red belly black snake how to bait

Someone got to my blog by searching for that. Just in case further people are looking for how to bait a red belly black snake, my advice is DON”T DO IT! These snakes are very timid creatures and will leave you alone unless you threaten them. If you have an issue with one, call in a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL who knows how to handle snakes, because these things are very poisonous and can kill you. Especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

How do you find a trained professional? Usually in the yellow pages or phone book under snake catcher.

Seriously though, this isn’t something you can learn on the internet. Messing with snakes can be dangerous. I advise against it.

And someone just got here by looking for how to kill a red belly black snake again, DO NOT GO NEAR A SNAKE unless you are a trained professional!

Call a snake catcher. NOW.

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3 thoughts on “red belly black snake how to bait

  1. Okay, this is pretty funny… Lord knows what business someone has baiting a snake?!

    Thanks for the internet safety series – it is fantastic information!

  2. I think we have a family of red belly black snakes in our back room under our pool, all we can see is their tails hanging from a crack in the wall, what would they be doing in their ? this room is all brick dirt floor and a lot of lizards live there it is cool and moist.
    do I just leave them there?

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