Bristol Beach


This past Sunday, we ventured down to Booderee National Park. We wanted to pay the park fees for the next 2 years for both of our cars. $99 gets both cars unlimited entry to the park. You get a sticker for your car window – very like a car registration sticker which we no longer use in NSW – so the rangers know not to fine you.


We thought while we were there, we would do a hike. There are a lot of places in the park we have never been to and Bristol Point is one of them. We also did a loop of the camping area at Green Patch, to check out sites to book in the future. I personally do not camp but The Other Half does. He now has several optimal sites selected in his mind.

This is high tourist season here in Jervis Bay. The campsites were all full. And yet, when we got to the beach, we were the only people on it, for most of the time we walked there. There were a couple of boats out in the water, with people fishing.


Imagine our surprise when walking along Bristol Beach to see a cyclist riding along the beach towards us! I am not a cyclist myself and I have never seen a bike ridden on a beach before. This was the only other person we saw on the beach.


I should not be telling you any of this. The truth is, these beaches are some of our best kept secrets in the Shoalhaven. A lot of people go to Hyams Beach, or the beaches near Vincentia, Huskisson, Callala Beach and Bay. Not so many people go into Booderee, because they have to pay to enter the park. That is good news for us locals.

The water here is mostly crystal clear. It can be a range of shades of blue, sometimes a gorgeous shade of green. There is very little seaweed. Many of the beaches are very sheltered from wind and often the water here is pure glass – especially first thing in the morning – with a teeny tiny wave where the water and the beach meets. It is one of the few places I am happy to get in the water and swim.

You’ll be seeing a lot more Booderee National Park posts over the next two years. :)

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Sometimes You Gotta Go

I started writing this post a couple of weeks ago – finally have the time to finish it!
For the last month, every single day off that the other half had has been gorgeous blue skies, but evil winds which made kayaking a bit scary – making big waves on our little waterway. We were suffering from serious kayak withdrawal.
So despite the fact that most of the day was already gone, it was somewhat windy, and clouds were on the way.. it was time to just do it.
As we paddled out we found the two black swans who have been rearing a couple of swan babies not too far from our backyard. We saw them the last time we went kayaking – they have grown a lot since then!
The parents were squawking up a storm, and the little swans were paddling as fast as their little legs would paddle. Seems they find the kayak a little scary. :)
One thing I find about kayaking when the sun is not out – you can’t see into the water. It makes it difficult to know the depth of the water and when you’re in a new spot where you don’t really know the terrain you want to try and keep away from the “edges” so to speak. Which is a shame because I would have liked to get a bit closer to have a look at this spot. It is a reserve, so we’re going to head back for a walk around there.
As we headed back home, the sun got lower in the sky creating some awesome reflections on the water.
When we got back, we found out we were pretty wet from kayaking out into the waves. I know it doesn’t look wavy but it never does in the photos. When we went out today I took some video footage so people will believe me about the waves – maybe this will get posted here in the future.

The great thing about the shark skin for me is that I do not feel the wet or the cold – until I stand up. Then all the water which has collected around my butt runs down the inside of my shark skin towards my toes.

This happens with the bungs in or out, I can’t seem to win – if we leave them out it won’t be wavy and they don’t need to be out so I could have gone without wet butt – if we leave them in the waves will crash over the bow and leave a puddle of water which creates extra wet butt!

I can’t imagine life without the shark skin now. I love them. I can imagine so many uses for them besides kayaking – the windproof aspect of them is the most awesome. I can be warmer being splashed by waves out on the kayak with a big wind blowing right at me than I am sitting here in the house with a rug on. Sounds unbelievable but it is true. :)

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Kayak Trip & Jellyfish

After taking several weeks off due to holidays, we finally got back on the kayak yesterday. It was an absolutely stunning day – almost like summer but hello, this is autumn now. Here’s hoping we get many more days like this in the next few months And look, it’s my toe! ;) YAY TOE.

16032When we got in the water, we noticed there were many tiny jellyfish. They were difficult to see for the most part, but you could see their shadows on the sand. Apparently these ones do not sting – if they did we would certainly know about it.

16030We decided to head down to the mouth of the creek and back, a shorter version of our usual trip.

16031When we got down to the mouth we discovered both the Dolphin Watch boats were out in the bay and the wharf was completely empty. We spotted one of the boats out in the bay. You can just see it in this pic.

16034This is the first time we have ever got there at the right moment with both boats out, so we decided to do a paddle along the wharf.

