Shoe Sunday – Kmart Flats


These shoes cost me $15, back when I bought them many years ago. At the time I purchased them, they were my only pair of flats with some sparkle..


As a consequence, they saw a lot of wear. Because they were only $15, they did not handle that wear especially well. From a distance, with my feet inside them, you can’t see the wear. Up close, you begin to note patches where the sparkly things once lived.


They are forever gone, never to be seen again. Who knows where they went?


Now that you know those missing spots are there, you can see them even from a distance, right? That is one reason why these shoes see less wear nowadays. They’re lucky to get out to dinner once a month. But somehow I still cannot bring myself to part with them. I know one day I will have to let them go.


Until the day we say goodbye, I will continue to celebrate the awesome life they have had with me. They’ve been interstate, they went on my trip to Adelaide a few years ago, they went to Queensland when we travelled there a while back. They’ve been out to dinner a *lot*. They were in my shoe closet when there were only 10 pairs, and they have watched the new shoes arrive and be worn and loved. They are forever a part of my history.

Thank you for being awesome and comfortable, cheap Kmart flats.

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5 thoughts on “Shoe Sunday – Kmart Flats

  1. Hi I found you on the Nano Poblano blog roll. I am a fellow Pepper. When you have something like these flats don’t you wish you had bought at least 2 pairs. Many times with things I really like/love I find I regret not buying a spare. Because when I go to replace it I can never find one like it again.

  2. You can buy sparkly bits in places like Spotlight to bling up almost anything. get some and replace the missing sparkles on your shoes. You could even be daring and get coloured ones! hot glue gun and you’re good to go.

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