Snoskred Gets Banned!

One of the very first kayaking blogs that I stumbled upon quite by accident back in the days that I did not know kayaking blogs existed was Yakabout.

I have learnt a lot from reading this blog, and many of the things I have learned have changed our experience of kayaking forever for us. For example the shark skins – had we not heard about them on Yakabout earlier this year, we would have put the kayak away during the winter months like we did the year before. Thanks to Yakabout writing about them we got the shark skins and kayaked ourselves silly during the winter months.

At some point during the last few months with us making the decision to get into fishing from the kayak, I wanted to learn more about the fishing aspect of things. So I looked around the web with Yakabout’s links page as a starting point, and I found a kayak forum called AKFF – the Australian Kayak Fishing Forum. I lurked for a bit, getting a feel for the water, and then I signed up and began posting.

I won’t lie and say that I felt comfortable right off the bat there – there was a lot of discussion between people who clearly knew each other personally. There was also a fair bit of “Aussie” humour, some of it funny, some of it not funny at all. That is usually the case with Aussie humour, I tend to find. You take the good with the bad, though.

Earlier this week a big argument broke out when one of the members posted a photo of their dog in a thread asking members to sign a petition. Their dog happens to be a Dingo. It is legal to keep them in NSW providing you follow very specific rules, which the person in question was doing. Frankly I wish every dog breed had rules and you needed a permit to keep them, having been bitten twice by dogs I hate it when people just let their dogs run loose in the streets. It happens a lot where I live.

It seems on this forum when people have an argument, nobody reports the posts, the mod team don’t bother to step in even when they can see that rules are being broken and personal attacks are being made, and then when asked why action was not taken, they state that nobody reported the posts.

Once the argument is over – or even while it is ongoing, members of the forum will jump into the thread posting completely off topic and somewhat stupid things to try and break the tension and calm things down (hello, that is what happens when the mod/admin team isn’t doing their job properly!)

So when I saw a totally offensive (to me at least) image of a dead cat on a road posted in that thread with a sign saying “Free Cat” pointing at the run over animal, I reported the post.

I can’t remember exactly what I said when I reported it, maybe just something like inappropriate image. If I was shocked by the image, I was completely flabbergasted by the response I got from a moderator on the site named Leftieant.

As I have now been banned from the site, I am unable to post a copy of it, however I remember him saying that the image had been sent by email a lot, and he believed it wasn’t inappropriate or offensive.

I responded saying I had never seen it before, I was offended by it, and that I knew there were quite a few members on the site who were under 18, and that I hated to think of kids stumbling onto that image as a surprise to them. I also quoted sections from the rules that the image specifically broke.

I did not receive a response to that private message, and no action was taken about the photo. It is still there as far as I know. It was about this time that I began feeling this site might not be a great place to hang out.. what happened next certainly proved those feelings to be correct.

On Sunday afternoon, I visited the AKFF forums only to find a couple of threads with ……… in the title, one of which was soon deleted. I then discovered that the signature of one of the forum members – Astro, who is a contributor at Yakabout – seemed to have been modified and now made no sense.

It now said – Kayak Fishing Correspondent http://……… – and I knew that it should have said Yakabout where the dots were. Hmm.. I dropped over to Yakabout where people were already chatting about this bizarre phenomenon in the shoutbox.

That same day, Yakabout had launched a set of forums on their site. Jealous much, AKFF guys? There was no reason to be – there is plenty of room on the internet for everyone to have their own forums. However with Yakabout being as well known and as popular as it was, they clearly felt threatened by it.

I wasn’t about to keep my mouth shut about this. I felt that any community that would act so childishly towards someone as awesome as Josh from Yakabout was probably not a place I was going to spend a lot of time in the future, so I was happy to be quite outspoken about it and you can clearly see that I was in this thread which I am surprised still exists – read it while you can!.

However I did not break the rules – being an Administrator on other forums, I know better than to do that.

Josh from Yakabout also posted about the goings on, which you can read here – Days Of Our Lives.

Imagine my surprise when I returned home from a kayaking trip on Monday only to find that my forum account on AKFF no longer existed. I am in excellent company though, because Yakass (Josh) no longer exists either. No explanation from the people on AKFF, no discussion, no mention of a warning, nothing. They just threw away two members of the community.

I am assuming (perhaps someone from the site reading this could comment and let me know for sure) that they made the decision to ban Josh, and they felt I would not keep quiet about that either, so they banned me at the same time.

