More meat raffles

We won four meat trays today, including the very first one they called out which was a bonus tray. Joy!

Other than that, I’ve got a lot of shit done fast. I’m check baiting 60 lads right now. While this will probably not equal 60 checks, it will mean a fair few.

I might take the other half to see The Departed tomorrow, depends on weather and what he’d like to do.. ;)

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5 thoughts on “More meat raffles

  1. Reveal NOTHING about this movie as I will be seeing it on Friday. I was going to go tonight but a band I like is in town and I need to see them so I can rock the fuck out. The movie will be around a few more days. In preperation for Halloweenie I just watched Underworld Evolution and that too rocks the fuck out. (Lately I just need to rock the fuck out, as you can tell.)

  2. I love a good meat raffle story. A couple of jobs ago, we all went to the local pub at lunchtime for our Christmas party. The boss was absolutely smashed on red wine by about 2.30pm. He won teh meat tray but he was so far gone when they handed it to him that he said “what the hell is this” and threw it across the room.

    Good times.

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