RNT Company Scam

With thanks to Mary Villahermosa who posted this email on the LCN Company Scam post – as I suspected these scammers have now changed their name.


At this moment we have full-time and partial position.

RNT Company is a worldwide goods retailer so your central tasks will include sales support for deals held in Australia: keep the data of all the purchases and payments; communicate with our clients in America, Eastern Europe and Asia; do all the necessary service and support to our sales office.

You will have up to 3500 AUD monthly plus benefits for the part-time vacancy and for full-time post – 5500 AUD monthly plus benefits. We have a probation period, during which you will be trained and guided. This period is also paid.

Conditions are easy. You just need to have computer with access to the Internet, also basic Excel skills (the software must be pre-installed), negotiation experience.

Please respond to us back. CV will be a great plus for our HR team.

Have a great day!

PLEASE Don’t Tell Them!

It seems these scammers were using a template from LMP Company and they have switched names because the very first result for LMP Company now leads to scamwarners. Now, LCN Company leads to my post that it is a scam. So they are now changing their name to RNT Company.

So – please – do not tell scammers that their company name is listed here or anywhere else on the web as a scam – it will take them mere seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be easily searchable for any future victims to find.

How Do You Know This Job Is A Scam?

This is a fake job scam. You can read more about how these scams work at Scamwatch.

In this case it seems they are direct depositing stolen or fraudulent funds into the bank accounts of scam victims. The money will appear to be legit to begin with. They will ask you to transfer funds to them via Western Union or Moneygram. It may take up to a year for the transaction to be reversed but it WILL be reversed and when it is, you will be required to pay the money back to the bank.

Mega Important Note!!

If you got this email from a different name and email address, please leave a comment asap, you can use a fake name and email address to post the comment if you like. I’ll regularly add in other names, email addresses, website addresses, and any other info you can provide in to the post. It will help other people who are searching for the names. Thanks everyone who leaves a comment, it WILL stop people from getting scammed. :)

If your email was slightly different, or you have further emails from these scammers, please post them in the comments. Your comment will go to moderation and I will double check before it is posted to make sure there is no identifying information eg your email address or your details.

I expect they will be spamming their scam posts out to a multitude of email addresses over coming days, so please help out and give us the email address they are using, so that other people searching for that email address can find this post.

I gave them my bank account details?

If you gave them the account name, BSB and account number, they can easily print fake cheques with that information. You definitely need to speak to your bank about this ASAP.

In this particular instance, you may find they deposit a sum into your account – or they may send your account a payment from a stolen credit card. If that happens, DO NOT touch that money, because eventually the bank will reverse that payment.

If it were my bank details, I would close that account as a matter of great urgency. Speak to your bank as soon as you can, and they will likely advise you to do that.

I would advise anyone caught out by this scam to make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman and also to Scamwatch via this form. The scam victim may be able to sort out a deal with the bank where the bank pays some – or all – of the losses.

More About Scams

You can see my collection of fake cheques collected from fake job scams here – Snoskred made 5 MILLION DOLLARS online this year!

You can read more about internet safety and scams here – Internet Safety & Scams – What You Need To Know.

The LCN Post –

Since it was posted on June 4th 2015, almost 9,000 people arrived at my website specifically by searching for words and email addresses that appeared in the LCN Company Team Scam post. That post received nearly 300 comments and I personally received and replied to hundreds of emails and contact forms with email addresses, URLs, further emails, and other important information which helped people find out that was a scam.

Thank You

For reading this post. Thank you for leaving a comment if you have any further information which will help other potential scam victims to find this post as well. :) You can contact me privately via this page if you like, I will reply – usually within 24 hours – if you provide a valid email address.

Further Emails –

Dear NAME,

We would like to offer position of Administrative Assistant at our company. Please, find more information about us and this position below.

RNT is a leading distributor of finest designer goods. Currently it is one of the most important specializing in online sales. With more than 5 years of experience in the designer goods industry. We offer a continuous renovation in our collections, following the latest trends in each country and season, thus satisfying the demand of clients. We always keep in mind that prices are an important factor when it comes to sales.

We are looking for a responsible person in Australia who will be ready to incur all necessary activities. Our candidate should be highly motivated. We believe that the experience is not the most important thing. The key to success is a fresh look and bold ideas!