16035As we paddled along the other, newer Dolphin Watch boat appeared and headed back to the wharf. This one is usually moored in the river, the bigger boat stays tied up at the wharf.


On the way back we spent some time trying to photograph the jellyfish. On closer inspection we found that they had amazing colors which would run down their bodies. Some were green, some were pink or red. We thought we would try and get some photos of them while we were out but I was worried we would not be able to capture the colors.

We spent quite a lot of time using the Hobie Stake Out stick to keep us in the shadow of this tree, trying to get a picture. The stake out stick is a brilliant invention which enables a kayak to anchor in the sand. This does make it easier to eat a snack.

16039The camera would not focus on the jellyfish which was very frustrating. We were lucky to find a jellyfish with an air bubble in it so we could finally get a decent shot – and we did manage to capture some of the colors.


On the way back to the boat ramp The Other Half said that we had not seen any stingrays today.. and the next thing you know one appeared. He seemed to be quite curious about the Kayak, and he followed us for about 10 minutes. The water was a bit murky by this time so underwater shots did not turn out well.. here is a shot of the dark blob in the water it makes.. ;)

16037The ray was heading towards one of the boat ramps. Word on the street is these guys like hang out at boat ramps. I wonder if it is like the cool place to be, because we spotted another one also heading there – this one is known to us because it does not have a tail at all and we’ve seen it many times in the creek. Also hanging out near the boat ramp were these guys.

16038On the way back there is an amazing dead tree. It fell backwards exposing a huge root structure.

160310My usual exercise routine has been completely thrown out by our trip, and by this time the muscles in the backs of my thighs were starting to hurt a bit. We decided to call it a day, having been out for 2 hours and 40 minutes according to the i-phone tracking system. Usually those muscles don’t hurt until we’ve been out for four hours, so looks like I have some work to do to get them back into shape. ;)

We do seem to have got our act together when it comes to getting ready to go kayaking and putting together our gear. We also have found the perfect kayak snack – nutrigrain bars. Yes this *sounds* awful, I know. However they are absolutely spectacular, my favourite flavor is honeycomb. I also like to take a banana and a couple of bottles of water.

feeshWe use the Olympus 850SW waterproof and shockproof camera to take photos on the kayak and when snorkelling. We chose the pink one in case it were to fall off the kayak or get dropped when we were snorkelling, so that we would be able to see it. :) The above shot is from the Marriott Lagoon Pool we visited while on holiday, it gives you an idea of the kind of shots you can get with this camera.

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The Oracle Knows All.. At Least Some.. Well Really Just One Thing.

So, you’ve moved to the beach? You’re going to need an Oracle. What is an Oracle, I hear you ask? It is the God of the Ocean. It is the one thing you must consult before heading off to the beach. It is vital and important, not just for beach walkers but for boaters and for fishermen..


I do not believe in any One God, but I do believe in the Oracle. And now I am going to show you the Oracle. Are you sitting down? Paying full attention? ;) This is *important*!!!


My Oracle is a simple piece of paper with important things printed on it. Some people have an Oracle that comes in book form. Some people who are highly advanced creatures consult the Online Oracle.


As always, I hear your thoughts. Why is an Oracle necessary? Why is this important to someone who wants to walk on the beach? You see the above photo. That is a local creek. There is no bridge over this creek, and at certain times of the day where I am standing to take this photo I would be about neck deep in water. So the Oracle can help me work out when is the best time to take my beach walk and be able to cross this creek.


What the Oracle cannot tell me is what I will see when I get to the beach, if there will be any dolphins there, if the weather will be ok, and a multitude of other things. It simply tells me when the tides will be high or low. Someone tells me this has something to do with the Moon, but I am not sure about this.


(image courtesy Google Earth)

As you see there are a couple of creeks on my beach walk paths. If the Oracle has not lied to me, I am able to walk a very long way on the beach. If I go when the Oracle has said “Don’t Go” I cannot walk very far at all.


All beach photos in this post were taken by me earlier today – I saw two different pods of Dolphins today. I walked a long way but managed to lose my pedometer sometime after 4,256 steps. :( and I still had a long way to walk when I last checked the meter! I walked for over an hour and a half on top of my 20 minute short walk this morning when I foolishly did not listen to The Oracle and could not cross either of the creeks.