Now me, I can understand. I am nobody in the kayak fishing world. But Josh? Who is probably one of the most well known (not to mention popular) kayak fishermen in Australia these days? That’s a bad choice, guys. That one will come back to bite you once your members work out what is going on. Oh wait.. you’re not ballsy enough to explain it to them, and they’re gonna have to figure it out all on their own?

Let me give you an example of how you are supposed to administrate a forum. When you ban someone and create a new rule as a result of that, you need to let people in on the secret.

Recently a member on The Mudflats borrowed money from other members promising to pay it back – and then did not pay it back. When we Admins found out about this, we chose to ban the member and we also created some new rules as a result. Here you can see the post where we explained the banning, and here you can see the new rules.

That’s how you do it, AKFF people. So why don’t you explain the banning of Yakass and Snoskred to your members? Oh wait.. you don’t have a good reason for doing it? Ohhh.. right.

There were some people on AKFF who I looked forward to meeting – I guess that won’t be possible now. That is the one thing I do regret about all of this.

Not one to let things like this upset me, I have built the bridge and got over it – and joined a new kayak forum which Josh assures me is awesome, and a quick look around over there shows me it probably is the better place for me anyway, they have a local fishing group. And I see some of the people I had hoped to meet are members of this new forum also too.

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Gossip Girl.

Being a female scambaiter is not easy at the best of times but when you’re a strong person who has strong opinions the difficulty level shoots up a few thousand levels. ;) I’ve gone through a lot during my time as a scambaiter. I’ve written about it a few times here on the blog. The worst part about me is I was capable of getting a lot done in a short amount of time. Ask Sephy, he’ll tell you I can be positively frightening when there’s something to be done and I want to get it done five minutes ago.

Strong is ok on its own. Opinionated is ok on its own. Capable is ok on its own. Female is ok on its own. Add these together and some people literally quake at the knees. They fear you are going to make them look bad. When you get so much done so quickly some people fear that it makes their efforts look pathetic.

The truth is, generally those kinds of people are too busy gossiping and badmouthing others to get much done at all. One of the biggest mouths in the business who loves badmouthing and gossiping hasn’t scambaited a scammer in *years*. It makes me wonder why they call themselves a scambaiter!

My journey as a scambaiter has taught me some of the most important and valuable lessons in my life. The one I consider the most important of all is to stop worrying what other people are saying about you. It is something I have struggled with since high school.

I used to feel an insane need to get the truth out there, to make sure people knew what was being said was wrong, to show them that I wasn’t the person they said I was. I used to yell and scream about it. I used to sometimes force my truth down other peoples throats when it wouldn’t have mattered if I had video camera footage of my truth, they would still not have believed it. There are some people who just want to believe the worst. That is their loss, not mine.

The people I value are those who would hear the story and then come to me and ask me for my version. I would give it to them plain and simple. They would then make up their own minds. They would base it not just on what I told them but on having the full story from both sides, and knowing the past behaviour of both myself and the other side.

So what is the secret to letting the gossip go when everyone around you is determined to tell you all about it? And believe me, everyone was determined to let me know who said what about me. They’d even send me emails or text chats they’d had with people where I was the main topic of conversation.

I soon found the best thing to do was cut them off quickly, and focus on what is important. What person one said to person two about you is probably the least important thing in the world, when you take into account the things in the world. Instead of worrying about that, worry about doing what you do do best. That is one way I get so much done. ;) They can say what they want while you go out there and get shiznit done!

This post was a Hump Day Hmmm – you can take part too! The topic this week was The Gossip Game. All you need to do is write a post on the topic, and drop over to Julie Pippert’s blog and follow the instructions.

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Goodbye To A Good Thing.

There was a day in May, 2005 when I simply could not get out of bed.

I thought everything was fine in my life. I had a great job, one of the highest paying jobs I’d ever had. I got that job after I was treated very badly at a previous job. That’s a story in itself. The bottom line was, without knowing it I was very depressed and also without knowing it, I was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. That’s what my psychologist diagnosed, several months later when I finally managed to get some help for myself.

The day after the day I could not get out of bed, I found I could not get out of bed again. This went on for three weeks, until I finally had to admit I couldn’t go to work anymore. I resigned, and the dark hole I know as depression sucked me back in for the second time in my life. It is painful to think about that time, and it is painful to think about how I dealt with it.

I needed something to make me feel good about myself. I looked for reassurance in the wrong places. It was a huge mistake. It went on for several months like a roller coaster, until finally I hit rock bottom. I made up my mind. I was going to complete the one task I had to do, and then I was going to return home and take my own life. Whoa, that is hard to admit to you guys.

