Controversy in the blogosphere = my wall art.

Today’s been one of those days where I kinda wish I’d stayed in bed. There’s controversy afoot in the blogosphere. First over at Blogrhet, where I’ve got involved in a discussion about race. Second over at Thailand Gal and The Ravin Picture Maven where two of my favourite people seem to have had a falling out. Third, at Big Fat Deal, where a link to an article in the Boston Globe – Do we really need a law to protect fat workers – was posted – an article which is inspiring me for next week’s Hump Day Hmmm, for which I’m currently considering the title Fat Is The New Black.

On top of all this, the people across the road are playing rugby in the street, shouting and screaming and making a lot of noise, the dog next door is endlessly barking, the builders across the road start work at 6:30am and finish at 6pm making a hell of a racket all day plus there’s a constant engine running drone coming from that direction, not one decent place to live in the peaceful place I want to move to has been listed in the last 2 weeks, in order to counteract the noise from outside I have music playing very loudly in here (currently coldplay), some f*cknut stole my blog content and refuses to remove it, (see Meg’s great post Copyright and Plagiarism on Blogs for info on what to do when this happens) I missed seeing the space shuttle launch this morning because I slept in and I have the theme song from Mad Max 3 Beyond the Thunderdome by Tina Turner (we don’t need another hero, we don’t need to know the way home, all we want is life beyond the thunderdome) as well as the Eagles Hotel California (And she said ’we are all just prisoners here, of our own device’) alternating in my skull at loud volumes which can only mean one thing. What does it mean, I hear you ask?

Snoskred is possessed by the Devil.

Well, the Eagles Hotel California means that, anyway. They told me so when I was on a Baptist church camp once – that song = Satan. You heard it here first. Unless you heard it on your own church camp.

It’s making me tired, all this not understanding where each other is coming from. I feel like taking a nap. Of course the rugby playing shouting screaming dog barking builder racket is not going to allow me to do that. So, I’ve decided to take a day out from it here on the blog and by popular request post photos of all my wall art. Yeah we’re used to long posts here by now right? Well this one will be long because it’ll have a lot of photos, many of them not as good quality as I would like. But here we go anyway. Apologies for the sometimes odd angles and not brilliant picture quality however it isn’t easy to take pics of this stuff inside on a very thunderstormy day. And one of them is crooked but I don’t have the energy to go back and take the photo again, so just deal with it, ok? ;)

Now let us stop talking, calm the mind and look at pretty pictures. Or alternatively, you do that while I attempt to think positive thoughts, long for some peace and quiet and look for earplugs.

















There’s only one solution for this mood I’m in. I need to go sit in my recliner, and watch William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at high volume on the surround sound and have a good bawl.. Catch you tomorrow. ;)

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12 thoughts on “Controversy in the blogosphere = my wall art.

  1. Don’t go yet, my friend! I come bearing good news to cheer up your bleak day! After less than one month, your new blog has managed to squeak in at number 100 on the Top Aussie Blogs this week :D

    I’ll be updating the list later tonight but it seemed like you needed some GOOD news!

    “Don’t let the turkeys get you down”.

  2. Beautiful pictures, love that one of the three big cats together. And the forest with the sunlight slanting through the tree trunks? Just off to the right, in a little clearing, is my special little dream home hideaway……I have a similar pic at home in my bedroom, it has a stone stairway climbing up through the trees and whenever I’m down I gaze at it and picture myself climbing up to my own space.

  3. Ah, Leonardo combined with Shakespeare. Two of my favourite things, I’m feeling a lot better already.. and then I come back here to read I’m number 100! ;) hehe well it’s all downhill from here I think.. ;)

    Meg, it is just getting really frustrating facing another summer with these inconsiderate people across the road and this barking dog next door. I have not seen one single new place where we want to live for two entire weeks now. :( I am beginning to freak out and think we’re going to be stuck here.

    River – the forest one is on my loungeroom wall, it’s so pretty ;)

    Thanks for commenting Meg and River, I think after a good nights sleep I’ll be 100% again. If not, there’s always Titanic. ;) It’s not Shakespeare, but it does have Leonardo. ;)

    And if that doesn’t work, I’ll break out the Harrison Ford.


  4. The pictures are lovely

    Oh that’s too bad about the noisy neighbors.

    I went to church camp, but I never heard that song = satan all church camps don’t think that way as with anything else you have your good and bad churches. :-)

    I saw the conversation about racism in the blogosphere I first read about it on Mocha Momma and although I agree it is there I also realize that others, who aren’t minorities, like myself can and do face prejudices.

