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Today I went to the hairdresser.

Back in Adelaide, I was pretty monogamous with my hairdresser. We’d been seeing each other since 1992. She did cuts, color, perms and even eyebrow and leg waxing for me. She also knew my family because their hairdresser was right next to our family business so going to see her was like catching up with a friend. At one point during our relationship, she moved from one salon to another, and I moved salons along with her. She was the only person to do anything to my hair for 14 years though my other half took on the coloring a couple of years ago. Wow, that’s longer than a lot of marriages!

So I’ve been here over 6 months now, and in fact found a new place to get my hair cut through my parents who moved here 6 months before I did. But it’s not the same, people. Of course not, how could it be! :)

But this hair place ONLY does hair cuts. You can’t ask for an appointment, you just show up and take a seat, and the next hairdresser free is the one to cut your hair. I’ve had three different girls cut my hair since I got here. I’m not sure if I am comfortable with this type of relationship. Yes, I admit, it feels a little *slutty*. Plus, I need an eyebrow wax and I have no idea where to go to get one around here. One bad eyebrow wax and you can be looking like a drag queen. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s a little strange.

Let’s not even get into the leg waxing – my other half colors my hair, and I thought well if he can do that, he can legwax as well. He really has too much fun with it, he just loves to inflict pain and we don’t have the facilities for it here, and he makes a heck of a mess with the wax, so I think we’ll call an end to those festivities.

So I guess the hunt is on for a proper hair salon then. A few months ago I got a flyer in my mailbox about someone who actually goes to your house and does it, or you can go to their place and it was within walking distance of here, but I can’t remember who it was or where they lived. In the meantime, I have to get tweezing – it is so much more painful than waxing.

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