The main duties of Administrative Assistant:

– Helping Entity’s Sales Department as a special projects support
– Data entry and other functions as specified in the instruction
– Running reports for all completed deals and wire transfers
– Providing overall administrative maintenance such as making of letters, processing purchase orders and transaction reports etc.
– Emailing correspondence every day

Hours: Full-time or part-time schedule possible. Your schedule can be irregular. For a part time variant – you will spend 3 hours per day average, from Monday to Friday.

Salary: Essential pay for a part time job is 840AUD on a weekly basis
plus 5 percent commission. Full-time job pay is 1300AUD on a weekly basis plus commission.

You will be on Probation period for your first month.

I’m sending you Application Form and short presentation of RNT(you can
find it attached to this email). You can find full job description in
the brochure(pages: 9-18). Please read it carefully, complete and send
it back to me via email or by fax +1-832-248-2766. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you,
Sarah Robson

Names & Email Addresses being used –

Sarah Robson – sarahrobson@rnt-hr.com – Jayne Womble – womble.jayne27h4@hotmail.com – boyd.paulitanp@hotmail.com – seguin.vickey650@hotmail.com – reimann.ashleyt44@hotmail.com – herman.goughj928@hotmail.com – dirk.cortez0hk@hotmail.com – solorio.leonej8e7@hotmail.com – branden.farrand76@hotmail.com = fawn.gainer237@hotmail.com

luettajtdillehayov0521@hotmail.com – luiseysyettofw7303@hotmail.com – lurlinegvgaylordpe6021@hotmail.com – lurazofluetbk0104@hotmail.com – luisehnevermanw9849@hotmail.com – luezmhieberwt3053@hotmail.com – luratxgerldo7425@hotmail.com – luisehnevermanw9849@hotmail.com – luznmogrenk0669@hotmail.com – lucreciaqhessingw5257@hotmail.com – luveniamdmermelsteindz7499@hotmail.com – luvisomesub@hotmail.com –

lurlenecsehmeriz1830@hotmail.com – luiseuvoorhiesv4156@hotmail.com – rakarai1979@mail.com – luettaqqmccabeap0317@hotmail.com – lulaggoldingert1009@hotmail.com – lunaykarbowskir1607@hotmail.com – lucinagkealohah2780@hotmail.com – luisnvcanelapk9601@hotmail.com – luiseysyettofw7303@hotmail.com – luisnvcanelapk9601@hotmail.com – Luiseyhreyerif0819@hotmail.com – lupitaiwcarninegp1870@hotmail.com –

lulagoldingert1009@Hotmail.com – ludieachristensenq7500@hotmail.com – sararobson@rnt-job.com – lurahctorresdn9533@hotmail.com – ludieachristensenq7500@hotmail.com – lurlenepdominquei2103@hotmail.com – sararobson@workrnt.com – lurlinegvgaylordpe6021@hotmail.com – antoninaumatskot0015@hotmail.com

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fawn.gainer@hotmail.com – rachelecnduemmeloso877@hotmail.com – zelmaokennas6535@hotmail.com – nidaqkeattsu5992@hotmail.com – sararobson@rntrecruit.com – dannetteegbenyamindm9355@hotmail.com – sybilflydiau6925@hotmail.com – sherylysunderbergb3096@hotmail.com – clarissaawoodenu3892@hotmail.com – tawanajsteenburghe4250@hotmail.com –

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Spam – NEVER Unsubscribe! NEVER Reply!

We bloggers want to put an email address out there on our blogs for people to contact us with. The spammers have “data mining” software, which grabs those email addresses off the internet and loads them into their spam email programs. So how can you protect yourself from this deluge of unwanted email?

Never Unsubscribe – Never Reply

I got an email this morning from a friend of mine, who mentioned receiving a spam email from Romania. This one was actually personally addressed to their email address, which often tricks people into thinking they had actually subscribed to receive these emails.

The bottom line is, spammers send these emails out in the hope that people will unsubscribe – or reply to the email asking them not to email again. Can you figure the logic in people who reply to scammers and spammers saying “Don’t email me again, ever.” – You never asked them to email you and asking them not to email you makes no sense at all. Like they’re going to do anything you ask them to do!!!

Once they have confirmed there is a real human being reading emails at that email address, they can sell it on to other spammers and make big money out of it. So set yourself a policy of never reply, never unsubscribe.

Is It Possible To Not Get Spam Emails?