Please note, I am fine right now. ;) Though I am well aware that I could find myself back there again in the future I am better equipped to deal with it now, and I would seek help rather than keep it to myself in the future.

How it is that I am sitting here now? A very good online friend of mine from Ireland who knew what I was going through and what I intended to do had the guts to call my family and ask them to get me some help. My family was shocked and I don’t think they believed how bad it was, because on the surface I seemed to be functioning fine. I was just keeping up appearances – and there might be someone around you right now who is doing exactly that.

After that happened, I got help. I started seeing a psychologist often at first, then dropping back to once a week. Another good friend of mine saw that I was in trouble, and thought that asking me to help with a project might be a good way to drag myself out of the hole I was in. He asked me to help out with an internet website, and I threw myself into it, heart and soul.

Honestly, that person literally saved my life at the time – though they did not know it – by giving me something outside of myself that I could concentrate on. I firmly believe that, and though they won’t like me saying it, I credit them with saving my life.

Looking back on it now, this was not a wise idea for me. I needed to take care of myself before I took care of anyone else or anything else. It was easy to bury my own problems and issues in order to worry about the problems and issues of a new website. I wasn’t well. I should have said no but it was something I believed in and something I wanted to be involved in. So I said yes, and got to work.

My life started to improve and one thing that helped greatly was The Other Half and I making the decision to move interstate. We had been stuck in a rut for a long time and we needed to shake things up. We began to look forward to that. The new website had been launched and was a big success but I needed to take some time for me and moving, and so I tried to get other people to fill the hole I would leave while I did that. Unfortunately people felt I was being pushy – well of course I was, there was a lot of work to be done and I knew I could not do it, so I had to ask other people to make a commitment to doing it.

It is infinitely easier to do something yourself rather than ask other people to do something. If I could have done it all myself I would have. Simply because to ask someone – can you do this by this date – and then watch them NOT do it, and then have to ask them if they are going to do it and if so, when will they have it done by is one of the most difficult things to do. I sucked at it.

I won’t lie to ya’all. There were a couple of times I honestly went way over the top in how I reacted to people not doing things they had promised to do. It would be easy to say – it wasn’t me, I was sick – but that isn’t the truth. I have to own my part in this. I have to take responsibility for what happened. I was at fault.

It *was* me – me under a lot of stress and pressure, me in the middle of a move interstate which I had never done before, and me not in the most mentally healthy place. Me also – who in early December right in the middle of all this stress and pressure – got kicked off a website I was a huge part of. Me who was trying to deal with that on top of everything else. I did not have the tools to deal with things in an appropriate way.

So I was told by my life-saving friend – go and move, we’ll deal with everything, when you come back everything will be fine – and I trusted and believed them, and did as I was told. However when I did return, nothing was fine. I soon found myself kicked off that site as well, none of the people I thought were my friends would talk to me, including my life-saving friend.

In fact many people had changed their contact information so I couldn’t even get in touch to ask – what happened? I couldn’t see what happened. Once I’d moved didn’t have a new psychologist I could see right away, I had to wait, so I couldn’t talk about what happened to someone who knew the situation like my old psychologist did. It was too fresh, too open a wound for me to see it with any clarity at all. I could only see that I was bleeding and in pain. It was only later that I was able to see my faults.

I was hurt, upset, angry, confused, so many things. It set me back quite a bit as far as getting better was concerned. I said some things out of hurt and anger which only made the situation worse. Then one friend said to me – forget all that stuff. Focus on scam-baiting. You’re good at it. I took that advice and ran with it. I got involved in a few baiting projects and this time I wasn’t so pushy. I didn’t ask anyone to do anything, if I couldn’t do it myself it did not get done.

Time passed. A lot of time. I got over it, got better, got plenty of therapy, got healthy again. I thought other people had built the bridge and walked over it but they had not, and they kept proving it to me by writing some very hurtful things to me that had nothing to do with what was being discussed. When they wrote their words were designed to wound, to hurt. However it didn’t wound or hurt me because in the wounded place I had a healthy scar.

It seemed to me that a lot of people were stuck back in January 2006 and instead of becoming less angry with me as time went by, they became more angry with me. It also seemed that some people were taking delight in playing people off against each other. They would tell me something that someone else said, which I would later find out that person didn’t say – and vice versa. Only nobody ever came to me and asked me – did you say this? They just assumed it was the truth.

I became the person who caused all the problems. Anytime something went wrong, the blame was put on me though most of the time I wasn’t involved in any way! At first I tried to fight it, defend myself, but after a while I realised there was nothing I could do about it. I just let it go over my head and I kept baiting.

