This movie may come to you as a surprise..

The other half and I don’t have the same taste in movies at all. I like to watch movies with him from time to time but it’s a big exercise in compromise for the most part. I have no desire to spend a couple of hours watching cartoons (ie anime) and most of the stuff he likes I just can’t stand. And vice versa. So tonight it came to me as a great surprise that a movie he chose turned out to be utterly fantastic – Gattaca.

I have never understood all the fuss about Jude Law, but I do now. Ethan Hawke was as always incredible. Uma Thurman was gorgeous and tall. The surprise for me was Loren Dean – who I recognised from somewhere but could not put my finger on where from – he played John Aaron in Apollo 13, one of my favourite movies. If you have not seen Gattaca, make sure to check it out. I really enjoyed it.

Oh, you remember the 10 things about me we did a while back? Sephy, I’m Not Craig, Ms Batville, Watershedd (with two d’s) and me all did it, and now Meva who has just returned from two weeks of snorkelling has done it too.. :)

If you are reading this and you are not one of the above named people, consider yourself obliged to post 10 things we don’t know about you, and then say you did it in the comments here. I’ll link to you. And for the NaBloPoMo people, this gives you something to blog about tomorrow/today!

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7 thoughts on “This movie may come to you as a surprise..

  1. I was wringing my hands, trying to come up with something for NaBloPoMo today…thanks for the idea. (It will be a while before I get to it – full schedule, and all.)

    (Thanks for visiting my blog, too, by the way. I appreciate it.)

  2. Gattaca was a great movie, but it isn’t the one that made me swoon with love for Jude Law. I Heart Huckabees made me swoon for Jude Law. More than anything, though, it made me swoon for Lily Tomlin.

  3. I went with 10 things today (thanks for the idea, I’ve been dragging the past week for posting ideas).

    Of course, now I’m a little worried that somehow my Mom will find my blog LOL

  4. Northern_Girl and Jihanna – I have linked to you in today’s post. ;)

    Tiffany, I Heart Huckabees is on my list of movies to see now. ;) thanks! Just yesterday I caught an episode of “The Directors” and it had the director of that movie on there, and some clips from it. Looks great!

    Kiki, thank you! ;) And you’re welcome.

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