Houston.. we have DVD’s..


Just a couple. Oh come on, I’ve been a good girl! ;) I have not seen most of these movies. In fact I have only seen Bed Of Roses and Young Guns. So it’ll be fun. And they were all less than $10AUS.

You may have noticed, we also have a new graphic for the header. It’s sequins. I took the pic myself. I know how to get those little stars now, I learnt the trick recently. I’ll put a post on the photo blog about how to do it.. :)

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7 thoughts on “Houston.. we have DVD’s..

  1. Have you seen all the rest of the Kevin Smith movies? And Blade Runner and Reservoir Dogs – ooooh! You aren’t going to try and watch all of these in one sitting, are you?

  2. The only Kevin Smith one I’ve seen is Dogma. I quite liked that.. :) And no to the one sitting, but slowly over the next couple of weeks ;)

    Mallrats has a commentary track.. with Kevin Smith.. yay!

  3. love the sparklies, gonna head over later and check out yr. photos. would love to change the format of my blog but afraid i’ll lose all my links,etc.

  4. I’ve never seen Young Guns but I can’t believe you wasted money on Monster in Law. They do allow you to just rent dvds in Australia, right?

  5. Kristen – they do, but it costs as much as owning it.. :) and this dvd has commentary tracks, which I love, so even if the movie turns out to be shyte, that’s kinda ok. Plus I have a thing for J-Lo since the wedding planner, I thought she did ok in that. But maybe I actually have a thing for Matthew Mcconaghey, I’m not certain. Young Guns is brilliant! How could it go wrong with such a stellar cast? The second was even better, with Bon Jovi music, and Christian Slater.. :) shh but I’m having a little Bon Jovi revival here at the moment, don’t tell anyone.

    rdl – I found it was fairly easy to change once I was on the beta because there is a fonts and colors screen and it is sort of live. ;) It did take me a while to work out how to change the header but it’s worth it..

    Meva – it has Harrison Ford. He could sit there in a suit and recite poetry, I wouldn’t care.. :) Even if the poetry was shyte.. ;)

  6. Oh, Blade Runner is good. I’m having a Blade Runner blank at the moment – the Director’s Cut was the one where there was no mention of her having no use-by date, yeah? Even 18 years or so after I frist saw the film, I still love Rutger Hauer saying, “And when I am gone, all these things will be lost, like tears in rain. Time to die.” Classic sci-fi :)

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