Other friends of mine were upset by it, and many of them walked away from the websites where it happened as a result. They kept telling me – leave, you don’t need that kind of stuff in your life. But I hung in there, hoping that by showing these people I was not angry at them, that I didn’t hold a grudge, that I had built the bridge.. maybe one day they would forgive me for my past mistakes and accept me as a useful member of the community. After all, I never killed anyone, right? Everyone makes mistakes, right? Surely people would get over it in time.

Early this week something happened that I did not agree with, and I said so. The amount of anger that came to me as a result of expressing my opinion totally shocked me. It should not have shocked me because it had happened so many times before, but each time I was naive enough to think “It will be different this time – more time has passed, surely they have got over it by now, surely they can see that it is not them personally I have a problem with but their actions”.

It was then that I decided the only way these people I once loved so dearly (yes, loved, though I never told them so) were ever going to get over this was by me removing myself from the equation. So earlier this week I said goodbye to a website I believed in and loved as much as I would have loved a site I owned myself – a site I had promoted, driven traffic to, and a site where I wanted very much to be an active part of the community. I will not deny I shed tears over it. I asked them to close my account, and they did so.

It was not an easy decision to make, but I had to do it because I couldn’t stand to see the people I once respected so angry at me. Still, after all this time. And if any of the people from that site are reading this now, I just want to say – I’m sorry. I hope my leaving means you can heal that anger and hurt that clearly I caused you to feel. I hope one day you can see that I cared about you and I miss you, my once-good friends. I wish you all the best but most of all I wish you peace. I wish that you will take that anger and throw it away, rather than transferring it to the next person who makes a mistake.

I remember the good times, not the bad. It was a good thing for a while there. I have forgotten every unpleasant thing ever said to me, and I forgave the people saying those unpleasant things a long time ago.. As it says in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice – “But in such cases as these, a good memory is unpardonable. This is the last time I shall ever remember it myself.” – And this is the last time I will mention it here on the blog. The book is closed, and I won’t open it again.

I’m not the same person I was two years ago. In fact it is almost the exact anniversary of when I made my decision to take my own life. I am so glad now that I did not, and that is one reason I have written this, as difficult as it was – because if there is anyone out there having those thoughts I want you to know that help is out there, you only have to ask for it. And it does get better. Honestly, it does. You just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

It is time for me to move forward. I’ve put the depression firmly behind me now and I know the warning signs to look out for so I don’t go back there again. It is time to look to the future, and I do that with open arms and an open heart.

It is time to focus on the good things I have in my life, and there are so many of them – including all of you who read this blog. I thank you for being here, it means a lot to me.

It is also time to begin the work to move this blog to WordPress. I have put aside next week for learning to use it, basically a week of WordPress training. Hopefully within two weeks I will have made the switch, but I’ll let you all know more about that as the time gets nearer.

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Things are different in the country..

This week at art class my teacher told us about one of the not so fun aspects of country life – being talked about and it getting back to you. She and her partner are renovating a house, and mainly due to a lack of funds but also due to a desire to be environmentally friendly and use materials like straw bales and paints which are not damaging to the environment with unusual paint colors, some of the aspects of their renovation are being discussed at various dinner parties.

She knows many people in the town, and somehow at these dinner parties there is always a friend of hers who lets her know what is being said. There’s probably equal amounts of positive and negative, and many of the developments and other renovations in the town end up being discussed as well. But she admitted it is a little unsettling to know that people are talking about you.

Another major difference I’ve found when living in the country is the stuff you carry in your car. In the city I rarely had anything in the boot or backseat. In the country most people and now even me tend to have a lot of items which need to be carried. In my car boot for example, I have a bunch of green shopping bags, and a cooler bag which you can put cold items in for drives – on hot days I use these to carry home cold things from the supermarket, even though it’s a short-ish drive. We have a little cooler bag which we put cold cans in anytime we’re going on a daytrip type of drive.

In one of the green bags I have my little kit of assorted things you may need –

– latex gloves. Useful for many reasons but my major one is to check the pouches of roos, wombats and other pouch animals – babies can survive up to three days after the parent is killed and they can be rescued. If you’re in Australia and you see an animal by the side of the road with a green stripe spraypainted on it, this means someone has already checked the pouch. Also useful in case of first aid situations.

– wet wipes of various kinds – anti-bacterial, glass cleaning, ones to clean hands, yes I am a germophobe but also these are handy when fishing!