This post has been a Hump Day Hmmm. Feel free to write your own Hump Day Hmmm, it is simple and easy to join in! The topic this week was –

Take a topic, any topic, something that is weighing on you, bothering you, troubling you…and find the humor in it. Write about it from a humorous angle. It can be general or personal, just take a troubling topic and bring out the humor. FWIW, sarcasm counts. Letter style, onion style, Shakespeare style, prose, any style you want.

I suppose The Oracle is not a troubling topic for everyone, but it has become a new troubling topic for me this week. I am now joined at the hip to a piece of paper because someone could not simply say – High tide is at midday and midnight, and low tide is at 6am and 6pm! No, they have to make it *complicated* and *ever changing* just to confuse poor little me. :( As much as I love the moon, I believe Juliet was right when she said –

O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circled orb, lest that thy love prove likewise variable.

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Our Humans went out today..

Hi, this is the Big Kitty typing. The Little Kitty has the attention span of a goldfish and is too busy stealing my Tuna and the warmest spot next to the heater so don’t expect her to be posting anytime soon. The Humans are busy looking at this funny website they found – Daisy the Curly Cat. I laughed at that funny cat too, but I was inspired to say something myself! Here’s what I look like, in case you forgot. If you Humans reading this want a bigger view you can click your mouse on the photo. I like mouses, too.


I have to tell you something. Our Humans are going out more and more, and leaving us at home without the heating on. Ever since they got that new car they take off for hours at a time. When they found out we could turn the airconditioner on from the remote control with our paws they hid the remote in a drawer. Now we’re having to find warm places to curl up instead of hanging out on our cat towers, which is where we really want to be..


People say we’re spoilt kitties to have so many cat towers – these are only two of them. We have more in other rooms. Today when they got home I found these photos from when they were out and I thought I would post them so you can see what kind of fun those Humans are having while they leave us kitties alone.. cold.. with no laps to sit on.


What side of the road are you supposed to drive on in Australia? Or doesn’t it matter, can you just drive in the middle? I think that is really dangerous and my Humans should keep away from cars like that, right? Do you agree?


Maybe you can change sides as long as there’s nobody on the other side, I don’t know. This driving stuff looks confusing. I don’t like cars. I don’t like those cat carrier things the Humans always put us in when it’s time to go in the car either. Why can’t we just roam around the car and find a nice warm spot to sit?


My Humans are smart. It looks like they pulled over in order to get away from the scary drive all over the road Holden car. My Dad Human has a joke about Holdens – they’re just holden together. But I seem to remember he drove one once. That was a long time ago.


My Mom Human likes cows. I remember when they took us to see the EVIL Human with the BIG NEEDLE and we drove past some cows, and she was yelling “Hi Cows! Hi Cows!” at them. The Dad Human tells me she does this anytime she sees cows. I told him I know where the earplugs are and maybe he should use those in order to concentrate on the road better. But look at the view these cows have from their field? I don’t have much of a view here. This house only has one level so I can’t sit in an upstairs window and survey my kingdom.


Wow, it looks like those Humans were going fast!


The Humans keep the car in the Garage. I like the Garage. It’s the only room in the house we’re not allowed to go into but I can’t understand why. Whenever I get in there they say GET OUT to me. I like to hide in between the boxes so they can’t pick me up and carry me out. These cars look like that car they keep in the Garage, and look, they have that XR5 Turbo thing written on them too, just like that one in the garage but I don’t think these are theirs even though it is hard to tell what color the car is when it is inside. Is it possible that three of the five XR5 Turbos within a 50km radius were all parked in the same car park today?


Wow, look at that! Why can’t the Humans get a house with that kind of view where I could look out and dream of catching fish out of the water with my claws all day, and lazily watch the Humans on the beach with one half closed eye?


I’m not a beach cat. I don’t like sand in my paws. But if you could make me a special pair of kitty socks that keep the sand out, I’d like to roam around this beach and put my paw prints everywhere.


Do cats have to be on a leash at the beach? I don’t do leashes. Those are for dogs. Intelligent animals who can bury their doings don’t need to be on a leash, but I wouldn’t want any dogs to chase me. That silly dog next door, he barks all the time at nothing. He just stares off into space saying woof, woof woof, woof and disturbs my napping. I have to go sit on the windowsill and look down at him all superior like.


When the Humans got home, they put all this stuff on the pool table so we could sniff it and check it out. I think they should give the money cards to us. Clearly they can’t be trusted. They go out for a drive and bring home a new car, and then they go out in the new car and bring home.. stuff.


