Lobster Obsessed

close up of lobster underwater
Photo by Roger Brown on Pexels.com

I started watching Leon The Lobster not long after he was first brought home from the grocery store. I am obsessed. But the most recent video has me completely shook – did you know lobsters MOULT? I had no idea!

Speaking of crazy crustaceans about which I had no idea, have you ever heard of lawn shrimp? We’ve had a few weeks of very wet weather here and one day we discovered a bunch of pink bugs that looked exactly like mini shrimp in the laundry. I googled “shrimp bug” because they looked like shrimp and discovered there is such a thing as lawn shrimp!

Normally found in forests and suburban gardens, where they live under logs, mulch, and leaf litter. Each summer on warm moist nights, following periods of rain, they often emerge in large numbers to invade low-set homes, pet’s bowls, swimming pools, and other alien human environments only to dry out and die with the morning sun. Queensland Museum.

So there you go, two things I never knew about until now. Only one person I have asked had ever heard of lawn shrimp before. Did you know about them? Did you know lobsters moult?