’s Use Colloquial Vernacular to be Postmodern!
Life & Other Crises
Life at Golden Pines*
Life At My Level
Life In Australia – Bob In Oz
Life’s a feast*
Life’s Funny Like That*
Live Free, Gluten Free
Love Leah X*
Lucy eats
Mama’s Style*
Maple Hill 101 *
Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO
Matt Mullenweg
Memoirs of a Chronic Chick
Middle Aged Mama*
Ministry Of Gossip
Mitchell is Moving*
Monson Fonsons
Mookie’s Life
Musing Off The Mat
My Crappy House*
My Kitchen Escapades
My Pet Chicken Blog
My Vintage Childhood
New Urban Legends
Nine Thirty To Five
Nutmeg Nanny
Once Upon an Op Shop
Our New Life in the Country*
Our Town Brisbane
Pamela J**
Patti Dawn Swanson*
Photographing New Zealand*
Princess Palace
Ramen Raff – Sydney Food Blog
Rami Malek Online
Random Musings And Wanderlust*
random truths
Randy’s Journal
Rants from Mommyland
Robert Pattinson Life
Rosanna’s Kitchen
Royal News Blog
Running to the Kitchen
rusty duck*
Sarah Jane’s Addiction
Scallywag Sprints
Scam Baiter Haven
Seana Smith
Semantically driven*
Sephy’s Platzish*
Sir and M’lady Dine Out
smitten kitchen*
Snippets & Snapshots
Sonia M Photography*
Sticky Crows
Stirring the Pot
Studio Deanna
Stuff From The Suburbs*
Suburban Tomato*
Sunny Corner Farm*
Suri’s Burn Book*
Sweet Remedy
Sydney Shop Girl*
That’s so pants
The Annoyed Thyroid*
The Art of Simple
The Cat Dish*
The Chopping Board*
The Eat More Food Project
The Fearless Scribe
The Food Diary by CK
The House on the Hill
The Inbetween Is Mine
The Katie Show Blog
The Lost Hawaiian
The Mudflats
The Muffin Queen’s Closet*
The Official Google Blog
The Occasional Nomads*
The Other Side of Sixty
The Plastic Mancunian
The Second Half of My Life*
The Siberian American
The Tasty Island*
The TSA Blog*
The Variations Of Life And Lauren
The View from My Kayak
The Wednesday Chef
The Weekend Foodie
This Confetti Life
Things Are Looking U.P.*
Tiffany Bee
Tom & Lorenzo
Tune Into Radio Carly
TV Tonight
Twilight Lexicon
Velvet Sacks
Welcome To My World
What Kate Wore*
What Kate’s Kids Wore
What’s Alan Watching
WordPress Blog
Woosang Was Here*
writes like a girl*
Writing, fatshion, me
XL as life!
You Gotta Start Somewhere**

Updated 03/05/2016 – removed blogs that no longer exist.

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I have recently gone through the process of removing some blogs from the blogroll and my feed reader. Some of the blogs stopped posting. Some of them I’m not enjoying anymore for various reasons. One of them posted spider photos as an unpleasant surprise to me. Seriously, hide those kinds of pics behind a read more tag, people! :/

If you want to know some of the reasons I would unsubscribe from a blog, here are two articles I wrote about that – 14 Reasons and 10 New Reasons I unsubscribed from blogs.

If you use a partial feed, please, STOP doing that!

Is your blog missing from the list above? You might be a recent addition to my feed reader – Check back through my new reads posts.

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