Welcome back to the Vampire.. :)

I slept for what seemed like forever, because I was really tired and I felt like I was getting the flu, sore throat, nasty headache. I think it was something like 16 hours. But hopefully this will mean I am back on a somewhat normal schedule. I’ve been sleeping days and staying up nights for over a week now. If I am really honest with myself, I am a night person.

So if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen me on your blog and why I haven’t commented as I usually do, it’s because I was dreaming of being in this big bike race down a road that wasn’t finished yet with all the kids I hated from school.

While I was asleep the other half went to work and got the plans for their new kitchen sorted out, then went to the pub and won a meat tray and $40 on the pokies. Seeing as this meat tray made its way here now that we have a bbq, I have pictures for you! ;)


So on todays agenda (Yay I finally have one!) is a nice drive – possibly to check the post office box and see if there’s more fake scammer checks for my check wall. It’s pretty windy so I am not sure a beach is in my future, we might go to Warrawong and maybe visit JB Hifi instead, and spend the found $40 on dvd’s – I have a shopping list! Undoubtedly I will leave it at home. I want to get a plate set for outside which is not ceramic. I like plastic myself, but melamine is an option.. ;) Then back here to cook meat and comment on 50 zillion blogs ;) Be good ya’all.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome back to the Vampire.. :)

  1. radioactive jam – I just love your name.. ;) it’s so cool! But yes I think things would get really interesting.. ;)

    Meva – for once I managed to remember it, shopping at JB Hifi was much easier.. :) Instead of getting stuck in a temporal vortex and wandering around in a daze for a few hours, it took me maybe 5 minutes to find what I wanted. Then I had to stand there and pester the other half to make up his mind about what he wanted. It reminded me of shopping with my nephews, who take forever to pick a toy.. I’m gonna get him to make a list now. :)

  2. I had a very similar dream, on what I think was the same night? Spooky! Mine wasn’t a race as such, but we were on a mission (which I forget) and there was definitely a competitive element.

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