In Which I Panic

Today being the first sunny day since last Thursday, we decided to go snorkelling in our favourite place Honeymoon Bay.

I find when you’re going snorkelling it is easiest to put your wetsuit on before you even leave home. That way you don’t end up with sand in places sand does not belong. However on a warm day this can be a hot way to travel. Today by the time we got in the car even my knees were sweating.

The Navy happen to bomb the land adjacent to Honeymoon Bay from time to time and as such they can just up and close the entire place anytime they like. There is a sign on the way there that tells you whether the park is closed or not. And today, it was closed. :(

We decided to try another place in Jervis Bay that we had heard of. Unfortunately there is a bit of red algae near the shore at the moment, which made the water murky. It was scary for me. Plus the water was icy cold – the kind of cold that makes you gasp – the water is usually warm in Honeymoon Bay. The murkiness and the coldness made me freak out. It is clear to me that I still have a fear of sea water. I lasted about two minutes before I desperately wanted to get out of the water.

It was not a complete loss though – we got some pics with our new underwater camera. Which incidentally is bright pink in case one drops it. Why did we buy an underwater camera? We wanted something waterproof to take with us on the Kayak – which we hope to pick up tomorrow.  Here’s some of the fish we saw.


You can see it was pretty murky. The water in Honeymoon Bay is usually crystal clear other than the sand you kick up with your flippers.


The following image is a panorama which the camera is supposed to sew together – it didn’t seem to work so well but it was low on battery. Click for a larger view..


New South Wales, snorkelling


This morning we went snorkelling in our usual lovely location. While driving there, right in front of us a red bellied black snake crossed the road. I was pointing and screaming look, it’s a red bellied black snake! They are venomous but also quite timid and very good at hiding. You could walk past one in the bush and not even know it. At Sydney zoo they have about 10 of them together in an enclosure and sometimes the keeper does a talk in there, but he usually brings in snakes in big garbage bins because the likelihood of finding any of the 10 that live in the enclosure is somewhat low. You can walk around the enclosure, looking and looking, and never see a single snake.

After the wonderful snorkelling time, and we saw *squids* which was incredible, I was chasing them around the bay, we went to vote. More snakes, in the form of the people who hand out the election pieces of paper as you try to get into the polling place, were encountered. Including one guy from the greens who got pretty upset that we wouldn’t take his piece of paper, and it almost became a fight when my other half laughingly sneered at what he said to us. I grabbed his arm and pulled him away, fast!

The piece of paper for the other house was *huge*. I have never seen anything that big. It was at least half my height, and probably almost as long as the snake we saw crossing the road. And there were parties on there I’d never heard of, including the horse riding party. What the heck? I pity the poor people who are going to have to unfold all of those, and try to read the votes.

After a morning spent with the fishes, how could I help but vote for the fishing party? The more time I spend snorkelling and watching the fish, the less likely it is I’ll ever be able to go fishing again. But the horse riding party tempted me.. somewhat.. but I had no clue what they stood for, so maybe next time they should try and get the word out there. I will be honest and say I did not choose to fill in every box below the line – I would have been there for hours.

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Snorkel Wakeup Call

The other half is on holidays, so this morning we got up at a reasonable hour to go snorkelling.. here


The water was crystal clear and it was high tide, there were heaps of fish around, and the sun was not out due to gathering thunder clouds, so nobody got sunburnt. It was brilliant. We’re going again tomorrow. And the next day and the day after that. Well, maybe not because that’s the weekend and it’ll be busy there, but most of the days of next week, for sure. It’s free, and good exercise, and the only downside is the smell of new wetsuit that doesn’t seem to go away even if you have a few showers. ;) But it’s ok, I can deal with that.

Jervis Bay, snorkelling

I’m still alive!

Jaws did not eat me, and while I saw jellyfish washed up on the beach, if they stung me I didn’t know it. The water was pretty wavy today, so we didn’t stay too long at the beach we went to yesterday, it was impossible to snorkel there, too evil. So we went to this other place all the surf shop people told us about called Stony Creek, its a freshwater creek that meets the sea, and we were the only ones there, and it was fantastic. I saw fish in the water! That was so much fun, I wanna do it again.

I have now been fully underwater in the sea, which is something I have *never* done before. I just have always been terrified of it.

So now we’re planning a trip on Monday/Tuesday next week, to Narooma and Mystery Bay. I couldn’t find many decent pics of it on the net, so I’ll have to take them myself.. ;)

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200th Post

Houston, we have wetsuits.

You have to understand, the deepest I have ever been in sea water is about calf deep. This is because I saw JAWS at an early age. I am absolutely terrified. I can’t even explain it to you. But I want to give this a try.

And my wetsuit is not full length, so jellyfish could get me :(


and so be it, I guess.. :)

(jellyfish is doing a little dance in my head) (lets hope those are the only ones I see today)

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