– First aid kit. One night back in the city when we lived on a main road, we were just sitting down to a lovely chicken roast when we heard this huge bang. A couple of elderly people were driving along the road and they ran right up the back end of a car parked on the side of the road. Having done first aid for many years as a St John’s cadet, I grabbed the little kit we had there and ran out to help while the other half called the police. This poor old couple, I felt terrible for them – and it was a dark red car under a tree which meant you really couldn’t see it very well. It turned out ok, they were fine, and we even went to the hospital to stay with them until their family got there and then visited them at home once they got out because they were so lovely. Imagine being the first one to an accident scene in the country, where help can be quite a drive away and mobile phones don’t always work. You bet I carry a good first aid kit.

– a rug. Useful for injured animals, like the time I sat an emu on my lap for 30kms till we got it to a vet. It had been hit by a car on the hay plains and was grazed and stunned. We weren’t sure it could walk, so we wrapped it in the rug and it became my new best friend. Emus are not small birds, you know. They can also be extremely aggressive. But it was worth it because the bird was very calm and seemed to know we were helping, and ended up being fine.

Another big difference is you have no hesitation buying things in bulk. We go to a local feed store here and buy two 20kg bags of kitty litter every couple of months. This costs us $30 in total. It works out to .75 cents per kilo of kitty litter, it’s one trip where you have to lug something heavy, it lasts us ages, we put it into these big buckets and use it as we need it.. We never run out because we always go back when the second bag gets opened. It’s a great deal. ;) So if we go somewhere and we see a great deal for buying in bulk we usually just grab it.

And the feed store, I love it there. It’s like a trip back in time. They have a lot of really great stuff you’ve never heard of before. They sell feed for every animal imaginable. THEY HAVE LIVE CHICKENS. I really want to have chickens of my own one day.

We now have a rule for shopping in the country. If you see something and you want it, grab it because it is not likely to be there the next time you’re looking for it.

The kitty post will have to wait because I want to try and get some photos to go with it. ;) Keep an eye on the blog over the weekend to see photos of our trip posted by Sephy. Be good ya’all and have a great weekend, I plan to. ;)

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I just ordered pizza for dinner and I feel like I got shafted, they charged me $2 extra for anchovies and then asked me if this was allright. Actually, no, it’s not allright, but I want the anchovies, and if you’re not going to give them to me for *free* as should be the way, it was always an optional extra and now you want to make me pay? Grrr.

Why is it that when people are talking about you behind your back, other people feel like it’s the right thing to do to let you know what is being said? This happened to me recently, and now people are trying to make me feel like it’s my fault that I know what was said! My advice to the people talking about me behind my back – get some balls and say it to my face, because it will come to me as a surprise anyway, so if you have something to say either don’t do it, or cut out the middle man and say it directly to me.

It used to be that you would know, when you said something to someone, that is as far as it went. A funny thing happened – some people got everyone to tell them everything that was going on, but what they didn’t realise is when they broke down the walls of confidentiality, they put themselves in a position where people would not keep what *they* said confidential either. And now everyone is just telling each other everything, chat logs are flying in all directions, and no matter how many people you exclude from the chats in your state of panic and drama, they are still coming to me, how’s that for not knowing who you can trust? So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything, is my advice.

Coming over the next day or few, some info on what art I’m up to lately. I feel the need to focus on that more and more recently, that’s why I’m not around so much.

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The Idiocy

You know what I love?

When someone pretends to be all nice to you to your face, and says all the right things, you think they are a friend of yours.. and then you find out the real truth about what they say about you when you’re not around.

I think most scambaiters would tell you this. Don’t take on Snoskred head to head, because you will lose. Especially if you’re not smart with computers. She’s not smart with computers either, not for the most part, but she has a “group of one” as her partner that IS smart with computers.

But me, and my “group of seven”, are not going to roll over, so why don’t you just quit while you’re ahead? Because we’re miles ahead of you. ;) We’ll leave you alone as long as you don’t fuck with us. Fuck with us? You’re fucked before you even start.

This is actually so freaking hilarious and completely sarcastic and ironic, to those who aren’t baiters reading this. There is no group of seven. A sad old man in Queensland who has mental issues and a grudge against some people who run two different websites which (wisely, it turns out) kicked and banned him from their boards, has been going around making threats and saying stupid things. One of the things he said was that there was this group of seven, and he liked to tell people I was one of the group of seven!

