Be Present Now

Oh my goodness. People and their mobile phones. I am about ready to shove these things in the place the sun does not shine.

In the past few weeks, I have avoided drivers on their phones, cyclists riding while texting and looking at their Facebook feed, people actually running while looking at their phones and not at where they are going, and people walking while doing that.

I have seen parents sitting at the playground with no eyes on their kids and all eyes on their phone.

I have been to concerts where people filmed the entire thing on their mobile phone.

We sat recently at a restaurant where two parents completely immersed themselves in their phones and ignored their kids for quite a significant amount of time.

My phone NEVER comes out of my handbag when I am driving in the car. NEVER. If I am driving, and it beeps, I wait until I get to my destination, or I pull over to the side of the road. I did not need a video of people using their phones while driving to tell me never to do that. But if you do need such a video, here it is.

My phone rarely makes it out of my handbag out in the world. It is there in case I need to call someone in an emergency. If I need to use it while walking, I do something SO CRAZY, apparently. I find a place out of the way of other people, stop, and do the thing I need to do, which is usually reply to a message quickly.

I do not have Facebook on my mobile phone. There is no Twitter, no Instagram, no social media at all on my mobile phone. If I am going to use those things, I do that safely on my laptop in the comfortable embrace of my recliner, which does not have wheels or a steering wheel. As far as I am aware, my recliner at this present time is not capable of murdering other people as a surprise while I am trying to type a message. Unless perhaps it was dropped from a crane.

I do have one free messaging app, mainly used to send photos to The Other Half or to Sephyroth. Otherwise my phone is for taking photos while out and about, and for making actual calls. I might play a game while waiting for an appointment, and for a few minutes to wind down before bedtime, but not while walking, running, cycling or driving, because THAT IS INSANE.

I don’t see dead people, but I see plenty of soon to be dead people if they don’t wake up and smell the coffee. I see people leave their lane and drive into the lane of oncoming traffic all the time on our roads. Are they trying to win a Darwin award? Are they going to take out other people who were doing nothing wrong in the process?

Now there is a video of a guy who deliberately bumped into people who were so immersed in their mobile phones while walking that they could not avoid walking into him. Watch that video and then make the decision never to use your phone while driving again, because look at how those people cannot walk while using their phone let alone operate a vehicle that can MURDER people.

Are we already in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse where people have lost their minds, just without the brain eating?

Please do not put your valuable life and the valuable lives of those around you by using your mobile phone while walking, running, riding a bike, driving a car, riding a horse, rollerblading, kayaking, driving a boat.. :)

But my even better advice to everyone is this –


It’ll be fun. Snoskred said so. :)

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8 thoughts on “Be Present Now

  1. I so agree! The driving is terrifying enough without the distraction of a cell phone. And people who go out with friends/family and just stare at their phones, WHY bother? Zombies indeed.

  2. I am surprised more people don’t bump into each other in the street. As per the film, it is last minute avoidance. Definitely a no no when driving and care needs to be taken other times. I occasionally use mine a bit when walking, but I usually stop and try to stand where I am not blocking the footpath.

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