Some men are small..

in stature, and they spend their lives trying to become bigger than they are. Take Tom Cruise for example. He’s a short man. He’s married two women, both who are taller than him. The latest one crouches slightly in their wedding photo(s) to make them look like they’re around the same height. That is, if he didn’t have her legs shortened, or his lengthened! But it must have been really hard for her to remember to stay short, and clearly she could not wear heels.


Some men are just small on the inside. I know a man who would like to control people. He would like to control their opinions, their thoughts, what they write. Sort of like a small big brother. He came here to my blog, and spent a substantial amount of time (for someone with so much to do) reading through my posts. I’m flattered. Thanks for taking an interest in me. It’s real nice to have you visit. Come back soon, ya’all! But wait.. maybe not.

I received a message from that person questioning certain things that were said on this blog. The message went along the lines of ‘Does this refer to me or any of my friends, I’m sure it doesn’t’ – that’s not a direct quote. Of course you can’t appreciate the sarcasm dripping from the words like I can.

He’s since dropped back by here twice, to see if I’ve written anything about it. And you know, because it’s my blog, I think I will. ;) Though it is tempting to just ignore him completely, as insignificant to me as he has become until he makes a blip on my radar by sending me this extremely inappropriate message, trying to push my buttons, looking for a reaction.

He might even think he got what he wants when he sees this post. Actually no, you didn’t. This is me showing you, this is my blog, and I’ll say whatever I want here, and screw you. Though not literally, I’m not that kind of desperate.

So he’s looked through everything I’ve written for *anything* that could possibly be referring to him in an offensive way. You should keep looking, I’m sure there’s something to find somewhere. What do you intend to do when you find it? Tell everyone how bad I’ve been? And what’s my crime? I’m speaking my opinions without naming names on my own blog. It’s the nicer way to do it. I could name names, but that would be crossing a line for me. And I really don’t think you want me to do it anyway, right?

This is my own blog, there’s no such thing as blog abuse here – this is my space to say what I want to say. You don’t like that, do you? You don’t have the control over this environment, and this is where I’m spending a lot of time these days. And maybe it’s dawning on you, finally at last, that you no longer have any control over *me*. And I could care less about you.

If you *think* the shoe fits and those comments are about you, go ahead and put the shoe on. Wear it. Interpretation is in the mind of the reader, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you don’t like what you read here, nobody is forcing you to read what I write. See that little red cross up in the top corner of the page? Click on that, mate. It’ll ease your paranoia. Or seek counselling, or something. And maybe the rest of us should invest in tin foil – I don’t think there is enough tin foil in the country where you live to cope with your self-obsessed paranoia.. they’ll soon run out of tin foil if you keep putting this shit forward!

Thanks for reading, and dropping by. Feel free to quit dropping by anytime you like. We wouldn’t want you to take any of my comments as being directed at or about you now, would we?

Maybe the message sender could use this as a whole new conspiracy theory as the previous ones are worn and tired now.. wait a minute, let me think. Snoskred started this blog so that if people chose to kick her off of forums – as has happened to her in the past – they would be able to read her side of things?

Well, on that one, there is no conspiracy theory. You would be 100% right. I created this blog so that the people I know could always find me if they wanted to. So that no forum could silence me in the future like they did in the past, by banning me and kicking me out. So that there is one place where *I* have all the control.

Dear Fellow Bloggers – does this mean I now have a blog stalker? I suppose this is something every blogger has to deal with at some point, but could I ask for your help? Pray to your chosen Deity (if you have one) that my next blog stalker will be younger, cuter, and not nearly as self obsessed, controlling, backstabbing or power hungry?

Pray that my next blog stalker will in fact be either Leonardo DiCaprio or Christian Slater or even Morten Harket or Lukas Rossi? It’s not impossible, people do google themselves, and if enough of you pray, anything can happen. Pray that this current blog stalker will make a huge big deal out of what I’ve written here, as it will encourage much traffic to visit and read my blog?

After all, people know where to find me. I’ve found out today that I’m number one on google when you search for Snoskred.. YAY!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I got stuff to do.. :)

{sarcasm ON} I have to go back to plotting against this individual {sarcasm OFF} Where on earth do I find the hours in the day to do all the stuff I do as well as {sarcasm ON} taking over the world, shagging all the google people so they’ll rank me higher, finding spokespeople and puppets to speak my words for me, and generally spreading disaffection {sarcasm OFF}, commenting on NaBloPoMo blogs, taking photos, playing pool, housework, gardening, attending meat raffles, making movie reviews, listening to music, painting, all the things I actually do.. ;)

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7 thoughts on “Some men are small..

  1. This is why noone in my real world knows I blog. Saves embarrassment all round, really.

    I hope he goes away, Snoskred. Noone needs a nuisance.

  2. The good thing is, he’s never been in my real world ;) just someone I know from an online place. I haven’t told any family or friends about this blog and it’s going to stay that way. Well, except the other half, and Sephy but they’d never pull this kind of shyte on me, regardless.

    He can keep reading if he wants, though I am sure he could use his time much more usefully.. ;) And thanks for the comment Meva, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, I was scared people would just keep off! ;)

    I wasn’t sure about blogging this but in the end it was like fuck it, so be it, just do it, you know? ;)

  3. Hello there! Your blog came to me because I have Lukas Rossi on news allert. I’m a Lukatic! We post at the msn Rs/sn site and others. You have a right to free speech so does your asshole blog stalker. The only way is to block him out. Do not engage in any communication and stop thinking about him. Even the thought of this person gives him control of your mind. Take back your power and give him none.
    The Lukatics have been harrassed, but we ignore, report abuse. The bullies go onto to someone else who’s vulnerable. I’m seeing Lukas Rossi in Vancouver and Everett,Washington!! Booooyaaaaa!!

  4. refinnej – Me either. I think it’s just a case of power corrupting. ;)

    Anon – hey, welcome! You’ll be back cos I am planning on mentioning him a few zillion more times. :) hehe This guy doesn’t have a right to free speech here on my blog, because it’s my blog. ;) I might grant it to him if he’s reasonable, but if he comes here and acts the bully, I can delete his comments. In this case, I have a little power. But it’s not likely to be here that he’ll do it – he has his own turf and that’s where he’s more likely to strike.

    I just had to get it out and that’s what a blog is for, it’s my place to express myself. Hopefully he’ll quit while he’s ahead. Or he thinks he’s ahead. Or something.. :)

    Thanks for your supportive comments both here and privately by email everyone, I really do appreciate it. :)

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