Yes it is. You just have to keep your email address completely private. As in, you don’t give it to anyone, anywhere. Of course, that defeats the purpose of having an email address! You want people to be able to get in touch with you – you just don’t want spammers and scammers getting in touch.

What Else Can I Do?

There are a couple of options which are relatively simple that may not stop the spammers and scammers completely, but at least makes it harder for them.

Make Your Email Address An Image –

You may have seen this kind of image around the place – note this email address I don’t use anymore so don’t ya’all email me at it!


This is easily generated online thanks to this wonderful website – Email Icon Generator.

The only trouble with this is, your email address needs to be simple enough that people can work it out from the image. Try to use letters only because numbers will be confusing. You will find some people will get the address wrong or simply not bother, though. It is almost as bad as those Captcha word generator things for comments.

Put An Extra Word Into Your Email Address –

Then tell people underneath which word to remove. For example (this is not a real email address) emailmePOOP@mail.com <--- take out the Poop to reach me. The only trouble with this is people find it annoying and troublesome and might not email you at all. People used to use NOSPAM as the word to take out - don't use that word anymore, the scammers and spammers have worked that trick out. They're not complete nitwits, ya'all! ;)
Use One Email For The Net –

This is the solution I have chosen for myself. Make an email address which is for the web only and which receives email only – never use it for subscribing to things or personal emails or responding to anything. Be very aware that emails which arrive in there can potentially be spams and scams, and never unsubscribe to anything sent to that address – because you never USED that address to subscribe.

Make another email address for personal correspondance and keep that one to yourself and friends only. There’s no limit on how many email addresses you can have.

I use 5 different email addresses for this blog. One here for people to contact me with, one which receives all the comments people post on my blog, one which I use to email people back with, one which I use for things I have signed up for which are blog related, and one which I use when I reply to comments.

Stumble It –

I hope this might be useful information and helpful to everyone out there on the net, if you found it to be useful please stumble it. ;)

Over To You!

What are you doing to protect yourself from spam and scammers? Do you receive a lot of scam or spam emails?

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Internet Safety Part 4 – Use BCC

From yesterday’s post, Em had a question –

What is your opinion of spam filters. My gmail one seems to work quite well and the spam doesn’t bother me because I don’t see it…

I’ve got about 40 gmail accounts actually. ;) Being a scambaiter, you tend to have a lot of email addresses. The spam stuff, like viagra and cialis and people trying to sell you stuff, gmail does reasonably well with. However, they do NOT do as well with the *scam* emails, and also phishing gets through on a regular basis.

You might not be getting much in the way of spam as yet, but if you have an email address which is anywhere out there on the internet, it will be coming to you as a surprise some time in the future. WHich leads me to an important point – *always* protect your email address by writing it like this – emailme at email dot com – mine you can see in the sidebar and it looks like this –

snoskred {at} gmail {dot} com

Here’s a screenshot from one of my email accounts which is on a scam blog. The people emailing it do not know it is on a scam blog because they use an email extractor program to get the addresses.


The emails you see there arrived over the space of less than an hour. That account regularly receives around 40 emails per hour. That’s 960 emails a day. Can you imagine how this would mess up your inbox? ;)

For most people, a single gmail account with a spam filter might work just fine – until someone gives out your email address somewhere. It’ll start out being 3-4 spam emails a day, and keep going upwards until you want to throw things at people you’re getting so much of it. If you have one email account which you use for everything, it’s a real nightmare when that happens. And you would be surprised at whom is doing what with your email address as we speak.

I’ve done a lot of email warnings to scam victims over the years, and many times some of these people have decided I am their friend and added me to their forwards list. They then send me any “joke” or “inspirational” email that they stumble across during their interweb travels. The trouble is, they add all the email addresses as “cc” – carbon copy, which means me and everyone else who got the mail can see who it was sent to! That means, if a scammer or spammer gets their hands on it, they have a bunch of new targets to email.

So there’s the lesson for today – use BCC when you want to email to more than one person. *Blind* carbon copy – it means nobody else can see who you sent that mail to.

The reason I am suggesting the email plan rather than just one gmail account is because if you break it down into groups it is much less of a hassle when that account is compromised. I say when because it is highly likely to happen. :( Spam and Scam is getting worse, and there really isn’t much that can be done to stop it, so it is much better to be prepared. ;)

I hope that answers the question. :)

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