You would not believe my Dad.

We went to the pub tonight for the usual meat raffle night. When the other half and I got there Dad’s standing out the front and he says “I can’t get any money out of the ATM, Mum’s put it in the wrong account or something”. So he was standing there waiting for her to go online and transfer it to the right place with the atm slip in his hand – it says insufficient funds, and he’s got the sad face on. “I can’t even get a beer”. The other half gets him a beer, he goes and tries the machine again, he can’t get anything. Mum sent $20 over with the Tamworth boys because that’s all she had on her.

At the end of the meat raffling you put your membership number (or name) on the back of your raffle ticket and then it goes into a barrel and they draw out a number, you win a $20 voucher.

So somewhat prematurely, and because the boys from Tamworth were there and he was explaining how that worked to them, Dad pulls out his membership card and puts his number on the back of their raffle tickets. Then he goes away and starts winning money on the pokies.

I’m sitting there drinking coffee and watching the meat raffle, we win one, then another meat tray. Then they do a membership draw, which is basically all the members numbers and if you’re in the club you win it. The number pops up and it looks familiar, so I look at the back of the tickets Dad wrote on, and it’s his! I jump up to go tell him, he’s in the middle of getting $180 that he won on the poker machine. He goes over and he shows them his card, and that’s $1,600 and change right there.

He takes $10 of the $180 and wins another $130, and while he’s waiting for the attendant to pay the credit then he hears his membership number called out again – he’s also won the $20 voucher he put his number on the back of the tickets for.

He never did manage to get any money out of the ATM, and now he certainly does not need to!

He is always most likely to win. ;)

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At Christmas, we used to drive from Adelaide to visit my parents in Tamworth, a good drive taking two days at least and it was over 1,600kms.

So this year it feels really not like Christmas at all, because we’re not going anywhere and my parents live a 2 minute walk down the street. And probably because we don’t have a tree, and we don’t have any presents for each other (though we did buy things for the parents), and we’re basically ignoring the whole thing this year except for food.

It makes me start to think about what Christmas really does mean. You all know I’m not religious, so this holiday should not even be appearing on my radar at all, realistically. What’s it all about? Retailers making money, I think. Which is not a bad thing in some ways, but to me it basically means absolutely nothing. This time next week the Hot Cross Buns will be on the shelves. And there, another celebration which should not appear on my radar.

So if it means something to you, Merry Christmas. If you’re like me, and you’re all blah humbug, Merry Blah Humbug, let’s all get sloshed, hey? ;)

But I did win $100 on the pokies today.. now that is something to celebrate. And over the past week, the other half has won a couple of hundred, and my *Dad* has won over 2k on the pokies – that’s $2,000.

What’s the secret to betting on the pokies, I hear you ask?

1. Have a set amount you’re willing to lose. $5, $10, $20, whatever you feel comfortable with. Dad likes to go with $50 but he’s loopy. These days I like $10.
2. Walk around until a machine speaks to you, don’t just play any old machine.
3. Always bet high. None of this one credit per line junk. I like 5 credits per line.
4. If you lose your amount, walk out. Don’t put more in.
5. If a machine is screaming at you once you’ve lost your dough, don’t play it!
6. Don’t be afraid to play a $1 machine just as long as you know it won’t last as long and once you do your dough, you’re done.

Today a $1 machine screamed at me, and I bet one .50 cent credit per line, so I was betting $2,50 per bet. On the second hit of the button, the machine went loopy and gave me $100 credit! YAY!

So when that happens, cash out, and if you want to put your $10 back in, feel free, keep the $90, and don’t put that in a machine whatever you do.

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