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Jihanna has blogged the 10 things today. So has Northern_Girl. All ye Nablopomo people looking for something new to blog, consider yourself tagged. Write 10 things about you on your next blog, and post in the comments here to let me know so I can link back to you. If you don’t comment I won’t know, cos I’m not omnipresent or psychic, though I try to be the first.. hehe ;)

Today I woke up with Midnight Oil’s Short Memory in my head – be warned it gets in there and it won’t get out. I am currently hearing Hotel California – a live version, by the Eagles, which I love.

A strange phenomenon is occuring to us lately. We moved here just over 10 months ago, and lately we’ve been missing stuff we are sure we had packed (my paintbrushes, the sequins) and now we seem to be asking ourselves odd questions about what we did with things we used to own. Yesterday I asked the other half what did we do with the Fridge? He asked me what happened to all our plastic chairs.

I thought my paintbrushes must have got lost, or we left them behind. Yesterday I opened a drawer, and was extremely shocked to see them in there. I cried! Seriously, I was so happy to see them, and now you have confirmation that I am psycho, for who would cry over finding some paintbrushes? But it was just complete happiness at finding something I was sure I had lost. I think maybe U2 wrote a song about that once. After I was done crying, I took a photo of them.. here they are, the once missing paintbrushes..


The two white fan brushes are the ones I really wanted back, they were from ceramics and I got so used to using them I was worried I wouldn’t be able to paint without them. And the mug they are in, I made that at ceramics, it was one of my almost disasters. You get this paint with stuff that explodes in the kiln. I put too much of the stuff that explodes on.. :)

Anna Falactic asked me yesterday about my painting – here’s my latest. It’s going to have gold over the top, when I’m done. It’s for my Mum, this is her favourite color. I can’t decide whether I should use stamps to put on the gold, or just paint huge gold stripes on it. I don’t want to mess it up, this is a huge canvas. I really had a ball painting this though. I’m going to do a second coat soon and then get started on a hot pink and a royal purple version, these are for me.. ;) You can see the pink paint there.


Beaches! Beaches! Beaches! – Yesterday was pretty bad weather here, extremely windy. When we went for a drive the Ocean seemed to be all riled up, so I got a pic for you.


My sister is driving down for a visit over the weekend, but I will make sure to get online once a day and blog something. Yeah I have a couple of things all written and ready to go.. :) rofl!

And now, to comment on some blogs, then paint, then comment, then paint.. ;) that’s the “agenda” for today. Thanks for all your lovely comments guys!

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3 thoughts on “Millions of things..

  1. How amazing! We are actually painting as well. But our walls, not nice canvases. And I’ve had to go through every room in the house and clear out mess and move furniture. The things I’ve found!! I’ve got a treasure trove of things I’d thought had gone forever!

    And finding old photographs, old magazines, old books is a wonderful way to avoid actually doing any painting at all! I love memory lane :)

  2. Oh, that is a beautiful beach. I’m jealous! We have mountains right next door, but the biggest body of water around here is about the size of a big bathtub.

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