Narooma Time


When we drove down the coast to pick up our new girls we realised we have not been doing many day trips in this direction, so we chose to remedy that on Saturday with a drive to Narooma. They have a gorgeous inlet there, it is incredibly pretty.


I’d chosen us a place to have lunch on our previous trip however we ate pies from Haydens Pies instead, so no lunch was required. We drove past the place I picked and it was packed full of people, virtually bursting at the seams. So this time we decided to make that our destination.


Unfortunately it did not turn out especially well – the best we could say was average. Just ok. I’m not going to name the place as I would not recommend it and I would not go back. The worst part was that they had all the doors and windows open, it was windy and cold even inside the cafe. That might have impacted on how we felt about the food. Maybe on a hot summer day when there is no wind, this might be the Place To Be. I will show you our food photos. :)


I chose flathead fillets and chips, The Other Half chose a burger. You know it is bad when I leave half a large cup of Chai Latte behind. To be fair, the Chai Latte at Heatherbrae pies is amazing and it takes a LOT to beat it, but this would have been the worst coffee I have had in a few years.


We made a better choice of heading to the boardwalk for a stroll – that is probably going to be a post on its own. On arrival in the carpark we spotted this large rock wall and chose to walk out there. We were glad we did as there were seals just chilling and hanging out in the channel.


It was very windy, though. I was glad that I keep extra jackets and a beanie in the car for such situations. There were huge granite rocks and we saw the coolest thing. There were surfers in the water and I saw something odd shaped swimming under the surface, just a dark blob. The water here is so crystal clear it is unbelievable. I thought it might be a stingray or a large fish.


It turned out to be a seal, who was checking out the surfers. The seal swam right up to them, and then did a little surfing. As if to say no, here is how you do it. You don’t need that board!


On the way home we stopped in Mogo for a stroll around the shops there. One of them – IndoDirect – had a stunning black rainbow vase for $125. I loved it but I would need a whole new house if I bought it. That needs to be the centrepiece of a formal entry way with white tiles, white walls, white everything. It was so beautiful I did not take a photo of it, for fear that I might talk myself into going back and buying it. I did take a photo of this elephant which my Mother would love, but it was a bit up money at $159.


On the way home we made a diversion through Booderee National Park, to see if the trail we want to walk is open yet. Sadly it is not. Both sides of the road here are usually green, so you can see how much of an impact the fire had. If it had been a natural fire started by a thunderstorm, it would not be so upsetting to see this. But this fire was deliberately lit, they believe.

New South Wales, NSW

The Oracle Knows All.. At Least Some.. Well Really Just One Thing.

So, you’ve moved to the beach? You’re going to need an Oracle. What is an Oracle, I hear you ask? It is the God of the Ocean. It is the one thing you must consult before heading off to the beach. It is vital and important, not just for beach walkers but for boaters and for fishermen..


I do not believe in any One God, but I do believe in the Oracle. And now I am going to show you the Oracle. Are you sitting down? Paying full attention? ;) This is *important*!!!


My Oracle is a simple piece of paper with important things printed on it. Some people have an Oracle that comes in book form. Some people who are highly advanced creatures consult the Online Oracle.


As always, I hear your thoughts. Why is an Oracle necessary? Why is this important to someone who wants to walk on the beach? You see the above photo. That is a local creek. There is no bridge over this creek, and at certain times of the day where I am standing to take this photo I would be about neck deep in water. So the Oracle can help me work out when is the best time to take my beach walk and be able to cross this creek.


What the Oracle cannot tell me is what I will see when I get to the beach, if there will be any dolphins there, if the weather will be ok, and a multitude of other things. It simply tells me when the tides will be high or low. Someone tells me this has something to do with the Moon, but I am not sure about this.


(image courtesy Google Earth)

As you see there are a couple of creeks on my beach walk paths. If the Oracle has not lied to me, I am able to walk a very long way on the beach. If I go when the Oracle has said “Don’t Go” I cannot walk very far at all.


All beach photos in this post were taken by me earlier today – I saw two different pods of Dolphins today. I walked a long way but managed to lose my pedometer sometime after 4,256 steps. :( and I still had a long way to walk when I last checked the meter! I walked for over an hour and a half on top of my 20 minute short walk this morning when I foolishly did not listen to The Oracle and could not cross either of the creeks.


This post has been a Hump Day Hmmm. Feel free to write your own Hump Day Hmmm, it is simple and easy to join in! The topic this week was –

Take a topic, any topic, something that is weighing on you, bothering you, troubling you…and find the humor in it. Write about it from a humorous angle. It can be general or personal, just take a troubling topic and bring out the humor. FWIW, sarcasm counts. Letter style, onion style, Shakespeare style, prose, any style you want.

I suppose The Oracle is not a troubling topic for everyone, but it has become a new troubling topic for me this week. I am now joined at the hip to a piece of paper because someone could not simply say – High tide is at midday and midnight, and low tide is at 6am and 6pm! No, they have to make it *complicated* and *ever changing* just to confuse poor little me. :( As much as I love the moon, I believe Juliet was right when she said –

O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circled orb, lest that thy love prove likewise variable.

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Beach Walk(s) with photos.

Yesterday while The Other Half was in the shower and we were making plans for the day I had a thought – I felt like going for a beach walk. It didn’t take much to talk him into it and it was a lovely day, so we were off to a place I’d heard much of but hadn’t been to yet. First up, Wowley Creek at Callala Bay –


No wonder I’d heard much about it, because it was very beautiful. I got my shoes all wet crossing the little creek to get up on those sand dunes and look down into the crystal clear water.


But it was worth the wet shoes. Little fish were jumping out of the water, and other sea life could be seen in the creek including some mud crabs. I’m going back here again for sure. After we were finished at the creek we went to one of our favourite spots for a walk out into Jervis Bay. This is also in Callala Bay.


At low tide you can walk out quite a distance into the bay without getting feet wet at all. This photo below looks backwards from where the above shot was taken.


If you look closely you can spot the nice little bridge that goes from Callala Bay to Callala Beach over mangroves with much sea life in there.


Pelicans are absolutely huge birds but in this photo above they look small.


This shot above looks towards Huskisson and Vincentia, both lovely towns situated on Jervis Bay and much sought after to live in.


This shot above looks out towards Honeymoon Bay, where we like to snorkel in summer. The Other Half named this next shot “Worshipping the Bird God”


Next we drove to Currarong, where apparently one of the people behind the Survivor series lives. It is a really beautiful place.


We were met by a Kookaburra and soon after we made our way to the beach this guy and some of his friends were laughing. ;)


They have a beautiful rockpool at Currarong where you could go swimming, it is quite protected from the waves and as I stood there on the little stairs I was watching fish swim by. Beautiful!


This is my favourite shot from yesterday and coincidentally I took it. See the little star effect created by the small aperture?

I hope you enjoyed my beach walk photos. ;)

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