Salted Caramel Coffee Milkshake

This is what you need to start your week. If you want salted caramel in a convenient form that you can keep in the fridge, Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Woolworths, and grab this –


Woolworths Gold Salted Caramel Dessert Sauce. Or make your own. Yum!


The Woolworths version is not really in a sauce form, not sauce as we know it, however you can spoon some into a plastic container, whack it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so – best to put in a small container of water as well, and keep an eye on it because it can get very hot very fast – then it will assume sauce form.


Once you’ve done that put some sugar – I used coconut sugar but you use what kind you like – into a cup. If you have a coffee machine that will do an espresso shot, put an espresso shot over the sugar, add the caramel sauce, and stir well to combine. If you do not have a coffee machine but would still like coffee in this shake, use instant coffee and add hot water.


But ohhh wait, this is a milkshake, why use hot water or a hot espresso shot? You want the ingredients to dissolve, so you need to use hot. But to cool it down fast once the ingredients have dissolved, use a couple of ice cubes.


This will not take very long. This photo was taken maybe 30 seconds after the first one. The cup you saw with normal sugar and the brown stuff is Milo, which the other half wanted instead of salted caramel. So you can tweak this shake to fit everyone. ;)


Now you want to ice cream it up. Vanilla is fine but you could use chocolate or even a salted caramel ice cream if you have it. Add ice cream to the cups you are planning to put your shake into, as well as into the blender with your mixture you have created. If you like it super cold, add more icecubes as well.


Now you are ready to blend. I have a knock off magic bullet which I got from Homeart for cheap which is super handy for making drinks like this, it came with 4 different drink cups, but you can use any blender you have access to.


And serve.


Now, if you made too much of the liquid mix? You can pop some alfoil on the top and put it into the freezer to add to your next shake. Even if I froze some, I always use some of the “hot” then iced liquid when making this shake because I find the flavour distributes through the shake more evenly that way.

So, how did I nearly set the microwave on fire heating this sauce up? Well, our microwave is an LG Solardom which is a microwave, grill, and convection oven. Somehow, one of the little plastic feet on the metal tray had worn away, and so when I was heating my sauce using the microwave function, it was metal on metal, and sparks flew all over the place.

I was watching it – I usually do if it is just a quick thing and I had put this on for 30 seconds. So I stopped the microwave right away and we worked out what happened. But even if you do not have this kind of issue, you want to be careful with caramel in the microwave, it can get super hot very fast. :)

Later this week – another way you can use this sauce.

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