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Meat Raffle

– where Australians attend the local pub or watering hole to purchase tickets in order to win meat trays.

During the past week, I have attended two different meat raffles at two different RSL clubs that I belong to. Membership to an RSL club is actually pretty good value.

At my favourite RSL – you get- a free membership card, said card gets you discount on drinks and meals and you swipe it each time you attend the club and it gives you special offers and prizes and things.

– Also, you put the card into the “pokie machine” when you are playing it and you earn points with it.

– There’s a bus that picks you up at home and takes you to the club, and it will also drop you home. No charge, it’s included in the membership.

– free pool and snooker plus they have tournaments and stuff

– you can play lawn bowls, if you want to.

There’s probably more benefits I don’t even know about, too. Membership is $11 per year. Seriously!

I haven’t won a meat tray for ages. I’m feeling the drought. When we were at the Sportsmans the other night, there was this guy there who had 6 huge meat trays and we got nothing!

However, I did win $30 on the pokie machines, and my other half won about the same, so it was worth the trip ;) We only ever put $5 in..

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