Moona Moona Creek


Moona Moona Creek is a popular spot with locals and tourists alike.


It essentially splits Huskisson from Vincentia.


There is a bridge to cross, and you will see a lot of photos taken from the bridge (see the first photo) purely because it is a great view. However you do not usually see many pics of the bridge itself. So here is one. ;)


The creek is home to a lot of creatures. You will find baby crabs, baby fish up to larger fish, stingrays nestle in the sand – this would be my one note of caution about taking kids here, probably best to put them in water shoes. Also a good idea to get your foots in yourself and move around a bit first as this will usually send the rays swimming away.

Huskisson, Jervis Bay

The Huskisson – Review

~ image from The Huskisson website
~ the place was so packed with people it was impossible to get a decent shot ~

On a sunny Sunday in early November, we revisited one of our favourite local places to eat. They have this delicious pizza there which I was suddenly craving, friends were visiting, the timing seemed perfect. This place has a fantastic location as you can see by the images.

It should be noted, I previously reviewed The Huskisson @Tripadvisor on May 13 2013. In that review I mentioned some issues with the design of the place plus they were only using one till for food ordering.

~ image from The Huskisson website

On a previous revisit in 2014 I noticed they were doing some internal renovations and I had hoped these design issues would have been fixed. Sadly they were not fixed. People are still queuing across a walk way and there is still only one till. We ended up sitting near the ordering area. I had a great view of the pass and that was designed quite badly as well, with a staff member there the whole time moving plates around, trying to work out what food went with which receipt and then using a buzzer system to let people know their food was ready.


Design issues aside, the food is still fantastic here. The bruschetta ($14 for 3 pieces) is amazing. It has avocado on it! I’d never had it with avocado before finding that here and it is a brilliant addition. The bruschetta also has tomato, fresh basil, toasted ciabatta, and fetta. It arrives on a plate which has been drizzled with a gorgeously sticky balsamic vinegar glaze.


You can see the menu here. For mains, 3 people ordered fish and chips ($24.50) – they all said it was delicious.


The Other Half went for the Waygu burger ($19.50) minus the beetroot relish because he does not like beetroot.


One friend chose the Chicken Parmigiana ($23.50). I’ve had that before and it is very tasty as well.


But me, I cannot go past the Husky Pizza ($20), which has Danish salami, chorizo, roast chicken, mushrooms, Spanish onion, roast capsicum, olives, fresh basil, prawns, Napoli sauce, mozzarella cheese. In fact, the pizza was even better than ever before. They did something to the base and it was super thin, crispy, crunchy and just awesome. I will make a very large call here and suggest this is one of the best pizzas in the Shoalhaven. You can see the full menu here.


We did not have desert sadly but I took some photos for you, they do coffee here as well.


Our lunch was delicious and much enjoyed by all. We will return many times. If you visit and want a peaceful lunch, I recommend sitting as far as possible from the ordering area and the pass. If you want some entertainment, then I do recommend sitting near both of those things!

The Huskisson Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I will be doing a few more local food reviews with the holiday and tourist season coming up – important to note – We always pay for our food. Nobody pays me for writing these reviews. Sadly nobody asks me to review their restaurant/cafe/food place as yet. If asked, I will review a food place, but I will not accept payment for any reviews. I will review freebies or free items but I will always make it clear if something is free.

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