Well, I’m not. I was nice to him, a couple of times. I helped him out with a technical thing. When he had run ins with people, I simply gave him some advice when I thought he could use it – as in, stop holding this grudge. It’s no good for you, and it’s no good for them. Why not use your energy more usefully? Build a bridge. Do some work. Learn how to use some of the stuff we have. In fact learn how to use your computer, and stop freaking out and thinking people are hacking into yours all the time. They’re not. They have no interest in your computer, or you. They just want you to stop harassing them.

So back in December, he was going on holidays and he *swore* to me before he left that when he came back, he would have built the bridge, and he wouldn’t be holding the grudge anymore, and he’d be ready to help with some serious work. I’m not kidding, I have a lot of stuff on my plate that needs doing, and I’ll take any help I can get, even if it is someone who doesn’t know how to cut and paste or use a computer, though they’ll have to work that out to do most of the stuff I have that needs doing. Of course, no help came to me as a surprise. What did come to me as a surprise was the news, received just a few days ago, that the little old man was actually still harassing the people he had a grudge with.

So I have a little message for that little old man. Get help. You need it. I’m serious. And keep me out of your conspiracies, because I’ve got serious stuff that needs doing, and I don’t need to waste time on your insane bullshit. Ok? And it’s real adult behaviour to kick someone off your skype contacts. You’re an old man, act like a mature adult, would ya?

In closing, for anyone wondering if the group of seven exists, get it right here from the horse’s mouth – or from my skype chat history.

Little Old Man: 00:12:27 : first part true second as i have said the group of seven do not exist so the second part is false

And here ends the myth of the group of seven. Okie dokie then?

What serious stuff am I doing? At the moment I am baiting over 1,000 love scammers. When they send me a picture, I put it here along with the email they sent. I’m hoping I can put a list of love scammer telephone numbers there, too. In the hope that victims might google that kind of thing and find out it is a scam before they pay any money. Yes little old man, I could have used your help with this. But not now, because now I wouldn’t allow you to cut and paste anything, anywhere. So I’ll have to do it all myself though Sephy will help me, and I have ooh gosh, 814 unread love scam emails which I have to try and go through to drag out the info I need. And that’s not all, not by a long shot.

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It’s 1:30am and my mind is wide awake. The other half went to bed quite a while ago now, and I don’t want to go in and read till I’m tired because it will wake him up. Much of this post won’t make a lot of sense. It’s ok, I just need to get it out.

I’ve made many mistakes in my life, but the one that keeps annoying me today is why did I place my faith in other people when I should probably have struck out on my own and created what I wanted to create, especially when those other people suddenly decided they didn’t want me to be involved in things to the same extent I originally was.

Those people let me down and yet, I continue to support them. Those people say nasty things about me when they think nobody else is looking. Well, people are looking and whether you like it or not, they have no good reasons to treat me badly, so they let me know what is said. And I don’t say anything, and I probably should, but I figure for the good of everyone, it’s better just to let them talk and try to show them by my actions that I am not the person they think I am.

I know this – I have done a lot of good things. I don’t talk trash behind peoples backs – if I am going to say something about you I say it to you. Maybe I should have done what everyone was urging me to do – create my own empire, make my own site, do my own thing, but that would have taken the focus away from what is really important, and it would have meant a lot of the work I have put into things would have to have been put into creating the empire, and realistically that would have been a waste of my time and energy.

People think I’m holding grudges, but I don’t. I’ve put the past behind me, well behind me – they are the ones with the chips on their shoulder and no real desire to remove them. I was told to build a bridge, and I did. And let’s face it, someone who said some very nasty things about me, and continues to do so from what I am told, recently I put a fair bit of effort in to doing something nice for them – for the good of the bigger picture.

People ask me why, when I was treated so badly by certain people, I continue to stick around. It’s a good question and one I find myself asking myself today. I have a little piece of paper on my desk. You might have seen it in the doll pictures. Maybe you can’t make out what it says, but it is the answer, and that is why it sits there on my desk, right in front of me, day after day.


It’s entirely true. What it says is – sometimes taking the high road is no fun at all.

It hasn’t been fun. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t enjoy the way certain people treat me. But the good things that have come from me taking that high road are very worthwhile and one day, maybe, those people who have been so unpleasant will come around and see my actual actions instead of making sh*t up. They’ll look and see and maybe they will eventually think – damn, she did that, even while we were talking crap about her? Even when we kicked her in the teeth, and then kept kicking her in the teeth, over and over till most of her teeth were missing? What would I have done in her shoes? Would I have stuck around? Would I have stuck it out? No f*cking way. I’d have resigned publicly, made a huge fuss, gone off and made my own site, and split the community even further from what it already was.