    Although they might not have been killed off in alarming numbers it doesn’t mean that an individual cannot relate to the pain, frustration, and anger that is felt by being targeted because you are (fill in the blank.) I haven’t checked out the blog you mentioned above so I’ll pop by to see what’s going on.

    To move forward I (and others) need to get past this victim mentality. I’ve moved past “nobody who isn’t a minority cannot possibly understand what I’ going through” years ago because I realized this wasn’t helping me or anyone else. I can understand the reasons behind why people make these statements, but I frequently find it turns people off and makes them feel as if you are targeting them. In a sense, you are doing the same thing that others have done to you. You’re continuing that vicious cycle. It needs to stop.

    I’ve been meaning to blog about this for some time, but I’m still thinking about the words I should use since, for many, including myself it’s an emotional topic but I’ve realized to be heard by others I need to talk or write in a way where I don’t intentionally hurt anyone else.

    At times, we need to step back and think if we were on the receiving end how would we feel?

    Opal Tribble

  5. Your wall art definitely has a therapeutic effect. :-)

    Also I’m wondering what the scene is in the Fire And Ice work. For some reason that one stands out for me.

  6. Someone stole the contents of your blog? WTF? I can’t imagine why someone would bother to do that. But there’s a lot I don’t understand.

    Nice to see your paintings. I hope you do more soonext.

  7. “Fat is the New Black”. Love it! Now I will definitely read your post on that!

    Nice pics. Thanks for the refuge.



  8. I’ve learned from a very bad experience that unless one’s words and phrases are chosen carefully on the net that they can be easily misinterpreted.

    Blogging can be dangerous to one’s mental health.

    However, having zipped around the net I found a new living philosophy that works for me: I used to fight my inner demons; now we’re on the same side.

    Cheers, and I’ll be by more often as I’ve managed to take control of my online life better.


  9. I followed the link to the race discussion over at Blogrhet and I read the post and all the comments.

    How can I say this as gently as possible? I really didn’t get the same impression from all if it as you and/or thailandchani.

    I’m a white girl. From the US. And I didn’t at all think that any of those folks were trying to shut me up or disregard anything I had to say (not that I said anything there, but you know what I mean).

    I’m not saying that to marginalize what either of you experienced or perceived – because honestly it seemed to hit you between the eyes.

    There are things/first impressions/treatment I get because I’m white. There are things/etc I get because I’m a middle-class female. There are things/etc I do not get because I’m fat. You may sympathize and mostly understand the things I’ve gone through being that fat girl all my life because you were that way when you were younger – but then again, there are pieces of it that you haven’t experienced. Does that mean that I think you hate me? No, of course not. Does that mean that I think you couldn’t possibly understand my pain? No – I think you do. And I think you go out of your way to try and put yourself in my/their/everyone’s shoes. And the things you have to say from your different perspective are incredibly valuable because you shed light on the areas of my blind spots.

    What I got out of the original post (and most of that author’s follow-ups) is the realization that I enjoy all the advantages of my race without realizing it.

    That wasn’t really the biggest thing I got out her post. The biggest realization was that treating everyone as if I were color-blind actually does some people a disservice that I did not intend. A new friend tried to make that same point to me a few months ago, but I didn’t get it then.

    I get some of it now. I’m still mulling what it means, but the post and comments shed some light on a blind spot that I didn’t even know I had.

    This is horrendously long and probably incomprehensible so I’ll shut up now.

    Congrats on making the top 100!!

  10. Opal – the Hump Day Hmmm on this topic is lasting for two weeks, so perhaps you could work on a post for next Wednesday? I’ll email you this comment too in case you miss it, if I can find your email addy. :)

    Radioactive Jam – It’s a picture of ice, probably from one of the arctics. What the photographer has done is apply a red color to the photo.. oh there’s a term for this, I did this to a photo once in photography at school. I can’t remember the term, though. It’s hard to get a photo of that one because it’s block mounted and therefore if you try to use the flash you get a big white patch on the picture, that’s why its on such an angle.

    Cugat – there are some people out there too lazy to write their own blogs, so they steal content from others. The Nigerian Scammers will start doing this, once they catch on that they can build a huge community via the social networking and then spam them all. I’ve not been inspired art wise lately, I think because it’s too cold in that room right now.

    Renegade Science – good to see you back around the place. ;)

    Jhianna – On thinking about it more, I think it’s more about culture, not race. What many of us in the blogosphere are looking for us *connection* – that feeling that other people understand what we’re talking about. It is difficult to understand things you know nothing about.

    I really love your comment. :) BTW I’m not stick thin even now. Just so you know. I’m probably 20-30kg from stick thin.


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