Scambaiting in a nutshell

What is scambaiting? This one’s for the non-scambaiters visiting here.. ;)

Basically it is where someone pretends to be a “victim” – ie someone who is going to pay these scammers money.

You play along with their scam for as long as you can, wasting their time and hopefully their money – by getting them to make calls to you, of course you have to play it safe and not give them any real details.

Thanks to the internet and Skype In, you can get them calling you and you can talk to them. That is something I used to do a lot, but these days I am mainly a text baiter.

The more scammer time wasted by a scambaiter who knows it is all a scam, who will never send any money, and who will ask simple yet idiotic questions designed to make the scammers do actual work answering those questions, the less scammer time can be spent on real victims.

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3 thoughts on “Scambaiting in a nutshell

  1. I run my own website ( that details scams and fraud on the internet and just recently came across the concept of scambaiting through that.

    Some of the reverse scams people have pulled, and the pictures they’ve got, are hilarious. I’ve got to try and get some pics for my site now!

    I’m going to enjoy reading your scambaits – they look very detailed. Keep up the baiting, Lee.

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