Right now today, I am truly wondering if this has been worth it, when people won’t let go of the past, and they still seem to think kicking me in the teeth is a great idea. And maybe what I should do is exactly what *they* would have done in my place – resign publicly, cause a huge fuss, go off and make my own site, and split the community. But I can’t do that, not because I can’t go make my own site, I have in house technical support and my own server is finally back online etc, but because I believe the community is split enough already, and further fractures will only do more harm.

It’s time. People need to stop trying to hurt each other, and remember why they are involved in any of this at all.

Today I did go make my own site. It’s actually for all my stuff, because now my server is back online I’ve managed to get things into one place, and some kind of order. It’s got all my scambaiting audios there in one place, well a lot of them anyway. I’m going to get back into doing more of that stuff soon.

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Real nice..

An anonymous user just left this comment –

On behalf of the entire Whirlpool community, let me tell you straight up that we consider you to be an ABSOLUTE waste of space and oxygen.

Please, do us all a favour and seriously consider topping yourself the next time you are near a tall enough bridge.

It’s the only hope you’ve got in your miserable life.

Well, guess what. Just to annoy you further, I’m NOT going to top myself. And, I’m going to stay on Whirlpool. And, you can shove it up your ass! ;)

This is probably because I got a little publicity today.. Jealous much? Perhaps not capable of achieving anything in your own life? I’m not even going to delete your comment, it just shows how lame you are.. you don’t even have the guts to say who you are! If you’re going to say something like this at least have the balls to say who you are.

Plus, you have no idea who you’re messing with, I’m a scambaiter mate, I have already tracked you to your ISP.. ;) Shall I report you? Would that make your day? Is that what you want?

If any Whirlpool users are reading this and you don’t feel the same way, perhaps you want to let this fuckwit know he’s not posting on behalf of the entire community? ;)

Sorry guys things are going 100 miles an hour right now, more later.. :)

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It’s hilarious..

To all scambaiters out there on the planet

My other readers can skip this post, I’ll post something useful and interesting shortly.

Rumours continue to abound that I am secretly plotting against other scambaiters to the point that I feel the need to clarify the following. Please take the time to actually read this post and absorb it, instead of interpreting it to mean something entirely different.

In the past few weeks, I have laughed at the following rumours –

– that I am secretly wanting to take over a site that belongs to a fellow scambaiter – a site which I rarely visit and if I do visit it is only to have a good laugh at the carrots stuck up the rear ends of people who participate there.

– that I am a part of some fictitious group which is plotting to hack and take over sites.

– that I have been goading other baiters into doing things which have caused issues for others.

– that I am a master of puppets, pulling people’s strings from a distance.

I know I am NOT plotting against anyone, and in fact I couldn’t give a shit about any of those people I used to call friends who turned out to be incredibly two faced. You know who you are, if you are reading this. You know what you did.

I have built a bridge, walked over it, and truly am working on MY OWN PROJECTS NOW which have absolutely NOTHING to do with any of you and are IN NO WAY plotting against you. To quote Jane Austen –

You have widely mistaken my character.

Perhaps you need more tinfoil hats? Perhaps you need to stop hanging out on skype chats or secret little boards discussing things and making them into conspiracies that do not exist? And perhaps you need to make sure your secret boards hide their referrers when you link to my blog, because stupidly one of you clicked through to here from your secret website. So it’s not so secret now.

And perhaps I am a master of puppets after all, if me doing nothing at all except for getting on with my life without reference to any person so wholly unconnected with me as these people are can cause such rumours to persist and abound.

It’s been a over a year since I was removed from one site, and almost as long a time since I stepped down from holding any responsibility on other sites. I am not angry, I am not holding any grudges, I’ll be honest and say that when I do occasionally think of you, I think the majority of you are assholes who will find Karma kicking your ass at some point in the future, but that is where it ends.

There’s maybe one or two of you who are decent people but when gathered in a group and something happens, you act like chickens with their heads cut off, and panic, and do stupid things. Remember the advice from the Royal Family?

In a crisis, do nothing.

That’s what you need to do in future.

So instead of saying stuff about me or other people, why don’t you BAIT SOME FUCKING SCAMMERS? This is the second time I have suggested you do that. Why not do something useful? Why not try to be decent people instead of such fuckwits all the time?

And to the decent scambaiters out there, and there are many of you, who don’t participate in these gossip festivals, who don’t wish harm to any fellow scambaiters, who only want to hurt the lads, good on you guys. There are so many baiters who seem to have forgotten it is about hurting the lads and not each other, and baiting the lads and not each other.

