This morning we went snorkelling in our usual lovely location. While driving there, right in front of us a red bellied black snake crossed the road. I was pointing and screaming look, it’s a red bellied black snake! They are venomous but also quite timid and very good at hiding. You could walk past one in the bush and not even know it. At Sydney zoo they have about 10 of them together in an enclosure and sometimes the keeper does a talk in there, but he usually brings in snakes in big garbage bins because the likelihood of finding any of the 10 that live in the enclosure is somewhat low. You can walk around the enclosure, looking and looking, and never see a single snake.

After the wonderful snorkelling time, and we saw *squids* which was incredible, I was chasing them around the bay, we went to vote. More snakes, in the form of the people who hand out the election pieces of paper as you try to get into the polling place, were encountered. Including one guy from the greens who got pretty upset that we wouldn’t take his piece of paper, and it almost became a fight when my other half laughingly sneered at what he said to us. I grabbed his arm and pulled him away, fast!

The piece of paper for the other house was *huge*. I have never seen anything that big. It was at least half my height, and probably almost as long as the snake we saw crossing the road. And there were parties on there I’d never heard of, including the horse riding party. What the heck? I pity the poor people who are going to have to unfold all of those, and try to read the votes.

After a morning spent with the fishes, how could I help but vote for the fishing party? The more time I spend snorkelling and watching the fish, the less likely it is I’ll ever be able to go fishing again. But the horse riding party tempted me.. somewhat.. but I had no clue what they stood for, so maybe next time they should try and get the word out there. I will be honest and say I did not choose to fill in every box below the line – I would have been there for hours.

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