What is this stuff useful for? It’s not tuna, cat towers, toys for us to play with or kitty safe milk. We don’t need it! The Humans tried to get us Kitties to stand on those scales but we refused to put all four paws on at once. We don’t want them to take our Tuna away. Even though that Little Kitty could be considered plump, I keep telling the Humans she is just fluffy. Bye for now from the Big Kitty!

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Photo Blog – Currarong and Huskisson

Tomorrow it will be two weeks that we’ve had the new car. I still have not posted a photo of it, I’m sure some of you noticed. As usual, I won’t be lying to you – the truth is I feel a little uncomfortable about doing that since we found out it’s a bit of a rare vehicle around these parts. I didn’t post a photo of my Dad’s car because you could spot it a mile off – we did yesterday when out driving and he went the other way – and there’s less than 500 of them in Australia. So at this stage I’ve decided not to put photos of it on the blog. Yes, it is killing me. Yes, I want to share it with ya’all. Yes, I have photos right here ready to post. No, I just can’t do it. I may get over it soon, but until then if anyone would like a pic, shoot me an email.

What I can do is let you know – the novelty has not worn off. The Other Half has had 5 days off since we got the car. We’ve clocked up 1274kms as of putting her in the garage tonight. Yesterday evening we went for a little drive ending with a beach walk at Currarong at sunset. Today we drove down to Batemans Bay and dropped in to Huskisson on the way home. Just because we could. ;) So here’s some pics from our outings. Click on any for a larger image Below – The beach at Currarong





Below – the bridge across Batemans Bay.


Below – Looking out across Batemans Bay. It was a lovely calm day and the water was like glass, beautiful.


Below – Looking out to Point Perpendicular from Huskisson.


Below – Looking back towards Huskisson. I have seen dolphins swimming in this inlet before, they often go quite a way up the river.


Below – Looking towards Myola and Callala Beach from Huskisson and you can see the now empty swimming pool which is filled with sea water in summer.


Below – looking down to the beach below the point where I have been standing taking these photos.


Below – The dolphin and whale watching boat heads out, looking for the whales. We’d seen a pod of dolphins out in the bay while we were taking these shots. We’ve been out on this boat before and it is a brilliant day out, most of the time Jervis Bay is just as calm as you see in these photos.


The red stuff you can see washed up on the shore in some of the pics is actually red algae, which isn’t too pretty nor does it smell great but it is totally normal at this time of year. In the summer, the beaches will be pure white.

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Beach Walk(s) with photos.

Yesterday while The Other Half was in the shower and we were making plans for the day I had a thought – I felt like going for a beach walk. It didn’t take much to talk him into it and it was a lovely day, so we were off to a place I’d heard much of but hadn’t been to yet. First up, Wowley Creek at Callala Bay –


No wonder I’d heard much about it, because it was very beautiful. I got my shoes all wet crossing the little creek to get up on those sand dunes and look down into the crystal clear water.


But it was worth the wet shoes. Little fish were jumping out of the water, and other sea life could be seen in the creek including some mud crabs. I’m going back here again for sure. After we were finished at the creek we went to one of our favourite spots for a walk out into Jervis Bay. This is also in Callala Bay.


At low tide you can walk out quite a distance into the bay without getting feet wet at all. This photo below looks backwards from where the above shot was taken.


If you look closely you can spot the nice little bridge that goes from Callala Bay to Callala Beach over mangroves with much sea life in there.


Pelicans are absolutely huge birds but in this photo above they look small.


This shot above looks towards Huskisson and Vincentia, both lovely towns situated on Jervis Bay and much sought after to live in.


This shot above looks out towards Honeymoon Bay, where we like to snorkel in summer. The Other Half named this next shot “Worshipping the Bird God”


Next we drove to Currarong, where apparently one of the people behind the Survivor series lives. It is a really beautiful place.


We were met by a Kookaburra and soon after we made our way to the beach this guy and some of his friends were laughing. ;)


They have a beautiful rockpool at Currarong where you could go swimming, it is quite protected from the waves and as I stood there on the little stairs I was watching fish swim by. Beautiful!


This is my favourite shot from yesterday and coincidentally I took it. See the little star effect created by the small aperture?

I hope you enjoyed my beach walk photos. ;)

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St Georges Basin


This is within 30kms of my house, and it is the most tranquil and pleasant place you could spend an afternoon. It’s actually sea water, as you see by the pic the of jellyfish and seaweed in there, too.


I am hoping we can go boating there this summer – I also have an automatic mailing anytime a house in the area goes up for rent, because I’d love to live there. Click on the pics for a bigger image.

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