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Some men are small..

in stature, and they spend their lives trying to become bigger than they are. Take Tom Cruise for example. He’s a short man. He’s married two women, both who are taller than him. The latest one crouches slightly in their wedding photo(s) to make them look like they’re around the same height. That is, if he didn’t have her legs shortened, or his lengthened! But it must have been really hard for her to remember to stay short, and clearly she could not wear heels.


Some men are just small on the inside. I know a man who would like to control people. He would like to control their opinions, their thoughts, what they write. Sort of like a small big brother. He came here to my blog, and spent a substantial amount of time (for someone with so much to do) reading through my posts. I’m flattered. Thanks for taking an interest in me. It’s real nice to have you visit. Come back soon, ya’all! But wait.. maybe not.

I received a message from that person questioning certain things that were said on this blog. The message went along the lines of ‘Does this refer to me or any of my friends, I’m sure it doesn’t’ – that’s not a direct quote. Of course you can’t appreciate the sarcasm dripping from the words like I can.

He’s since dropped back by here twice, to see if I’ve written anything about it. And you know, because it’s my blog, I think I will. ;) Though it is tempting to just ignore him completely, as insignificant to me as he has become until he makes a blip on my radar by sending me this extremely inappropriate message, trying to push my buttons, looking for a reaction.

He might even think he got what he wants when he sees this post. Actually no, you didn’t. This is me showing you, this is my blog, and I’ll say whatever I want here, and screw you. Though not literally, I’m not that kind of desperate.

So he’s looked through everything I’ve written for *anything* that could possibly be referring to him in an offensive way. You should keep looking, I’m sure there’s something to find somewhere. What do you intend to do when you find it? Tell everyone how bad I’ve been? And what’s my crime? I’m speaking my opinions without naming names on my own blog. It’s the nicer way to do it. I could name names, but that would be crossing a line for me. And I really don’t think you want me to do it anyway, right?

This is my own blog, there’s no such thing as blog abuse here – this is my space to say what I want to say. You don’t like that, do you? You don’t have the control over this environment, and this is where I’m spending a lot of time these days. And maybe it’s dawning on you, finally at last, that you no longer have any control over *me*. And I could care less about you.

If you *think* the shoe fits and those comments are about you, go ahead and put the shoe on. Wear it. Interpretation is in the mind of the reader, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you don’t like what you read here, nobody is forcing you to read what I write. See that little red cross up in the top corner of the page? Click on that, mate. It’ll ease your paranoia. Or seek counselling, or something. And maybe the rest of us should invest in tin foil – I don’t think there is enough tin foil in the country where you live to cope with your self-obsessed paranoia.. they’ll soon run out of tin foil if you keep putting this shit forward!

Thanks for reading, and dropping by. Feel free to quit dropping by anytime you like. We wouldn’t want you to take any of my comments as being directed at or about you now, would we?

Maybe the message sender could use this as a whole new conspiracy theory as the previous ones are worn and tired now.. wait a minute, let me think. Snoskred started this blog so that if people chose to kick her off of forums – as has happened to her in the past – they would be able to read her side of things?

Well, on that one, there is no conspiracy theory. You would be 100% right. I created this blog so that the people I know could always find me if they wanted to. So that no forum could silence me in the future like they did in the past, by banning me and kicking me out. So that there is one place where *I* have all the control.

Dear Fellow Bloggers – does this mean I now have a blog stalker? I suppose this is something every blogger has to deal with at some point, but could I ask for your help? Pray to your chosen Deity (if you have one) that my next blog stalker will be younger, cuter, and not nearly as self obsessed, controlling, backstabbing or power hungry?

Pray that my next blog stalker will in fact be either Leonardo DiCaprio or Christian Slater or even Morten Harket or Lukas Rossi? It’s not impossible, people do google themselves, and if enough of you pray, anything can happen. Pray that this current blog stalker will make a huge big deal out of what I’ve written here, as it will encourage much traffic to visit and read my blog?

After all, people know where to find me. I’ve found out today that I’m number one on google when you search for Snoskred.. YAY!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I got stuff to do.. :)

{sarcasm ON} I have to go back to plotting against this individual {sarcasm OFF} Where on earth do I find the hours in the day to do all the stuff I do as well as {sarcasm ON} taking over the world, shagging all the google people so they’ll rank me higher, finding spokespeople and puppets to speak my words for me, and generally spreading disaffection {sarcasm OFF}, commenting on NaBloPoMo blogs, taking photos, playing pool, housework, gardening, attending meat raffles, making movie reviews, listening to music, painting, all the things I actually do.. ;)

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