Who Is Snoskred?

How does one answer this question? I’m not sure. If you want to know who Snoskred is, reading my blog is a good place to start.

What Is This Blog About?

This blog explores many and varied topics including life in the country, scams and scambaiting, music, movies, tv, art, current events, general life in the country, chicken keeping, kitties, my Skeleton friend Carter, and photography. You never know what Snoskred will write about next, so securely fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

How Can I Contact Snoskred?

Simple, just use my Contact page. You’ll find my email address and a contact form there.

What time is it where Snoskred is?

Snoskred lives in the Australian Eastern Standard Time Zone. The time there is –

What Does The Word Snoskred Mean?

Snoskred = Avalanche in Norwegian.

Why Did Snoskred Choose This Name?

From the Norwegian – American Dictionary

So many people ask me, why did I choose it? Well, after being known as Anubish online for a few years, I wanted a letter at the opposite end of the alphabet, and I wanted something Norwegian. I like it, it’s very cool.. haha get it, cool, snow, avalanche, ;)

Where Did Snoskred Come From?

Snoskred was born in South Australia. For the first 20 years of her life she lived with her parents. She then moved into a share house where she was the only girl – vs 4 boys! Consequently she began to feel love towards a clean kitchen and bathroom, and develop a phobia for germs which still haunts her today.

Where Is Snoskred Now?

Snoskred lives on the South Coast of New South Wales – approximately 2 hours drive from Sydney and 3 hours drive from Canberra.

Who lives with Snoskred?

Snoskred lives with The Other Half, two kitties and six to ten chickens. You can see more on the Who is Who page.

Who Is The Other Half??

Snoskred lives with her partner, known to the blog world as The Other Half. He is male, early forties, and devastatingly handsome. At least Snoskred thinks so. Perhaps it is best not to tell her any different.

Is Snoskred Her Real Name?

No. Snoskred believes it is unwise to give out your real information on the internet at the best of times, but when you are a scambaiter it can be even more dangerous.

Snoskred uses this alias in order to protect herself – should you be doing the same? The answer is more than likely yes. The internet is a strange place and there are some “stalker” types out there. Contact Snoskred if you want more information on how to protect yourself online.

Why Doesn’t Snoskred Use Her Real Name?

The short explanation goes something like “I baited the Nigerian scammers, and they would love to know who I really am – they might end up on my doorstep”.

The longer explanation – too many details for most people! – is that three Nigerian scammers spent time in a South African jail cell, because of a sting that Snoskred was a part of. Snoskred had one Nigerian scammer arrested by the secret service in New York – he was deported from the US. Snoskred was also a part of a group who assisted the South African police in investigations including kidnapping of scam victims. And, Snoskred got some Nigerian Scammers to paint their faces, with butterflies. And a few other things, too..

Snoskred has collected over 5 million US dollars in fake cheques from the scammers. Generally in law enforcement circles it is believed that it costs the scammers 10% of the dollar value on the cheque – they have to pay that to the people who counterfeit the cheques. If that is true, Snoskred has personally cost them over half a million dollars.

So What Is Her Real Name?

Snoskred isn’t going to tell you that online. If you build a relationship with her and get to meet her someday, that is when you’d find out her real name.

What Is A Scambaiter?

There are some posts about scambaiting on the blog, the best one to answer this question would be Scambaiting In A Nutshell.

Why does Snoskred refer to herself in the third person?

I am the number one search result for Snoskred. How I got there is partly because of referring to myself in the third person. It is a useful “white hat” (ie not illegal or dodgy) way to get your blog higher up in the ranking for your name. For more info see this post.

What Is The Weather Like Near Snoskred?

(note this is not where Snoskred lives for safety reasons)

What Books Does Snoskred Own?

Here is a small selection of Snoskred’s Books. You can see all her books by clicking here.

How Often Does Snoskred Reply To Comments?

Snoskred used to reply to comments all the time, but these days finds herself struggling to get everything done. She does reply to contact forms so if you want a response that may be the better way to get in touch.

Snoskred Favourites –

Favourite Book – Pride and Prejudice
Favourite TV Shows – Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, The West Wing, and too many others to list.
Favourite Movie – William Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet
Favourite Food – Pizza

My Question Isn’t Answered Here.

Contact Snoskred via the Contact Form and ask it, chances are she will add it to the about page.

(updated 10th April 2016)

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